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  1. that looks cool, and no screaming man, horray!
  2. This game would go straight to my hard drive too...........if I had the system to back it up .
  3. I agree. GRIN's words have assured me that we will finally get a quality GR title and a true sequel to the GR we all know and love. I can't wait until they show us what GRIN has in store for us. Keep it up!
  4. All of the above wishlists with one addition: PLEASE keep the first person mode and with the weapon visible, like Rainbow Six 3. If not, then the ability to toggle between over-the-shoulder view and first person view would be nice too.
  5. The Midnight Mods link doesn't even work.
  6. I activated the mod, but how do you get to work?
  7. I just downloaded the Long Haul mod (the 160 MB one) and I installed it and activated the mod. But when I clicked on new campaign, it didn't show up. I must have done something wrong or something. If you have any idea how to fix this, or if you have this mod yourself, please help me!
  8. I know something that they can put into GR2 that will change tactical FPS forever: Land Warrior. Think about about people. State of the art soldier equipment: a video camera on your rifle so you can look/fire around corners without even exposing yourself and an onboard computer and eyepiece so you know more about what's going on on the battlefield. In GR, you see the guy with an OICW with an eyepiece, but you can't even use the eyepiece. Other things I want in GR2 are first person weapon view (yes it is realistic), the ability to customize your M4/M16, and the most realistic game play ever (includes AI, damage models, what real soldiers experience).
  9. This may sound stupid but my friend wants to now if there is such a mod where you can actually see your weapon first-person while playing. So, is there such a mod?
  10. thanks. One more thing. Everytime I restart the game with a mod and start a mission, it automatically goes back to desktop. You guys know anything about that?
  11. I've been playing GR for about a uear now and I've just gotten into downloading and installing mods. I downloaded the dsv1 mod and installed it. Now how do I activate and use it?
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