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  1. About the AT weapon: If it is a single shot, then an AT soldier should carry multiple units with him. He should, after firing, throw the used weapon away, or carry it with him (the enemy-making-it-a-gl thing considered. ). About the video: Looks nice. I did not like all the shouting though. I think they would be more likely to speak quietly through their radios or show hand signals (if radio communications was listened to) before contact (ok, this thingy was already explained...). The enemy should have seen the ghosts already at the other side of the bridge. Use of cover and body positi
  2. I would say: -Excitement -Action -Realism Excitement: I highly enjoyed the feeling of sneaking around the bushes or corners, trying to get a visual of the enemy before they notice you. To get the upper hand so to say. The moments, when the combat hasn't yet begun, and you think through the tactics and issue orders to your men. The exciting feeling provided by rain, night, fog, swamp terrain, etc. Subtle things. Action: The suddenly outbreaking firefights. People taking cover, or boldy atttacking you. Multiple guns going off around you. Being part of it all. The weapon sounds w
  3. Somebody make a mod with [GR] style models, missions and gameplay, and I'll be back guns blazing. Many others will be too! This setting is too futuristic for me, I need some good ole bush sneaking. The new ghost gear looks too scifi to me, sorta comical even.
  4. Hmm, I might, for example, like such realism that is mentioned here. Not demanding it though, because I know it can be hard to put in yet.
  5. These kind of things should be optional, not left away, so the kiddies and us 'mature thinking' peple would all be happy. EDIT: I think that even the kiddies would eventually turn on the realistic options. I'm just sure that everybody thinks that more realistic is cooler, I poop you not! This is just a concept that the game publishing bussines machinery does not understand in its stressed life of bisk risks and playing for sure, trying to please the big masses with the ole n' good stuff. The old and good stuff was unrealistic because there were not good ways to do the realistic thing, and
  6. I'm pretty sure that we'll get the modding tools and some cool expansion packs for GRAW. Then it will be time for even Machine to buy this game. Until then my friends...
  7. Are you sure the tire will pop out like that? I don't think so. And my god it's annoying when theyre sliding on their asses like that! It's ridiculous! Edit: do they do that really? I mean, I don't know. I'm sorry I couldn't be more constructive here. I'm sure there's lots of good in the game. Just a realism fanatic, don't mind me.
  8. The car tire fell off when it was shot a few times with a handgun. Not very realistic.
  9. I think that the need to spend horrible amounts of money to upgrade your PC is simply awful. I don't know if I can get GR:AW in a long time, because it demands so state-of-the-art hardware. It is known that the newest hardware is drastically more expensive than a bit older hardware. With the newest gear, a slight jump in efficiency brings hundreds of euros/dollars to the price. With consoles, it's nice to buy the relatively cheap hardware and then every game has to be suited for it. Solutions: -PC hardware prices should lower significantly. -Consoles should have keyboard and mouse s
  10. I personally could play on a couch or on a comfortable armchair and have a keyboard on my lap and mouse on the side (an optical mouse can be controlled well even on the surface of a sofa). Or the keyboard and the mouse on a table in front of me. What I'm saying is that I would be a potential console buyer if there were these controls and games suchs as ghost recon (pc versions) on consoles. Blink blink. But at the moment, NO NO. Ok, I have to admit that this posting is originated from the fact that I'm now in the verge of buying new parts to my computer and this process will cos
  11. I'm strongly in the opinion that there should be a keyboard and a mouse controller always as an option to use with any console. I mean, with PC, you can play with a keyboard and a mouse, or with a joystick, so why should one be limited on the controls with a console? With cheaper and static hardware, the console might even take PC's place on the gaming stage. Listen to me dev people!
  12. I wouldn't like to choose from these good options, but would like to have them all and more. Had to choose jungo though, because the tropical environment is just so fascinating. (and it's good to sneak around there )
  13. I do not agree. Such things should be available but the level of realism should be adjustable.
  14. This article gave me a general idea of the Ubisoft's new direction, going awey from simulation titles to the larger console market. It also points out how sims generally are being developed by smaller companies. http://www.simhq.com/_technology/technology_054a.html In this light any consideration towards the pc sim fans will be an act of generosity from Ubi. Personally, I'm mad because a strikingly good brand for a simulation was misused. The very name "Ghost Recon" implies to crawl-in-the-shade think-before-act action. It would of been better, if Ubi would of given the title away fo
  15. The footage looked horrible. I like war SIMULATIONS, not games. Games, especially shoot-em-up are for lil' kids and airheads. UBI is not catering anything for the intellectual portion of gamers. I think that UBI really thinks all gamers are idiots. I'm looking forward to [OFP: DR]. Now, I'm not saying I'm Einstein, but I just happen to like realism. Nothing pleases me more in a game. Besides, I am a bit irritated because I think that us PC GR1 fans are being totally ignored and given false promises long enough. I feel I must speak out straight and mercilessly even though there are technically
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