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  1. the main delay i'm assuming is me. i started working on missions for this mod for lexsis, and then my team's site got hacked by some jerks. so i have been spending all my free time, except when i take a stress relief in our dedi, trying to get our site back up and running 100%. if someone who is good at missions wanted to step in, contact lexsis and see if it is ok with him. sorry everyone for the hold up.
  2. Winter Tiger from above on Sleeper's december map: The model is one of Bajabravo's models from CO2. I just reskinned the camo, edited the vest, and gave the glasses a blue tint to them to go with the winter atmosphere. I reskinned the XM8 to match as well.
  3. they work fine for me. ghost village command map is very small, but i zoom in and it's fine.
  4. Winter Tiger Winter Leaf They were going to be used in my Winter Mod I was going to call Frozen Freedom, but the map maker disappeared. So if anyone likes them and wants to use them lemme know and i'll send you the swatches and a set of camo wrinkle images ready for your gear.
  5. looking for real us winter camo or custom winter camo? i have some winter tiger stripe camo.
  6. central market is my favorite of the maps in the map pack. great job on this.
  7. these maps are going to rock, bro.
  8. Thumper, your 7.62mm mod is awesome. Sixpence, wacom is a tablet. wish i had one.
  9. that's a great screen. i'm excited about getting to play this mod and centcom. by far the best models ever for GR.
  10. wow very kool weapons there.
  11. very kool. makes me want to finish my Frozen Freedom mod I started a few months ago.
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