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  1. The links don't work. But here is one that does: http://files.filefront.com/WolfsongSF+145F...;/fileinfo.html
  2. I also have this problem. All my drivers are up-to date. I'm gonna try the new Nvidia 163.11 BETA drivers and see if that helps, I will report after I have installed and and tried the game. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 XFX GeForce 8600GTS 675M 256MB GDDR3 Windows Visa 32Bit (DX 10) EDIT: After installing the BETA driver it still was the same problem. But then I found another post here in the forum that said to check if some options in the Nvidia settings was on "forced" and and some where, I than changed it to "application controlled" as the post said. And now it works and I can see the te
  3. Cool mod... I like it SOO much.. =) My fav weap must be the Tub 2000 sniper. The sounds are AWSOME! This must be one of the coolest weapons mod for GR right know.
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