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  1. It's just Perl's Sax parser. It's a standard library for parsing XML. This is looking good for a mission editor. That XML code looks just like old GR missions. Hmmmm, will we see a return of server-side missions?
  2. Any chance of using the OFP Watch download manager for this stuff? There's just way too many mods plus I have to register at AtWar to get those downloads.
  3. On top of that, put the TG 3.0 mod since it requires Frostbite. I worked on TG 3. http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetr...gr3.0-final.exe
  4. Don't miss out on this! What better way to relive GR by putting a Badger head in your trophy room and securing a copy of GR2!!
  5. Sarc


    That might make for a very interesting map!
  6. The prizes to be won are posted on Tactical Gamer. There's some really cool stuff like a guaranteed copy of GR2 when it comes out!
  7. Tactical Gamer is continuing the tradition of the Badger Hunt. Go over there and sign up for a chance to bag a badger! There are some great prizes lined up and some good surprises too. Luna is the contact to sign up for the hunt. She will also be offering a practice session Sept. 15th to give some tips on how to get your very own badger pelt. The Prizes First Place winners will EACH receive: -Ghost Recon 2 to be shipped upon release (est.date: Q1,2005) (Courtesy of Ubisoft) -a Nostromo SpeedPad n52, the key to Badger's performance! (Courtesy of Belkin Corporation) -Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (Courtesy of Ubisoft) -Far Cry (Courtesy of Ubisoft) -Soldner: Secret Wars (Courtesy of Wings Simulations) -Complete PVR Upgrade Kit - includes Optorite 8x DVD+/-RW and ProLink PCI TVTuner w/ Remote (Courtesy of =Ddogg= and Bit2Byte Computers) -6 months All-Access membership to Tactical Gamer Second Place winners will EACH receive: -Soldner: Secret Wars (Courtesy of Wings Simulations) -3 months All-Access membership to Tactical Gamer Third Place winners will EACH receive: -1 month All-Access membership to Tactical Gamer Who can enter: This event is open to all supporting members of Tactical Gamer. (Not a supporting member? Click here to register with Tactical Gamer, and check out our Badger Hunt Special!) It's only $1 and there's no obligation to continue your subscription after the hunt. Click here to register for the Badger Hunt Click here to become a supporting member of Tactical Gamer Required Mods: You are REQUIRED to have TG 3.0 as well as Frostbite patched to 1.3 installed and ready to play when the match time arrives. It is highly recommended that you practice with these mods before competing. If you're not convinced you need to practice, be sure to read Badger's bio. What does this mean for the hunt? It means we have stepped up the challenge again this year and removed contacts from the map altogether. No sensors will be available, and there will be absolutely no on-map alerts to your team nor to Badger as to the opposition's whereabouts. These mods can be located on Tactical Gamer's website in the downloads section of our member forums (accessible with Tactical Gamer membership). They can also be found on FilePlanet: Tactical Gamer 3.0 Frostbite 1.2 Frostbite 1.2->1.3
  8. I use JS Tools and it has Scale Guy (God bless his tiny heart). The script will allow you add him in if he doesn't exist in your scene.
  9. Sarc


    One of the developers from a game, Savage, said using a lot of occluders could possibly be detrimental to performance. I'm not sure a situation where a lot of occluders would be used since you'd only need a few and only a few would show up in the player's view. It was probably just some advice to not go nuts on occluders to save time placing them and may possibly be solely applicable to the Silverback engine. I couldn't find the post where the dev said it, maybe it wasn't a dev that said it. I did find someone posting about a situation there were too many occluders in his Savage map. http://forums.s2games.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&...901#10510558901
  10. There's also the flip normal tool in the faces sub-object mode. You could use this instead of a normal modifier if it's specific parts of an object you want to flip. It's located near the bottom of the modifier options. I think you can also access it through the quad menus. Right-click on the viewport while the object is selected and there should be an option in the upper-left menu.
  11. Sarc


    I've heard there could be potential performance problems if too many occluders are used. I don't know what number would be bad but it should take processing time to calculate which geometry is blocked by the occluder. At some point, there might be more processing of occluders than displaying of geometry. I'm guessing you'd have to use about 20 or 30 before it starts being counter-productive.
  12. I know that there is a problem with the scud truck's textures. I'll work on fixing it for Mac compatibility. I think the mod has already been converted for Mac use with the exception of the mission that uses the scud truck. I'll work on making the 3.1 update Mac-friendly like releasing it as a zip file instead. H, any textures or files we do for the update should have filenames less than 31 characters long. That's the big problem with getting it Mac compatible.
  13. The GR models use very few polys. They're around 200 and very low detail. The same goes for Raven Shield if you've ever looked at the models close up. The real detail goes into the first person view models. You can use 1000 poly models but most won't see the detail in all the action. For models that I've done, I stay around 500 and sometimes do 300 poly models. Remember that the model will be less than an inch on your monitor while you're playing GR. A lot of detail can be made up with a good texture. Parts that can be skimped to save time on modeling are the handle and stock. The player rarely sees these pieces close up. If you're using the models for a high detail animation then you could use them for GR. A 1000+ poly model might be ok with a powerful PC unless it's 40+ tangos carrying the weapon shown at the same time.
  14. Yeah, I was going to tell you about that tutorial for detail textures, Papa6. I think Zeko posted Dr. Jeckyl's vid on how to do it. It's an excellent demo of how to set a detail texture up on your map.
  15. I have a version of Javaman's Smart Tools v2 dated 10/25/2003 and get an error when launching it. I've placed the script file in my scripts/startup directory. When I launch 3DSM 5.1, I go to the Smart Tools menu and click Launch. It then comes up with an error '-- Unknown property: "count" in 0'. I've looked at the script and I think it's a problem with detecting drive letters and the Ghost Recon path. Any ideas?
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