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  1. Wow, this kind of crap still goes on huh... disgusting.
  2. I sent a PM to Rocky telling him what this is all about. GR staff contact him on what it all really means. I think you will like it! But it has to be kept a secret till its done. This is a multi site thing and Im gonna make a big deal out of it once its done and all is revealed. Come on guys! Daddy needs a skinner! REAL BAD! This is serious... and needs to happen quickly.
  3. Just a wild question... The "Big picture" will be revealed later. Has anyone done a TELETUBBIES skins for GR? Yes...your laughing...thats fine but im serious!.... ..theres somethin on the horizon.... I got the "Hubble" lookin at it. Seriously If it has not been done, now is the time. Trust me... Its gonna ROCK! In a funny way. Interested parties send me a PM or come by my site. I'm dead serious. Special plead to Monolith/ Baja and the GR staff. Contact me. Ill explain. I think you will like it. note: The "Big picture" I humbly await your replys. To you Ill tell the secret.
  4. Leave it to Jack 57 to show ya how to get a platoon to kick your butt. Kudos mate!
  5. I agree with Dannik. A few friends tried and crashed and burned.... nuff said. BUT! Prove me wrong...PLEASE!
  6. Yo all you deatil freaks! I'm not a judge...But Ill be reporting on this. Plain wont get it.. "Attention to detail" will be the winner. May the best man win! And yes I will post my own winner once I see the issues... No disrespect to the staff intended. Just an expert opinion. I dont use 3ds. I use Maya and Pixar depending on the app. Kudos to the staff for commin up with this one! (Rocky is the man!) The final Mod ought to be freakin awesome!
  7. This is another winner from NGRU Crazy! It's got a quick start and a quick moving flow to it. Just dont forget to take AT or you wont survive long on the beach. Play it on elite. Its the only way to get the full impact of the GRIND! 10mm is finally adding more rock and terra to allow spawn areas and mission objectives. Tip of old helmet to 10mm. Now make more!
  8. Hmmm...zombie like. I see your point. Never tried it. So how do they kill? Touch or just a lucky shot? After all they are zombies.. Its very interesting. Lol like my razz huh. Im just a 200 tango all elite and tweeked kinda guy. Always have been. Project-X Mod is that way bigtime. Pure hardcore. Ill send you a link for the beta when its ready. Cant wait to see the zombies.. This ought to be fun, and thats rare.
  9. Comeon MO! Dish it out! Dont make me have to get my high heels out and come up there and mess with your chubby butt! I may be an ass but Im still a fan. I could script this in 1 day. Come on I got a nice pork chop hangin round Kows neck for ya! Pretty please....
  10. With respect to the families and the skins. No names, change the skins and I will host this mod. To the turkeys who say its disrespectful... I dont think so. My son who was there agrees. To tell someone they cant mod a theme is BUNK. Ill host it to honor the deaths of those involved. Control freaks are laughed at by me. As long as the names are changed and the Skins also. I guess If I wanted to do a Cambodia mod on the killing fields someone would complain too. Too bad, that time I was there. Im giving myself permission. I lost 7 of my best friends on our missions, I will mention their names. Their stories need to be told. They fought with honor. The Govt wont tell you the story so I will. I hope their sons see em when im done. Then they will know the truth and not what some pinhead thought they NEEDED to know in a form letter. Spec Ops is a dirty game. We get no credit. No medals, no nuthin. Offically we werent there, so it never happened. More BUNK. I guess all those people didnt die.... I guess the holes in me are just my imagination. I will host this if it is respectful to those involved in my eyes. To all others who have never felt a 7.62X39 rip thru your flesh....your opinions dont count. Buncha arm chair wimps. Liberate the oppressed! Its still the mission.
  11. Im proud to have him as the gun modder for Project-X! He may be young but he's quite talented! I saw his work in WOW I and WOWII and was very impressed. By the way PZ I dont think I will add those other weps in I prefer yours and feel they deserve to be in the forfront of it all.
  12. Yes leave out the "evil " stuff. Thats our job. I would advise using php insted of html. A html site is too easy to link off of and drags your BW down. Almost all good dl sites are php now. Leechers abound out there. Good luck on your site! Even though we are on 2 sides of a fence in all this, Some of us admins yak with each other on security matters. On the matter of site security if someone attempts to hack this site and they have the ip # I will ban them from my site in a matter of seconds of getting the info from Rocky. Its a nice arrangement and we keep the politics out of it. It keeps us all a little safer and keeps the crackers out.
  13. What would you like to be your name , password and your e- mail address. Send me a PM and I can have your account set up in 2 min. PS; Thx Rocky for bringing this to my attention. U da man!
  14. Perhaps this will help... Due to the restriction imposed here on what you can say, the forums at modheads.net are open for use and shall not be edited for content. You can say what you want. No restrictions. All are welcome. To me any restrictions are "nazi" like and un american. You can come there and call me anything you want. Just leave my momma out of it. Create a new name if you like... I just think all this deserves a forum without pg-13 controls.
  15. Beat this! Its to most downloaded gun mod for GR ever at over 40k+ downloads! That alone speaks volumes. The people got what they wanted...FUN! And nothing that was said here stoped it. Moderator edit for content. See pinned topic in this forum about DA 4.9. Unless Rocky states otherwise, this topic is not open for discussion. I will state that just because it is the most downloaded mod doesn't mean it's the most worthwhile mod to play. And yes this thread is locked too.
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