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  1. GR is now a tactical based lie! Patriot
  2. I wonder what kind of proof We have that RS was really working on PC version of GR2 back in time when GR2 was developed for consoles? And even thought We got this "bombastic" news and RS people are reading this forum they still have no desire to make post and comment all this!? Just like it was in last few years, silence and darkness…nice... Patriot
  3. Exactly! Although this is sad moment for every fan of original GR (me included) it still makes me happy as I made good decision approximately one year ago when I decided to move on and forget about UBI/RS lies and their attitude toward GR community and fans. There is only one thing that I can’t understand; I don’t see a single reason why people still defend RS as they are nothing better than UBI IMHO. Patriot
  4. DS ← Yes, nice score there. AFAIK most of reviews from respected gaming sites and magazines are over 90% which is great. Patriot
  5. Serbian Army is usually using CZ 99 made in "Zastava" from Kragujevac. I'll post some info here: MODEL: Zastava CZ 99 Caliber: 9mm "PARA"/.40 S&W Barrel length: 108mm Frame: medium Mechanism: DA/SA Magazine capacity: 15/10 rounds Front sight: adjustable Rear sight: adjustable Weight (empty/full): 860/1.145g Total length: 190mm Height: 140mm Material: steel/aluminum Grip: selected walnut Finish: blued/chrome plated - excellent ergonomics - incorporated ambidextrous controls - modern defensive and service pistol - barel is cold forged and hard chromed inside - the protruding pin tells at a glance, or by feel, if there is a round in the chamber - there is a possibility for the slide safety installation (CZ 99 S) - deckoking and slide hold-open and release are all controlled with one ambidextrous lever - COMPACT model is safest, simplest and most reliable DA/SA pistol - this model is produced in two different calibres: 9mm and .40 S&W - suitable for carried in "all weather" condition I have to mention there is not just a one version so some weapon features could be different depending of version. Patriot
  6. [edit]text deleted because somehow I made post in wrong forum[/edit] Patriot
  7. Also it might happen if You have a lot of mods in your GR/mods folder. I had such a situation when I had to wait some time for GR to load but when I removed most of mods from GR/mods folder to another folder in My Documents, game loaded in 10 seconds. Now in my GR/mods folder are only mods that I am using very often. Patriot
  8. At the beginning it was SP but I have different attitude in nowadays. Patriot
  9. Well, by playing over internet You will meet people of all ages. In some games there is more youngsters and in some more of older players. As You said if kid is polite and acting mature then it could be joy to play with them. It is hard to regulate public open servers but some clans or certain sites have very respectful and fun people at their servers. Some or maybe better said most of clans have age limitations. Limitation usually propose that members should be between 15 and 20 years old. Probably the best example is GR team named "30+" where You have to be at least 29 years old to get into team. No You are not old but just thinking as most people do. No one likes to be around some rude and immature players who will ruin game and fun that comes with game. Hope this is answer on your questions. Patriot
  10. I'm with that. Operation Flashpoint's weapon view seems pretty good to me. When you move, you can basically only see the muzzle, and it looks just as if you're holding it with both hands, below shoulder-level. You can fire from the hip, and it actually looks like you're doing so. Again, you can only see the parts of the weapon you'd be able to see in reality. Then, when you actually want to hit something, you can bring up the iron sights. Unfortunately in that game when you bring up the sights, it basically switches to that view instantaneously. Obviously it would be more realistic if you saw your player bringing the weapon up to his eye, a la CoD (to a degree). You could again argue that using a slightly modifed OFP system would be detracting from GR's 'uniqueness', but GR has so many other features which set it apart from the rest of the crop. And anyway, GR took the floating reticle + pip system from R6. ; ) I'm against the conventional "hold your weapon at a diagonal angle" FPWV system, yet not totally in favour of the floating ret. I want something in between that will quench my need for realism, but that said, if GR2 still uses the floating ret, it wouldn't particularly bother me. Nicely said. Patriot
  11. OK, check this link: European State Army Patriot
  12. Be aware of map! What I am telling You is that You should check your command map and know where your teammates are. Like that You will know is that enemy ahead of You or not. Good Luck. Patriot
  13. Try "Molotov cocktail". I especially like to throw it on German car. Patriot
  14. Unfortunate for GR community but We should respect his decision if that is how he feel at the moment. Patriot
  15. New map?! Woohooo! :punk: Patriot
  16. For long time I was "traditionalist" and loved original GR view but to be honest I would like to see FPWV in GR2. FPWV as option would be definitely way to go. Patriot
  17. True and I agree! You don't need to be SF to understand some facts. Patriot
  18. I will buy game 100%. Especially liked that scene when guy was concuss for few seconds. The best BIA trailer so far. Patriot
  19. This is sad. I'm way too addicted to this forums but it would be better for my nerves if I wouldn't read something like this: - "The game is set in 2014. North Korea has invaded China, and then the United Nations and China are pushing them back; " (This is funniest thing I have heard lately. If something like that happen China would smash N. Korea and actually I don't see reason why would N. Korea invade China!?) - "It's being developed primarily for the Xbox"; (I’ll have that in my mind before I make decision to purchase GR2) - "But it's important to note that it's being developed from a console point of view"; (No comment really needed) - "And there's also the whole asset management thing, like with a first-person weapon view you have to remodel the weapon and create a totally new set of animations, and we have some limitations with the Xbox" (What that has to do with PC version? Ah yes, PC version going to be ported, funny me ) - "Right now there's no real plan to do it, but then it's much easier to do it in the PC version." (So what is problem then? DO IT) - "You have the lead or hero character" (Masters of the Universe - here We come) - "and he's supported by three squad members" (As somebody said, We going to fight 50+ tangos supported with tanks and helicopters by 4-man squad from mission to mission. Miracles are possible and they might happen once or twice but every single mission to call some miracle to help You…, now that is to much. ) - "there's no more swapping between squad members. That's in the Xbox version and it'll probably be true of the PC version as well" (AFAICS there is no more few things and major one is there is no more GR) - "Ghost Recon was pretty much all AI. This time we're doing a lot more scripted stuff." (Gosh!!! I might be wrong but if that mean how I have to repeat certain approach to objectives each time when I use to play same mission then that will kill enjoyment. Also I don't want to have help and in-mission instructions how and what to do! I have my brain to think with, no need for extra one! ) OK, I have to admit there are few things that I have heard and like: - "I mean, we've had a lot of experience with PC games and there's no reason to make those people unhappy; so we're going to put the same amount of effort into the PC version that we are the Xbox version." (Hope this can turn in good) - "We have the traditional first-person view from Ghost Recon," (Nice, even if that didn't need any effort from their side so it can hardly be called improvement but again it is good to have some of good stuff from GR1) - "We have characters that are almost double the size in polygons of those in the first game," - "We've put a lot of work into our graphics." (Always nice to have good graphic although it is last thing that I care about in GR) This is an opinion of one desperate and why not to say hard-core GR player about what is going on with our game. Patriot
  20. I have read their "Ghost Recon 2 Hands On" until this point and got sick instantly. Q: How much somebody really knows about GR-PC series and how competent is that person to compare GR1 and GR2 if he or she says something like this? Come on, let be serious for a moment. Patriot P.S. Note that I'm not trying to spit on GR2 here but on that "review".
  21. Is it a Serbian magazine, or can you speak Russian as well?? lol, no it isn't Serbian magazine and I am not able to speak Russian although I have learned it for two years back in '90 & '91. However, thanks to those two years and some similarity in language I'm able to understand and catch meaning here and there Nothing special though. Patriot
  22. Legion - People Without Names.... (strict translation but everyone will get meaning) Patriot
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