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    <br>im a expert player but now since i haven't played for a while im a damn newbie to some people<br><br>i love tatics im smart at moves i make<br /><br /><br />But sadly when people think they can beat the Red Comet <br /><br /><br />They learn that im not so easy.

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  1. Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
  2. My best kill would have to be playing LAn with my Bros. and they were both hiding on each side of a long and i came from their sides and i fired 1 rocket and blew them both to heck. Well as i was laughing i got a 9mm round in the groin for my trouble. I start running and well.... i go a rocket up the butt basically. I couldnt outrun the rocket
  3. How about telling your brther not to stand behind you when you hold a Rocket Launcher. When heheld one he didnt warn me and i flew with the back blast. He said he was sorry and i shoved a rocket down his throat
  4. I ahd that happen. a entire MP5 clip and that russain din't die!! Oh well poor Ramierez died and Munz advenged him alright.
  5. Wow my old thread is still up? Amazing . Hmm though i might start a new thread as well, this is cluttered and i'd rather start anew. I don't know but i think i will continue this one. expect new content soon here
  6. No haven't got a Nintendo DS. I plan on a PS3 but that will be off for a long time. You know i might start the war stories again. My writing skils have improved alot but not the spelling even though it is funny to win the worst spelling award. I think i am gonna have to revive my old topic with a new one. I still have regular old ghost recon but i have aquireed Advanced Warfighter for my PS2 so i am happy with tht. The graphics are not the best for PS2 but it was fun and easy in some spots. I really liked the coverage of the project that the game replicated. You guys kinow i think about the Future Force Warrior. Similar projects are taking place in a few other places as well. Britain and France for example. Well that is my 2 cents for now look for my war story thread that is coming up here soon. Oh can anyone tell me where the post it? the site has changed since my absence i see
  7. Well i had computer problems and i was working alot and now i got time on my hands so why not come back to the community. Its nice to see that some of the members i know are on and that there are new ones on here too. So to the new members HI!
  8. Im back after a long absence i will be writing my stories again here soon. Who is still here? Well i will be hearing from you guys soon i know. TTYL
  9. What i meant by dumb is we got way too many soldiers going over the line
  10. Woah squad E i really do not want to go godfather on you (calls in his son and two cronies, shows them squad e's picture, they walk out into a car) Whoops sorry squad e you may want to pack ur bags buddy Lol i watched too many mafia movies over the weekend sorry
  11. Angels and Airwaves The Adventure and The War Every single Ozzy Osbourne song Plus too many other old rock bands
  12. The millitary definetly needs some law and order. Funny we are one of the most technoligily advanced millitarys in the world yet we are also one of the dumbest How ironic LOL
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