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  1. I know you weren't asking me directly but at this point and time, I myself cannot say as I only have the full version of VBS1 and only the demo of ArmA. Someone that has both would be able to say for sure. |RE|Warbird
  2. We will be adding it as another title to play as a team and possibly compete with (if this ever comes to be a competive title) but we will remain a VBS1 team with other odd games thrown in for good measure. |RE|Warbird
  3. I personally didn't find playing the demo that difficult but then again, when I first started playing VBS two years I found that difficult after playing GR for 4 years. It is a steep learning curve, but once you get past that, it's a lot of fun. I didn't have a problem with the single player but I have to admit, it's much more enjoyable in a multiplayer setting so we found out after walking through the demo with myself and 3 other team members with only one friendly AI death. I think that if you stick it out a little longer, you will eventually enjoy it. Of course this is only my opinion as I enjoy and look forward to challenges. |RE|Warbird
  4. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year Reconsnake. Hope you're having a good one where ever you are! |RE|Warbird
  5. Zebb...you're never too old for so here's hoping you can enjoy your day |RE|Warbird
  6. Hey Snow...guess I'll catch you here too....hope you're having a really , you've earned it |RE|Warbird
  7. Nova...hope you have a good one |RE|Warbird
  8. Havok...guess now it's so have a few and enjoy |RE|Warbird
  9. Is the voting all done now? Was going to check and see how she was doing only to find that it says it's been hacked. |RE|Warbird
  10. en4rcment...here's to many many more (insert "cheers" emoticon here) |RE|Warbird
  11. Happy Belated Birthday Dannik Happy Birthday Gordo Here's to many many more moderator edit |RE|Warbird Moderator edit due to inappropriate content
  12. Whisper...don't do it...PLEASE...don't call on him |RE|Warbird
  13. Scorpion aka BlkScorp...here's hoping you have a good one |RE|Warbird
  14. Avey...here's hoping you have a great one |RE|Warbird
  15. Happy New Year everyone |RE|Warbird
  16. Warbird

    Birthday Game

    I licked Nicole Kidman because someone came from the future Alrighty then |RE|Warbird
  17. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all that run and visit here at GR.NET |RE|Warbird
  18. Rocky...here's to many more |RE|Warbird
  19. you crazy canuck...hope you had/have a great day Havok |RE|Warbird
  20. Eagle...here's to many more |RE|Warbird
  21. To our American Neighbours and Friends...No matter what our government's differences are, I know that the Canadian citizens remember and are behind you. |RE|Warbird
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