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  1. I randomly searched for my old clan, XtremeEagles, and came across this post. I do remember playing with you as Iceman! My handle was XE=Pi and I hosted / ran their GR dedicated server for years. I've tried to keep in touch with some of those guys but only one of them ever replies to me any more. Back in 2011 I contacted the creator of the GR dedicated server tools and had him recreate me a license key, and he got right back to me with one. Does anyone use that any more?
  2. i'm going to keep nades at first. after i figure out what my connection can handle, i'll just turn nades on and see how much of an effect it has and how many people i can host while keeping them. then i'll just take them off on the heavy days. see, RCN states Megamodem has an 800Kbps upload. but we all know that stated connection speeds are theoretical (take 56k for example...legally dial-up can't even reach 56k!), so 760 might still be too high. i could only wish to be able to host on a connection like that. do the smaller maps pose more of a problem? does anyone know
  3. thanks guys. i think that's what i'll try... start at 12 and move on up. the 800Kbps upload is, of course, theoretical. if only we could get what they say we can get.... hmmm. maybe i should move into the RCN backbone basement...
  4. okay, here's the deal. i want to set up a GR server. here's the specs here: connection (RCN megamodem - 3Mbps down / 800Kbps up - theoretical of course) connection: RCN Megamodem - 3Mbps down / 800Kbps up (theoretical) server: 1GHz Athlon / 768MB SDRAM / dedicated game: GR / DS / IT is there any way to figure out roughly what my server can host with this configuration? my main questions are this: 1. as a rough starting point, what can my connection handle (how many players can i serve, roughly)? 2. how many players can my hardware handle? someone told me a couple weeks ago that there's a
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