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  1. Hmm... u should go for hte classical setup - the one that always works! WSAD for movement. QE for leaning. Right click for run. Space for action. Mouse wheel for zoom. Numbers for commands. Tilde (~) for change weapon. TAB for command map. B for binoculars. N for nightvision. X for stance up. C for stance down. Z for prone. NEVER put auto-run on. It gets u killed I swear.
  2. IMO they shoulda taken out the zoom for all guns... except for the ones with scope. I mean how does the zoom thing actually work? I can't see how a m16 has zoom??? Also I think what would be cool are laser sights and stuff like that. Like in terminator 2 when Sarah Connor aims the laser sight on the Guy responsible for skynet... whoa that looked so awesome.
  3. I don't get it the main WOI menu (where there's a little splash screen with SP and MP on it) doens't really work. When I click on SP some of the stuff is unselectable and the accept button is BLANK. Anyone know why?
  4. If i'm not mistaken the current damage model in MP is max. 2 hit KO? I would like to see some change. Ok secondly I would like to see a realistic locationa damage model (NOT like RvS). So if you shoot the legs, falls. Shoot the arm, problems with accuracy. Shoot the chest.. general reduction in capability. Shoot the head? Death. Something that many people miss out is the HEART and the NECK. Neck shots should incur severe bleeding (severed catroid anybody?) and heart shots... well they kill. One more thing I'd like to see are GUNS that could be damaged. (i.e. shoot the gun and it breaks. Some less-fragile guns could sustain a shot or two?) Ok that's about it.
  5. Frostbite doesn't work for me for some reason. When activate the mod and play a frostbite mission (campaign) I see the loading screen and then suddenly my ghost recon minimizes and closes with absolutely no error message whatsoever. I tried installing again but nope, it still minimizes and closes. I can play Island thunder and ghost recon just fine. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and provide a solution?
  6. Hi, I'm new to forums and well, I bought Ghost Recon/Island Thunder a long, long time ago but I forgot about it =( Now I began playin' again and I'm having quite a blast. I was playing coop with my friend and I was just wondering why would the AR's (assault rifles) in the game have zoom? I am not aware of any scope attachments. And some AR's have better zoom than others. Wouldn't that make the weapons imbalanced? Wouldn't that also make sniper rifles useless? I've been using the m24 in coop and I found it pretty useless. I find myself better off with any other AR. Or is it just me? For GR2, I hope they take away the default rifle zoom in order to 1.) Enhance realism and 2.) Allow sniper rifles to fufil their true role (sniping) effeciently without mr. m16 taking you down from 600 metres.
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