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  1. What about time zones? When will everyone be on? Can you guys get xfire? Lemme know when and I'll be there. same here... drop me a PM and ill get it when i can
  2. how about throwing in Motorhead Ace of Spades too..... maybe a Thin Lizzy Boys are back in town for an urban map lol
  3. any defo release date yet? cos this is gonna be a god send lol.... seriously heavy firepower
  4. Formatted my Comp... Vista was really really startin to ###### me off..... it asks you each and every click if your sure you wanna do it... and if you turn the safety off the comp keeps reminding you to turn it back on..... went back to XP x64
  5. Athalon 64 3000+ Skt 939 1GB Ram GeForce 6600 PCI-E 512mb 88.61 drivers... might try the XP drivers have heard they work
  6. recently upgraded to Vista Beta 2..... and now GR wont work... clean install and updated to the latest version... it starts but goes black screen for quite a while.... then nowt... any ideas??????
  7. my god those bring back some memories... i remember all those from when i was a youngster.... lol
  8. Aint that the Sniper Rifle out of HALO.... the SRS99C-S2 AM?
  9. has anyone got any idea how to repair scratched DVD's?? i went away for a week and my little bro has scratched the hell out of my GRAW DVD.... now it only gets as far as quick bundle and dont even finish that.... cos im buggered if im payin for a new DVD lol
  10. Gutted.... was really lookin forward to summat like the Team Mod for GRAW... ah well
  11. Good Question... must be something special on the cards.. hopefully
  12. have you managed to get the Aimpoint workin for the SAW?????
  13. i keep forgetting to look there.......
  14. how very near future are we talking here?.... this afternoon.. tomorrow morning?
  15. Name: Yorkshire Sniper or Dreamstar Age: 24 Game: Hard to pick i like both..... GR1 had better mod support and better Mulitplayer... Where GRAW had more intense firefights and better more immersive gameplay....
  16. very cool.... any idea on a release yet?
  17. any M-14 or M-21 variant..... i just love those weapons.... and you cant beat a 7.62mm rounds for lethality.... except with a Barret .50cal.....
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