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  1. I agree with what most have said....

    New Graphics but the same [GR] gameplay

    EASY MOD SUPPORT [GR] STYLE ( thats a big one for me if you couldn't tell :lol: )

    Mod tools out of the box to allow mods to be made faster

    GRAW style kit selection ( love [GR] but like the custom kit option GRAW offers )

    hell id be happy with the same old [GR] but new graphics.... kinda like the Crysis custom visuals tweaks that are all over the place...

  2. Played up to Level 3 the night one... loving it... i will say this the snipers aer difficult to kill on level 2 with owt less than the barrett..... especially the ones on the roof of the checkpoint.... took a fair few hits from a M-14 to drop him but only one from the big .50cal

    PS played it thru... LOVED the twist from "The Unit" in the last mission :lol:

  3. Has anyone managed to get Ageia Island working with the Cuda pack? i keep getting this crash message

    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

    Unhandled exception - -529697949

    C STACK:

    kernel32 (???) : RaiseException

    graw2 (???) : ???

    graw2 (???) : ???

    ??? (???) : ???

    Renderer: threaded

    Physics : threaded

    Any Ideas?

    Ive got GeForce PhysX enabled... its just after or during the insertion is crashes....

  4. Niiiiiiiceeee....does the video have sound? I didnt hear anything...but video is great!! Excellent work Brett....

    Dood. The sound is what actually makes the video good! Glad you still like it, but seriously, the sound and music really adds impact to the imagery and helps me fool you guys into thinking there's more there then there really is.

    WOW! Brettzie... will your new uniforms be available to SP?

    Yes, they are available for both right now.

    The Sound totally makes the video.... Rocking soundtrack and some quality choice quotes from Black Hawk Down lol

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