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  1. Hey all! I am so pleased there are people still modding this game. It was such a fun time in my life. I have a few mods out there and I figure I will just give blanket permission for any and all to use the material I created; now and in the future. I love how respectful this community is and has been. Happy modding all!
  2. and before M16 armoury it was done with moakes desert boonie- desert camo weapons.
  3. 7.5 for the sig but a 10 for starting the animation thread! oh just noticed the top one, nice, 8.5 I want you to hit me, As hard as you can.
  4. @dan, i'm not sure i know what your talking about dude.
  5. Does this sound right to you guys, after jumping to Photoshop after image ready i simply save my layers as a .gif, but i only have the CompuServe GIF (*.GIF) offered in my pull down menu. i assume its the same thing since i know there is some kind of weird copyright/license thing surrounding the .gif format. Here’s the thing... my gif wont animate! I get I weird error message in image ready constantly, stating an unnamed error has occurred, but all seems to work fine. Any suggestions?
  6. http://www.waffenhq.de/infanterie/panzerfaust3.html ← Good get!
  7. i had no idea what the javelin was so i did a little research, i found out that once the target is designated the missile/rocket(?) actually guides its self to the target; very cool. Any ideas how this could be represented in GR?
  8. Wow SC you really know your mods. the mod looks pretty good can't wait to check out thier panzer 3. do you know anything about the creator/s? edit:oh well, no panzerfaust 3. its listed on their website as part of the mod
  9. i was trying to put together a clean Italian woodland pattern when it occured to me i already had one, so why reinvent the wheel? this is wildcats standard camo he released a few moths back with a few tweaks in P.S. i beleive they are both designated M92 and from what i have read the Italians "ported" the U.S. patern.
  10. Perhaps i should have made my vote change more strategically, like tomorrow night at 11:59 edit: speaking of vote changes how bout you guys who are not going to get your AT made help make either the Panzer 3 a possibility or the javalin undisputed?
  11. well if this is acceptable i would like to change my vote from a straight g36k to the g36k ras. my vote kind of seems wasted, better to get to play with the rifle even if its not exactly my fav.
  12. thats really cool, are these command maps available for DL?
  13. i will tell you what happened to me... i didn't have WOI PT so i used the install sixpennce provided. he includeds i 1.0 and a 1.1 version so i figured, just use the latest version ya know. i kept getting CTD's untill it occured to me that the 1.1 was just a patch and i need to run the 1.0 installer aswell. if this is not the case for you, sixpence included info on the mod priorities in the read me.
  14. -Eats goth-related foods. Count Dracula cereal is an example of this. this one is especially hilarious
  15. i have the PS2 version and its absolutely terrible. four hours after i bought it i was on the phone with EB games trying to negotiate a buy back. they would only offer $25 so now i'm a GR2 owner completely out of spite. Edit: I hate this game!
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