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  1. This is the busiest forum I've ever seen. I come from www.mohaa.com and there are rarely more than five or six people (registered members) onlne at the same time (when I'm online, anyway), albeit because of time differences or jobs etc.
  2. Oooh, I'll be getting that.... On a semi-related subject; Does anyone know of any mods that let you use Iron sights to target, like in Operation Flashpoint or Black Hawk Down?
  3. Oh yeah, right. I was clutching at straws.
  4. Best Second Disc I've ever seen on a DVD. And now selling for a tenner.
  5. A while ago I took it upon myself to chage all of the weapon sounds in GR, because I thought the original ones were rather dissatisfying. Anyhoo, I'm pretty happy with what I got, but I was going mostly for realism and couldn't find any actual M16 or MP5 recordings that were any good (the ones I did find were of very low quality and in bursts - I want single shot .wav files). Does anyone know of anywhere I could get some good quality weapon sounds?
  6. I know, it's a small point, but they did it in Rainbow Six too, which is why it bothers me. Yes, they are rather lazy.
  7. Jesus, it's you. Anyway, that's a damn shame. I figured you meant the Cubans got him, or something.
  8. No, I mean keep the American voices for the regular troops, but make sure the game plays the Specialist voices when you're playing as one, or when there aren't any American guys in your team. It's always the same two smartasses making comments at the beginning of a mission, regardless if your team consists of Guram Osadze, Astra Galinsky and Dieter Munz.
  9. Me too, even though I've already seen two on the subject, plus all the special features on the DVD. What interests me is how Mike Durant never gets tired of telling the same story, word for word.
  10. Sorry I'm late... Most of my hopes and dreams have been posted by you guys, but I'll point them out anyhoo. Sidearms. I want me a nice M1911 as well as any other kits I have, such as M16+203 or M4+Charges, whatever. It disgusted me that you couldn't have a sidearm with you as standard. Obviously the smarter AI blah de blah, but to that comment about them not firing grenades... They do! Or did you mean throwing grenades. Maybe you actually wrote that. I don't remember. Anyway. The ability to traverse a two foot rise in the ground. Isn't it just so annoying when you have to go all the way around the edge of a short drop, which usually leads you into the open? Also, someone said something about the enemy AI spotting you in grass. I haven't found this to be true, in fact I once hid in a patch of grass and had a guy walk right up and actually bump into me before he spotted me. Some actual chopper stuff would be nice. I know this has all been done in mods, etc, but riding in a Blackhawk can be so easily accomplished with Igor that I wonder why Rs didn't do it themselves rather than make me do it. They really need to either stay away from urban maps, or really improve their skills. The Embassy map, although admittedly home to one of my favourite missions, is boxy as hell. Although I myself am a veteran of Rainbow Six, probably like most of you, I wouldn't mind seeing an actual gun model. Instead of just the whole screen zooming in, howabout getting some kind of Operation Flashpoint or DF: Black Hawk Down action in there are letting us use the iron/optical sights of the weapon to line up a shot? Greater realism, no? As for jamming, that would really annoy you, you must admit. How many times have you seen an enemy a little too late and only just managed to drop to a knee and then drop him? If your weapon jammed, not only would it annoy the hell out of you, but you'd be annoying other players (if on MP) with shouts of "JAM KILL! JAM KILL!". A new phrase coined all for the sake of an annoying little touch of realism. I'd like an IGB too. Right now I can only play with a handful of others (whom I actually coaxed into buying the game), so it would be nice to drop into random servers without using Ubi or Gamespy (kill, kill, kill). There are hundreds of little realism touches I could name, such as rainatwer dripping off your buddies' hats/helmets, but I could live without them as long as they polish the game up real good with a shiny new engine and have all my wants down to a T. Dang, great Emoticons here : ).
  11. If the game had more British characters, they'd just keep the same three male (Amrican) voices in it anyway. Notice how when you're playing SP and you have Nigel Tunney, Klaus Henkel or any non-American character, the same American voices are used. Come on, Red Storm, there are only what, 12 Specialists? Is it so hard to do the accents? Is it really?
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