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  1. Ok. First of all; So basically 100% of people liked it but only 90% of them loved it because that 10% thought it wasn't hard enough. I think this guy must have been in the snake oil racket before joining Codemasters. Then later; Dear console players, or maybe gamers in general: Developers still think you're idiots.
  2. Also I don't think anyone ever claimed that any CoD game was supposed to be a 'realistic combat simulator'.
  3. Larger pics at Czech games website. This looks severely kickass. They've even got new UK radio protocols and voices. Though as usual there is a debate going on at the BIS forum about the merits and worth of DLC. Some argue that they shouldn't have to pay for something that has already been made by the addon community for free (Answer: Don't buy this then). I don't care, these units look totally boss.
  4. The 920 isn't available with this build, it starts with the 930. That's ok though, I'm fine paying a bit extra for a newer model. I'll probably do that then. The case has three fans and the CPU cooler has four heat pipes so I think I'll be covered for temperature. Thanks for the advice, everybody! I'll be sure to come back and blame you all if something goes wrong! ; )
  5. OK great. The more advanced cooler listed on the site seems to be similar to the one you have, so that should be fine. Although I just noticed that the company offers overlocked PCs, and I can get basically the same system for about £200 cheaper using an i7 930 2.8 overclocked to 3.8. Does anyone overclock? I understand it can lead to instability but I guess it should be ok if you have decent cooling?

  7. Ok that's about what I thought, I'll ditch the liquid cooler. But should I stick with what that site describes as a 'standard CPU cooler' or maybe spend £19 on "Triple copper heatpipe CPU cooler"? I have no idea what that is. About the HD - isn't 64mb cache better though? The 1TB HD is 16mb. I just thought that since I will most likely never even use 200GB space then it was better to get a lower capacity with a higher cache. Another thing is the optical drives - the selected option is 4x Blu-ray ROM, 16x DVD ROM, then another drive with 24x dual layer DVD writer+R/+RW/+RAM. Since I will most likely not be watching Blu-Ray movies or burning them, should I just stick with the second option, or do I need that first one for some reason? Thanks for the advice so far!
  8. Hey John, everything still going well with this? I am in the market for a new PC and I've been looking at one with a spec very similar to yours. The baseline (customizable) unit looks like this Intel Core i7-930 (2.80GHz) 4.8GTs/8MB Cache ASUS P6X58D-E: DDR3, SATA 6.0GB/s, 3-Way SLI 6GB CORSAIR XMS3 TRI-DDR3 1600MHz (3 X 2GB) 1280MB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX470 CORSAIR 850w PSU Coolermaster HAF 922 Although I think I'll probably go for the i7 960 3.20GHz and the GTX 480, so it will work out at around £1600-1700. I need a bit of advice though because I'm not sure if some components will be overkill or the opposite. For example, the base unit, Here if anyone would like to take a look, comes with a 'COOLIT Advanced liquid cooler'. I don't know much about water cooling but I don't really want a risk, however small, of water leaking into my machine. So is a liquid cooler neccessary? Would I be okay with a standard cooler or would one of the other listed CPU coolers be better? I'll probably also downgrade the hard drive from 1TB 16mb cache to a 640gb 64mb cache, because I'll never come close to filling that thing. So if anybody has any advice or experience with any of the listed components then I'd love to hear it. I'm also glad to hear that John's GTX 480 isn't getting hot or anything because I've heard horror stories about that too.
  9. This then has authority over every one else with another view to things? Did you build them? Were you in them that day, were you with the firefighters on those high floors not reporting steel melting temperatures? Calius, you can't make a comment like that with any credibility if you then go on to say something like this; Many, many experts agree with NIST. They've all made their calculations too. Why is this one woman right and every other expert is wrong? Are all of the other experts simply incompetent? In your words, why does her opinion have authority over everyone else? And it's hard to ignore the fact that her site is "one of those" if what you say is true, i.e. she's being discredited by other truthers. Furthermore, unless most of the people looking at her calculations have a background in physics or engineering, then there's very little chance they will be able to fully understand her conclusions. This is a problem endemic in the presentation of these theories; scientific-sounding contentions, presented as fact, that sound good to anyone willing to listen. Also, you no longer seem to believe that the towers were brought down with explosives, as you appeared to agree with whoever it was you quoted up there when they posited that there is no way the planting of the explosives could have gone unnoticed. Do you agree with Judy Wood's hypothesis that the towers were brought down with energy weapons?
  10. Yeah I don't quite see the need to make a bunch of 800x800 maps when you can have a full-sized island with all mission areas on it already. If you don't want players to venture outside of a certain zone then you can have some sort of "you're leaving the mission area" trigger, or simply use invisible walls. The latter might not be preferable, but if you have a bunch of small maps then you'd have to surround them with impassable hills or something, which amounts to the same thing.
  11. Wow. The only thing that could possibly make that sound any worse is if the melee combat is controlled by quicktime events.
  12. That would be realism. I think he's probably talking about authenticity with regards to setting, equipment, scenarios and such. Not that one guy infiltrating an enemy sub base and massacring everyone inside was an authentic scenario, but alot of the missions were based on real operations. I might buy this. Although my games of choice are realistic squad-based shooters, I enjoyed the multiplayer in MOH: Allied Assault. I much preferred it to the CoD games, mostly because I sucked at MP in CoD 1&2 for some reason.
  13. No, it was developed by Codemasters' in-house dev team. Codemasters were the publishers of Flashpoint. The original was developed by Bohemia Interactive. Codemasters only owned the rights to the title.
  14. I'm disappointed in Russia. I always had love in my heart for them because, despite being the bad guys in countless movies and games for the last few decades, they never complained. North Korea are portrayed as aggressors ONE TIME in GR2 and they immediately throw a hissy fit. Today I shed a tear for you, Russia. :' (
  15. Chewing on ginger has been proven to disable head bob in most PC ga-- No, it prevents nausea.
  16. For anyone who wants to see some more footage before they buy, or while waiting for their copy, CM forum user CrazyCanuck is currently broadcasting a live XFire feed of his SP campaign. He's admits that he hasn't quite grasped the command system yet, so he's not exactly showcasing the AI's abilities. This may be why it looks like he's playing COD.
  17. So there isn't any loadout or kit screen whatsoever? Not that CM should be including every feature of Flashpoint, but I kind of assumed there'd be a 'kit' section of the briefing where the team leader can issue gear. For the campaign, I have absolutely no problem with the kit restriction thing. For user-made missions though, it does seem kind of weird. I prefer not having masses of kit to choose from (for example some GR mods where you spend five minutes clicking through the hundreds of kits to get the one you want), but simply choosing between an M16 or an M4 with optional 203 would suffice. Also, this is a non-issue and just me being a pedant, but I find it amusing that CM have done all this research, spent all that time working closely with marines in the name of realism, yet still refer to magazines as 'clips'.
  18. SPOILERS There is one grouse in the NE, another in the far North. If you want their exact locations then I'll PM you.
  19. Considering that not everybody is a voice actor, or has decent sound-recording equipment, that usually turns out pretty awful.
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