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  1. Speaking of Indiana Jones, there is a game called Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine which involves Marduk and the Tower of Babel. This thread has come full circle!
  2. Yeah, particularly since the island authorities already made a statement condemning BIS's activites shortly after the game was announced. If the arrested guys were aware of that and they were trying to be covert with their photography, that might make it look even worse.
  3. Yeah man, you're right. No good movie has ever been made about a real incident. Ever.

  5. Yeah man that took alot of guts to post that. Alot of nerve.
  6. Yeah all the Arma 2 mods don't look ######ty enough.
  7. Yeah... I think when he said "you need to step up your game", he was talking about the developers, not the player. I think anyone who is hoping for a markedly different PC experience is going to be disappointed (again).
  8. It's just a stereotype among all other war game/movie stereotypes. Like MF said, it's a lack of imagination; using established conventions as an easy, paint-by-numbers way of characterization. The worst example I ever saw was that awful show Over There about Iraq. You had the no-nonsense, tough as nails Sergeant, the intellectual white guy, and the former black gangbanger on the SAW. What's ironic about this is, although the SAW gunner is not black, the 'Miles' character's nickname is "8-Ball", the go-to nickname for black characters in Vietnam movies.
  9. has been actively involved in every conspiracy since Kennedy.

  10. Another franchise falls victim to the "What they really want is to play a movie!" avenue of game design.
  11. I think from GamesCon 2011. As with previous videos, the animation system and transitions are not complete, but you can still see some of the improvements they've made. New Features (some of which not that impressive to people who never played the Arma series, cool for existing fans): Hands move on steering wheel Ability to attach satchel charges to vehicles Improved GL sight adjustment Deployable 'Bouncing-betty' style AP mines And a personal favourite - looks like you don't have to swim all the way to the god damn shore before you're allowed to stand up in 1 foot of water. A nice ragdoll example in there as well - that looked painful. The environment looks awesome, too.
  12. Yeah, specifically that they are willing to sit through a bunch of boring-ass questions like in that 3rd part. The rest was pretty good though.
  13. Yeah there seems to be a pretty steady stream of it coming back up.
  14. They did go some way to making things easier with the tutorials in OA, which were far more detailed than anything they'd done before. They should seriously focus on making the Editor easier to use though; for alot of people it is really the main feature of the game, so I think new users should be able to create a simple but fully functional mission without having to mess around with external scripts and HTML etc.
  15. It's a game you really need to put some time into before you realise if you like it or not. People have come into our TS channel sometimes and asked if it was any good, and I just can't recommend it to anyone outright. It is not a polished game, certainly not one you can just drop into, not least of all because of the learning curve of some aspects but also because playing a few quick missions is not going to demonstrate its full experience which, as you say, is huge. Here's to hoping they make Arma 3 a bit more user-friendly and, dare I say, accessible.
  16. I think the guy said in one of the videos that the underwater portion will most likely be used for insertions only. But who knows at this point. I'd bet on seeing some user-made missions like that though.
  17. Huh. When I saw this I thought maybe they'd updated some of the models or something, like Valve did with their High-Definition pack for Half-Life.
  18. Yes, look at some pictures and you can see the difference. MTP is basically Multicam mixed with DPM.
  19. High quality video of the E3 presentation: Part1 Part2 Part3 The environment looks outstanding. Ivan Buchta again confirms that every building in every town will be enterable, and that even the smallest towns have approximately 100 buildings. So they're all at least on the scale of the largest cities in Arma 2. You can also get a better look at the Ragdoll animations and particle effects ("we watched 2 hours of grenade explosions to get it right"). EDIT: of the same presentation. Just a different run through, you can see different Ragdoll reactions etc.
  20. Maybe we might have got some more interesting information if the camera guy didn't keep choosing silly questions that the community asked. Will the aiming deadzone be in the game? Will FLIR still be in it? YES OF COURSE THEY WILL. ASK SOMETHING RELEVANT!
  21. Some Gamespot guys are at E3 right now streaming a live feed. They sat in on an Arma 3 presentation, which should be up on Youtube soon. There wasn't a whole lot of new information, but some in-game footage reveals or confirms the following: In-mission weapon customization. Switch optics, suppressors, grips etc on the fly. Improved water simulation; realistic wave effects, diving, piloting of Swimmer Delivery Vehicles. Improved HALO/parachuting. Volumetric clouds which realistically cast shadow on the environment. Game world is 900 sq. km with over 50 villages, all buildings enterable and destructible. 3D mission editor Render-to-Texture (Mirrors, cameras etc) Physics - Ragdoll animations, improved vehicle collision, object interactions. Sandbox style SP campaign (no co-op campaign this time) Video. Starts at about 1:20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3YHbcYK82E.swf And here is the better-quality Gamespot feed, don't know how long that will stay up. BIS section starts at 2:12 with Carrier Command, then Take On Helicopters at 2:20, and 2:41 for Arma 3;
  22. One of the clues in the pre-announcement ARG referred to a rail gun. Looks like that tank might be using one.
  23. ? The Arma 2 animations are all mo-capped. The actual animation system itself isn't great in terms of transitions, but it seems the new physics engine in Arma 3 will be used to improve the anims and the overall 'feel' of your character and movement. And from the looks of some screenshots, ragdoll is included. That shot with the explosion indicates that even if the death animations aren't fully dynamic, at least there will be death-specific anims, like 'grenade death', rather than the current model of the death anim being randomly chosen from the same pool, regardless of how the unit was killed. I'm liking the weapon and gear customization. Those shots of the guy in various states of undress - I wonder if that means you can actually 'dress' a unit how you want, for example stick a 'NATO Tactial Bandolier' on that guy in his skivvies and send him off to battle. It would be awesome if you could do that in the editor, but maybe it's just for your own character. Also, looks like the OPFOR are indeed Iranian, going by the flag. FAKE EDIT REAL EDIT http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56887
  24. Ok so the rumoured release this month, is probably this 10th Anniversary pack of all games in the Arma series from Flashpoint to Arma 2. Happy anniversary guys! Here's a box of games you most likely already have!
  25. It would be weird of BIS not to have said anything about it, but I agree it seems possible. There is a thread about it on the BIS forum and no BIS guys have been in to dispel the rumour Maybe they'll announce something at E3.
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