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  1. Speaking of Indiana Jones, there is a game called Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine which involves Marduk and the Tower of Babel. This thread has come full circle!
  2. Yeah, particularly since the island authorities already made a statement condemning BIS's activites shortly after the game was announced. If the arrested guys were aware of that and they were trying to be covert with their photography, that might make it look even worse.
  3. Pfffft... Maltesers? Really dude? Why don't you MAN THE "F" UP and get some Woppers.

  4. Yeah man, you're right. No good movie has ever been made about a real incident. Ever.

  6. Sart was here, being fat and green.

  7. Yeah man that took alot of guts to post that. Alot of nerve.
  8. Yeah all the Arma 2 mods don't look ######ty enough.
  9. Yeah... I think when he said "you need to step up your game", he was talking about the developers, not the player. I think anyone who is hoping for a markedly different PC experience is going to be disappointed (again).
  10. It's just a stereotype among all other war game/movie stereotypes. Like MF said, it's a lack of imagination; using established conventions as an easy, paint-by-numbers way of characterization. The worst example I ever saw was that awful show Over There about Iraq. You had the no-nonsense, tough as nails Sergeant, the intellectual white guy, and the former black gangbanger on the SAW. What's ironic about this is, although the SAW gunner is not black, the 'Miles' character's nickname is "8-Ball", the go-to nickname for black characters in Vietnam movies.
  11. has been actively involved in every conspiracy since Kennedy.

  12. Another franchise falls victim to the "What they really want is to play a movie!" avenue of game design.
  13. I think from GamesCon 2011. As with previous videos, the animation system and transitions are not complete, but you can still see some of the improvements they've made. New Features (some of which not that impressive to people who never played the Arma series, cool for existing fans): Hands move on steering wheel Ability to attach satchel charges to vehicles Improved GL sight adjustment Deployable 'Bouncing-betty' style AP mines And a personal favourite - looks like you don't have to swim all the way to the god damn shore before you're allowed to stand up in 1 foot of water. A nice ragdoll example in there as well - that looked painful. The environment looks awesome, too.
  14. Yeah, specifically that they are willing to sit through a bunch of boring-ass questions like in that 3rd part. The rest was pretty good though.
  15. Yeah there seems to be a pretty steady stream of it coming back up.
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