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  1. The book has been in publicaction for a very long time, I would be suprised if they don't even have an old one around somewhere. Perhaps on an interliberary loan, if you all have that system there.
  2. Go to the library, and see if they have a copy of "Small Arms of the World" by Smith & Smith. They have all the info in an appendix.
  3. You can get it from amazon: http://home.comcast.net/~jcondit/store.html
  4. No, max 7 won't work. I heard some people had luck getting max 5 on ebay.
  5. What kind of handle is "I_HAD_YOUR_WIFE"?
  6. There is only one version of Ghost Recon, there are two expansion disks for it, one of which is Island Thunder set in Cuba. Plenty of jungle maps on it.
  7. There are many things hard-coded into the engine that cannot be changed by modders. There was a petition asking RSE/Ubi to release the source code for the engine a while ago, so far only silence has met this request.
  8. The WOI-Map Pack also works with the mod: http://files.3dretreat.com/file.asp?fileid=624 In this case activate the mods: DS IT WOI-Map Pack WOI-MP WOI Ranger Mod then an opfor mod if you wish. For example, suppose you saw the movie The Great Raid and are fired up to fight the Japanese, activate these mods: DS IT WOI-Map Pack (optional) WOI-MP WOI Ranger Mod WOI_MP Jap Inf in this order.
  9. After trying all the new games, I always come back to GR. Why? Because GR gets it "right" in so many areas, while these newer games get even the simplest things wrong.
  10. Well, if you want to make your own missions, you have everything you need already. Look in your main GR directory, you'll see a file named"igor.exe", that's the mission editor. This: http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/igor-01.htm will get you started.
  11. The opfor mods are included with WOI-MP. You'll see: WOI_MP GER DAK WOI_MP GER Fallschirm etc. there are a total of 14 different opfors (opposing force), what we call "mini-mods", which change the enemies, so players have the maximum flexability to set up the fight they want.
  12. Make sure you have DS and IT activated before Frostbite. Order matters.
  13. War of Infamy: Ranger Mod by Rebar This add-on mod to War of Infamy - Multiplayer recreates the 5th Ranger Battalion of WWII, from Omaha beach to the Zerf operation. It also adds various multiplayer enhancements, and the Italian force set. Support is available at: http://users.boardnation.com/~elite/index.php This mod requires: Desert Siege Island Thunder War of Infamy Multiplayer Edition version 2.0 (www.warofinfamy.com) WOI Ranger Mod Version 1.0 WOI_MP opfor mod (optional) Activated in *that order*. The order is critical for everything to work correctly. The opfor mods change the enemy sets for coop missions and Firefight/Defend/Recon game types. Only activate ONE. If you want to fight German SS, that is the default and you don't have to activate any opfor mod. Get WOI Ranger mod here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/files/pafiledb.p...ion=file&id=187 and WOI-MP here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/files/pafiledb.p...ion=file&id=140 All textures are pre-compressed, you may experience performance issues if you have texture compression turned on. Go to Options->Graphics, and make sure "compress textures" and "mipmap textures" are OFF. Contents: -The full Italian force set, based on the Folgore Parachute division. -New US Infantry skin. -UK Commando skin and weapons, including the silent sten gun, for coop play. -New Ranger skins, 1st battalion for desert, 5th battalion for regular, and 6th battalion for jungle maps. -M12 shotgun added to Marine sets. -Bot-hunter missions added. -A full nine mission campaign, based on the historical 5th Ranger battalion. -All SP names are historically correct. -Full new musical soundtrack. -Concrete Pillbox, Sandbag wall and oil drum "vehicles". -A few other stand alone missions are included, and most of the campaign missions can be played coop with both player and AI forces substituted with other sets. Notes: -The Italian "red devil" grenade explodes on impact. -The AI is very poor at using the mortar, and will likely wipe out your team. -Antitank rifles cannot kill pillboxes. Feel free to add feedback here, or at the offical forum: http://users.boardnation.com/~elite/index.php?board=5
  14. As I said, using values outside the range can give unexpected results. Also, I've seen armor values go as high as 1000 in stock GR. You might try 8 stamina, putting all armor except head to 1000, and see how that works.
  15. There is a base 10% chance of a kill with any hit, that's hard coded into the engine. Also, putting such high values for attributes can give unexpected results. The proper range is 1 to 8.
  16. It is indeed an multiplayer mod, and one version, WOI-MP, is specifically designed for multiplayer. As for dedicated servers, there are none that I'm aware of.
  17. No. There are a lot of helper points needed to tag a vehicle, and these can only be placed in Max.
  18. Call for the info, and try to weasel some swag out of him, bet you can get a T-shirt at least.
  19. I learned by copying down one of the original cinematics, and making minor modifications for what I needed.
  20. Does anyone have a recommendation of a freeware program to score Ghost Recon type music?
  21. I like the 6.5 Grendel round, if loaded into the new polymer case, it's just a bit heavier then the 5.56, and the ballistics are such that it can replace both the 5.56 and the 7.62 Nato.
  22. What was the name of that mod, that showed all the different character animations? Anyone have a link to it?
  23. "HD2 is the GR of WW2" Obviously you haven't looked at War of Infamy: http://www.warofinfamy.com/ Which is still the best tactical WWII game period.
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