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  1. You have to have desert storm and island thunder active in your mods, and be patched to 1.4 also.
  2. Wow, good to know you guys are still around!
  3. Yes indeed, "back in the day" the threat indicator was considered highly unrealistic, thus disabled in Frostbite, as well as the WOI series.
  4. Thanks! I have to give props to DonMiguel and the WOI team for sparking my interest in the modding scene, and Oso for his tutorials and help when I needed it.
  5. Wow, people are still playing this mod, awesome! Glad you all liked my missions Also, I made an add on mod that might have been missed: http://files.filefront.com/arvnV1zip/;4965565;/fileinfo.html which adds a little more flavor to the mod - enjoy!
  6. The only way this is likely to happen, is if RSE released the source code. In fact there was a petition with a thousand or so signatures asking for that very thing. Nothing came of it, they'll never release the code, and the items listed for improvement would require code changes. You would have to get an open source engine and code the thing up from scratch. Which would be years of work, if you could find a good team willing to do it.
  7. That gun is featured in one of the mission in the game "Enemy Territory": ET client Which is actually pretty fun. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfenstein:_Enemy_Territory
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M18A1_Claymor...ipersonnel_Mine
  9. One reason might be that you don't have the same mods activated as when the game was saved.
  10. Thanks, that did the trick. My setup just does not like this new driver.
  11. I installed this new driver. While it was installing, there was a dialog box that said "these dll's are no longer being used" etc., so I deleted them. Now, I don't know if it was because I deleted the dll's or if it was the driver itself, my video codecs are hosed. My windows media player, quicktime, and TV tuner card won't play video, trying makes my machine run so slow it's unusable and have to power cycle it. When I look at my device manager->sound video and game controllers->video codecs->properties, they're all listed as not working properly. I tried reinstalling windows media player, that didn't help. If someone could help me out, or point me to a place where I could, I'd appreciate it very much.
  12. I think less effort should be put into graphics, and a whole lot more into gameplay. [GR] gameplay beats all the games since, including GRAW.
  13. You could just make the attachment a weapon then, and base it off the right hand helper point.
  14. I'm not kidding. Get me the source code, and I'll put together a game that would rock 1000x more then GRAW.
  15. There was a petition to have UBI release the source code for GR a while ago. Nothing came of it then, but that was back when we discovered that there would be no GR2 for the PC. An extra year or so, and a lot of disapointment in GRAW, might be time to dust off that petition and try again.
  16. Oh yeah, you might consider getting USB mouse and keyboard, which would free up 2 IRQs.
  17. It could be sharing an IRQ with your network card, or some other component. Before buying a new card, I'd try moving it to a different slot, you should have at least two extra slots. On my old machine I had to shuffle the cards around several times to get an optimal arrangement of IRQs/components. First go to your BIOS and turn off stuff you don't use to free some up. This might help: http://www.audioforums.com/resources/windo...timization.html If it is, as is likely, an IRQ problem, then you'd just be wasting money getting a new card. A few hours configurating could save you some cash and aggrivation down the road.
  18. Had the same problem. Turned out that the video card and the audigy card were sharing the same IRQ. Moved the card to a different slot, which assigned it a different IRQ, no problems since. Didn't even have to reinstall any software. Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager->Display adapter->(video card)->right click-properties->Resources, write down the IRQ. Go to Sound Video and game controllers->audigy->properties, write down the IRQ. If they're the same, it's a IRQ conflict, move the card to a different slot.
  19. You can also start a multiplayer server, set gameplay to coop missions, and play through them that way. If you do this, then you can set respawns too.
  20. 1. mod tools of course. This game will live or die depending on the tools. 2. cookable grenades. 3. mod tools. 4. melee attacks. Buttstroke and bayonet. 5. mod tools. 6. full flexability in making maps (urban/desert/jungle/woodland/snow). 7. mod tools. 8. Guns. We should be able to make a gun from a springfield musket to a vulcan gatling. 9. did I say mod tools? 10. full control over campaign mode. We should be able to chart a campaign tree depending on wins/loses/ties, and plot missions based on those outcomes.
  21. In Special Forces, or any infantry unit for that matter, casualites are expected and planned for. The next man in the chain of command is trained to take over in case his superior goes down. The Ranger Creed states: "Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor." This "one guy goes down and we go home" is nonsense.
  22. First, I always hated the rediculous 70m throwing range of GR1, which couldn't get modded to a more realistic 35-40m. Next, throwing a grenade is nothing like throwing a baseball, hollywood notwithstanding. It's a lot more like shotputting. They're heavy. And scary as hell, the second most scary thing I did in basic training was throwing grenades.
  23. He can also run my mod: http://files.filefront.com/Trilogyrar/;464...;/fileinfo.html which combines all three campaigns into one.
  24. Ok, here's the final version: Filefront - ARVN Version 1 Version 1 includes the gridded command maps for the YotM maps, and it now shows up on the YotM launcher. Install notes: unzip into your mods directory, if it asks you to overwrite click yes. Make sure you read the readme.txt for instructions on how to use it
  25. I'm confused by what you mean. If you want to play the NVA or VC in MP, all you have to do is activate one of the allied (RoK, ARVN, or US) OPFOR sets, then in the server options choose the NVA or VC coop sets.
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