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  1. What is the most efficient program to connect using Dial up to Home PC on Cable for remote access? Thanks in advance . . .
  2. I found two on my drives... Snipermission and Sniper Armoury...
  3. Raven Shield has kind of taken over for me. I am aware of all the issues with the game but it is still great. It has many of the options I would like to see in GR.
  4. Sounds more on an XP issue and not a GR if your locking without the game running. I guess GR could place something in your registry but doubtful. Running a different OS you will run into different issues. You may look at your power options. Sometimes if you monitor is set to turn off your system will freeze or lock. Same with Hybernation, et. You may try to swap out your video card or change monitors and test it. Two other items would be overheating or memory. I had an issue with GR until I placed extra cooling in my case. After that I have had no poblems running the game. BUT...your having problems without the game running... Have you considered moving up from the Duron?
  5. Gonna take some overnight downloads to get some of those files. You may look in your area for someplace you can go and download and burn those to cd or zip. Last resort I am sure someone (even myself) can get those together for you but there will always be a next time.
  6. I ran a search for key card and found this... http://keycardhq.de/t/ghostrec.pdf
  7. You can use a Download manager. This will help you resume those dropped downloads so you do not have to start all over. Some will also increase your download speed. Watch, many of them include spyware...Getright, NetANts, et.
  8. Teamspeak has worked out many of its bugs and is widely used. It has had issues with Linksys Routers and Sound Blaster Live. Ventrilo is another that is very good. Easy to use, very clear and has support for those Mac users.
  9. Tweak your settings in GR as far as detail. Try to run GR in compatibility, Win95-98 et. Test a few Video drivers. When I was using a GF2 card I had to use the manufacturers. Tried some right from nvidia but it they would crash to desktop. You may have to test a few until you find the best for your card. Make sure your card is not getting to hot... These are a few things I tried and worked for me... Good Luck.
  10. Catacomb 3D and then Wolf 3D followed the next year.
  11. Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and mouse here. Mouse is a little on the heavy side. I can kick back with my keyboard and do not have to worry about the mouse sticking since it is laser.
  12. I could not disagree more. GR is going strong and from what I can see picking up new players all the time. If the game is over for you do not expect everyone to follow behind. I have put the game up for awhile and now am back hard as ever. I would like to know how many kids are playing this game in comparison to 18 and above. Not saying this is not a game for kids but it sure has a large adult following. There are not many games out there that have long term playability. I for one place GR above most.
  13. Why not grab the demo and have your Father take a look.
  14. If you want to disable messanger you can use this file ... http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/MessengerDisable.zip I used it and it worked fine. I think it gave me an error when I ran it but it still did the job. I also found answers at the dougknox site for removing if you do not want to use the zip file. Just type in a search for remove or disable messanger. Copy and paste the following into the run command line and the uninstallation will start: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
  15. GR is the only game to date that I play on a regular basis. Once in awhile I grab a quick mission but on the most part I play online. Getting with a group of players that are more interested in a good mission completion rather that a high kill ratio does it for me.
  16. Mine is a left over from the old BBS Dial Up days. The Flash was a Classic Marvel character. Most just call me Flash which goes since my last name is Gordon.
  17. Just rolled back my drivers. I was getting kicked my screen was clicking in and out...strange! Worked fine for a few days and now they are acting up...
  18. You should be ok with a Good Router and a Software Firewall. Between the two you should lower your risk of being hacked. Being on Cable I have been safe with ZoneAlarm and a Linksys Router.
  19. 93.4% of my dir are mods. Of that dir 38.7 are other and 61.3 are RSB. I am sure that my list of mods are not as lengthy as others.
  20. Just installed them. Tried them on Red Faction 2 and GR. Seems to run ok. Had been using 41.09. Running a TI4200-8X and have not seen any lag or getting kicked out of the game.
  21. New to this group myself and have to agree that those I have played and spoke with over TS have been great. Everything here seems top notch and I look forward to some good times.
  22. I have run into this on a few of my systems. Most the time it is video driver related. I suggest you test a few different drivers until you find one the works the best. The latest are not always the better. On a few I had to use the manufactures drivers and not the ones from Nvidia's site. You can also go into GR's setup and drop a few of your settings down. Make sure you are not recording the game, lower vehicle and body shadows. I also found some improvement after getting some cool air into my box. I placed a blow hole on top and two fans on the side blowing fresh air onto graphics card and cpu. This may not help in your case but after I did it I did not reboot or drop back to windows with GR. Still have trouble with some of the mods but I think we all do from time to time.
  23. Same problem here. Using a SB Live with the Latest Drivers. I know of several people with that same issue with 1.1.
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