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  1. So a clip holds rounds while exposed, and a magzine fully encloses them? Is there a "definition" or a differentiating diagnosis? Back on topic, I like being cursed by reload fever.... if i reload often i eventuallt end up loading MAGAZINES (m4) with 20-25 rounds... if i run them donw i may find myself with a 5 round Mag :eek: Alos: I want an arming screen likw the origionaly rainbow spear where i can select: Primary, secondary, equiptmant pack, level and color of armour and TYPE of greandes and rounds... mix that with GR's open ended command module and you got a winner in my book!
  2. I voted woods also, although i would like to see more close quarters combat as well, a nice mix of rainbow 6 and gr maps would be cool as hell IMO
  3. the end is abrupt and short for a reason, so was the end of the mission, i killed all the bad guys with disgusting efficiency this time around.... literally i lobbed the nade, popped off some shots set all squads to supress and up popped the message "no rmeaining enemies" "missinos asccomplished" Look out for mission 4 soon, i got dibs!
  4. The sound of the M203 turned the heads of all the rebels but the blast only got 1. Cole and I broke into a crouched run while C squad laid down suppressing fire and B squad advanced along the side of the field. C squad dropped 2 more leaving 2 for Cole and I. Cole paused on one knee and fire three rounds stunning but not killing one of the remaining rebels. I fried a full auto burst lowering their heads just long enough to take cover behind the hay bale and their rounds began chewing up the dirt on either side of us. The thuds of the rounds into the damp hay bales was intimidating but none came through. I look back at our previous position as Kwon threw a grenade towards the last rebels and dropped to the ground. The blast was closer then expected but I saw an all clear signal from Halloran. B squad called in as fire erupted from the far east side of the field. “We got 6 tangos advancing to the west sir.” Called out D’Agostino. I have no visual, take them out B squad he have no cover out here an unknown remaining forces. The distinct sound of D’Agostino’s M203 sounded followed by 2 grenade blasts… a shot… silence… 4 more shots… “All clear sir, and I must say Dansky has one hell of an arm.” All was quiet as we approached the crash site, Cole planted the charges and we blew the plane without incident. Apparently we had taken out the entire enemy force, but that only meant back up had not arrived yet and we needed to keep moving. We collected our weary but no relieved F-18 crew and popped smoke in the field behind the farm house. As the Black hawk dropped I saw the look of success from the faces of my men and was proud. 1 broken rib in return for 2 pilots and the change to blow up a 40 million dollar plane, whats not to love?
  5. After reuniting the pilot and weapons op at the barn Cole and I returned to the farm house. “B and C squad report in,” I called. “C squad has seen nothing sir but we did notice some lights at the far end of the field sir, can see them but you can see the glow in the sky.” I noticed them too but hadn’t jumped to any conclusions yet. “B squad is holding, no contact sir.” “Halloran, what’s your status?” I ask fearing the worst. “I got winged with a round in my side, it didn’t pierce but I think it cracked a rib, it hurts but I can work through it sir, don’t worry about me.” I took a deep breath, knowing I had no choice but to believe him. “Ok, the plane is on the northern end of the field, I want B squad at the south east corner of the field, C squad I want you along the southern edge 15 meters west of them. We will take up the far side of the field antoehr 15 meters down. The tree line should have muffled our fire fight from any guards or they would have come in already. It could also be a trap, and by my math we could still have 20 some rebels out here so stay sharp. As of right now we go silent again, report all contact, do not fire unless absolutely necessary. Let’s finish this right gentlemen.” I gave the signal to move out as Cole and I headed to the far side of the field. As we broke through the tree line I positioned us in the drainage ditch overlooking the fields. Rolls of hay dotted the landscape making a clean view near impossible. Who knows what’s behind each one of those, and lord knows they would make great cover of the bad guys I thought. Some motion dead ahead caught my eye as I saw a patrol of 5 men crouched in another drainage ditch 100 yards down field. “Cole I think they know we are coming, 12 o’clock 100 meters” I whispered as I pointed down range. “I see em sir, that’s not good, these hay bales give a lot of clutter and cover.” “Agreed but we got a job to do.” I keyed my mic, B, C squad report.” All clear from both groups came back. I keyed my mike “Ok listen up, I can lob a M230 that far but I may not be super accurate at this range sop there will be stragglers. We will hit them hard and fast, once we begin Cole and I will head north west to the hay bale at 10 o’clock and I will bring C squad in to our position. B squad you will advance along the eastern edge of the field covering the river bed and watching our flank.” Affirmatives came back along with a nod from Cole.
  6. Read it, Like it. I find it interesting how different styles of story can feel. I tried to maintain a first person view and focus on the strett and focus of running a squad while not always being able to see them, as well as do some chericter building. On the other hand your story, equally interesting in my opinion has little chericter building but talks about the birds sounding irritated by the ghosts interupting their home.... So you play mission 3 and I will take mission 4 then right? We can have the whole thing done in a matter of weeks
  7. Havent read it yet, working a soccer game But I will take a look-see shortly... the ending of my story (all 11 pages) will have ot come tomorrow some time...
  8. C squad had reported they were in position but nothing was going on, some movement in the upstairs side window but no shot and no confirmation on friendly or not. B squad had moved up parallel and reported some movement but they weren’t close enough to get a good count and without proper support I wasn’t going to send them any closer yet. Cole and I advanced up the far side of the road along the drainage ditch to with in 40 meters of the house. Suddenly the crackle of 2 M4’s rang out from the field east of the house, C squad I thought to myself. “C squad report status ASAP.” I called over the LASH microphone. Seconds went by… finally “Sir they crept up on us, must have seen us from the tree line.” Shouted Halloran over his mic, the sound of gun fire making his message near impossible to understand. A grenade went off and the rattle of an AK sounded off followed by more M4 fire. “Cole lets move.” I said pointing north towards the field. Halfway across the road Cole dropped to a knee and fired 3 shots. I turned towards the house to see one rebel spinning to the ground as 2 more came out the side door. I raised my rifle and fired 3 rounds at the leader as he dashed towards the cover of the chicken coupe. A round hit him in the thigh sending him to the ground hard, I stepped off the road in the ditch and fire twice more hitting him in the chest and neck. As I turned to check the house again I heard the whip of a round over head as dirt churned up along the road behind me. Cole fire a small burst towards the side door as 2 more rebels came running out. We were stick in the open along a well lit road, one shot one kill just went out the window. “I’m hit sir called out Halloran but we got 6 of them over here, more advancing form the side of the house towards your position.” No ###### I though, but having a man hit was also a concern. Cole and I dropped to the ground as Cole emptied his clip on full auto towards the side door dropping one more. C squad opened fire again dropping the last rebel in sight as I called out on the LASH “B squad advance north east and approach the house from the front, surprise is lost we are live, I repeat we are live. Shoot anything that moves and has a gun out side that house. C squad put a frag into the lower level and advance to the north west corner of the house.” Not knowing how badly Halloran was hit but not having time to find out made me nervous but I couldn’t afford to wait, leaving men in one position for too long was always a bad idea and I felt confident the hostage would be upstairs with the rate the rebels were pouring out of the lower level. The sound of breaking glass and a grenade detonating let me know C squad was in position, as I saw B squad approaching the garage in front of the house. I raised my M203 and lobbed a frag into the open garage door as I keyed my mike “D’Agostino the garage is clear, hold on north east corner of garage.” I motioned to Cole as we moved back across the road and moved west along to road to get a clear view of the front of the house. Just as the door came into view the door burst open and 2 rebels came out in a crouch, 3 shots rang form the garage and both men fell as B squad called in “2 down in front sir I have one more In side.” “Take him.” I replied as I advanced towards the garage. “C squad clear the lower level form the side window, A squad advance from the….” I forgot about the mike as I saw a rebel in the top window arm ###### back to throw a grenade. I raised my rifle and fired 5 rounds in quick succession only landing one. But it was enough do delay him as the grenade went off in the upper room. “What was that call sir?” asked D’Agostino. “Advanced through the front door and clear the lower level.” I called. Dansky threw a frag into the open front door and paused for a split second before Leading B squad into the house. When they were 15 meters out the grenade went off sending the door flying off of its hinges into the ditch out front. Quickly Cole and I took up position on the south east corner of the garage as C squad called all clear over the radio. “Lower level clear sir.” Called out B squad. “C squad hold position and cover north west field, B squad hold position.” I called as Cole and I took off in a run to the front door. As we dashed into the house I could hear the USAF weapons officer calling down “I’m a USAF weapons operator, I am unarmed, and have been held hostage.” Apparently not sure who was attacking who. As Cole and I stormed the stairs sweeping right and left a look of relief came over the officers face. “Man you guys look good!” he exclaimed. “All clear.” I radioed down to B and C squads; “B squad re take your position at the barn and cover north west field.” I turned to Cole; “lets get him back to the barn with the pilot and blow this plane already.” “Jameson made it alive?!?!” Exclaimed the weapons officer. “He is battered but he will survive, can you run and can fire a weapon?” I ask quickly. He nodded as his face went form a grin to all business. “Ok let’s move.”
  9. As B squad advanced shouts came from the barn in Russian. “What’s he saying B squad” I asked. “Threatening to kill the pilot sir unless we back off and retreat, says they have over 40 men on the grounds all heavily armed… he’s freakin out sir he sounds like he might panic and do it.” If they had 30 to start then they still may have another 25-30 out there right now I though to myself. “Sir I can see the pilot and I think I can see the back of that rebel” whispered Cole. “Roll out and see what you can see, don’t take a shot unless I tell you” into the microphone “No reply at this time, hold position Cole is taking a look, we may have a shot.” Cole rolled slowly and quietly, the light from the barn poured out making and approach from the front or rear a bad idea as we would be exposed no matter where we approached from. “I have 2 tangos sir and the pilot, pilot is unconscious and bloody but breathing. Tangos are each covering an entrance, I have a good shot on one but nothing on the other.” Cole whispered. “If I get you a distraction from B squad you think you can take them both?” I asked. “defiantly sir, you drive that rear guard out for a second… he’s gone, front guard has no cover.” “B squad on my que put I want both of you to put 3 rounds into the top of the barn, aim high so you don’t hit our boy but make some noise and splinter some wood.” I called. “Roger sir waiting for your signal” I looked at Cole who nodded and settled in on his shot. “B squad get loud now.” 6 shouts rang out in succession followed by screams from inside. Cole’s rifle flashed once, twice, 3 times… “Got ‘em both sir.” I nodded and whispered “Your on me Cole, let’s move out.” We crept up towards the barn as a call came in from B squad “Got movement form the machine gun post, second floor sir advise.” Cole and I dropped, all I needed was a RP-46 or DP-27 lighting up that pilot or one of my men. I crawled slowly forward till I saw the second floor come into view and shortly after, a pair of boots. I looked over at Cole, he saw the boots as well but didn’t look back. We inched up another 5 feet so we had a clear shot of his legs down but still not enough to ensure a kill with one shot, but any closer and we were going to be overly exposed. Cole and I took aim, I switched my M4 to 3 round burst an took a deep breath. Three rounds form my rifle were followed by 2 more form Cole’s and the rebel fell to the floor exposing his chest and head. I followed with three more rounds, after a brief pause Cole’s last shot splattered what was left of the rebels head out of the barn window. “B squad advance to rear barn door, I have visual on both rear corners your clear.” I called keeping an eye out for any other movement in the barn. 4 seconds later Dansky and D’Agostino swept into the barn quickly sweeping their rifles high and low before signaling clear and calling out on the radio. “We have one USAF Pilot sir, conscious and grinning.” “Nice work gentlemen! C squad advance across the field to the tree cluster in the middle and hold, report any contact, do not engage unless necessary.” I called as Cole and I rose to a crouch and entered the barn. I sent B squad back out the clear the rear of the barn as I stepped in and shook hands with the USAF pilot. The Pilot was bruised and exhausted, but all smiles to see the four of us. “Four guys is all they sent?” he asked. We have two more outside but that’s no important, this is, we cannot take you with us to assault the house, I need all my men without distractions.” I said as I grabbed an AK from the nearest rebels still warm and oozing corpse. “You need to stay here, we are clear in every direction for at least ¼ mile but there could be patrols. What can you tell us about this group, do you have any feel for numbers or weapons?” “Not really, outside of these guys I never saw anyone else and I don’t speak Russian, Honestly I don’t remember the crash so I don’t know how long I have even been here, Can’t have been too long though, I’m not too hungry yet” he said with a blank stare. “Listen, you hole up here, we need to clear the farm house and blow your plane before word gets out we’re here!” I said as I checked the clip and chambered a round. “You remember how to fire a weapon?” He nodded. “Ok we won’t be long, get into the loft and hang tight, you hear anything besides us, blast it ok?” Another anxious nod. “B squad lets move, advance along the southern field and head west till your parallel to the house, hold your position but keep your eyes peeled, my guess is the crew at the farm house heard our little fire fight and know we’re coming, or at least suspects anyways.”
  10. Noted and edited in my copy anyways... i forgot the 16 is the falcon i was thinking of the eagle.... although I am not sure they are still used... and i just got done reading s fantastic Vietnam book so i got huey in the head u know
  11. I leap frogged the squads along the fence line until we reached the bend in the river. B Squad positioned them selves at the edge of the tree line on high ground covering the far side of the river and C squad covered down stream to make sure no one came up from behind us. Cole and I moved silently down to the river and began crossing, the water was cold on my boots but the gortex lining kept my feet dry, I couldn’t say the same for my pants. I signaled to Cole to get down and we crawled our way to the top of the river bed. 50 yards ahead lay the barn where one of the F-18 crew supposedly was being held. I signaled B squad to advance to the crest of the river bed to my left and remained focused on the guards in front of the barn. Crossing a river is never quiet but rivers are noisy by nature, at 50 yards the guard didn’t hear a thing. Once in position I did a head count; 2 rebels in the barn visible, 3 covering the front, 3 patrolling the road heading west towards the farm house, 8 total but wide spread. B squad was sent further along the east fence to investigate the back of the bard. They had the cover of a small tree gathering to shield them as Cole and I crawled forward 5 yards to duck under a large bush giving us an unobstructed but well hidden view of the entire bard and surrounding area. “Leader we have 3 rebels patrolling the rear of the barn, one has frags, all have AK’s. Also appears to be a Heavy machine gun in the rear of the barn on the second floor but it hasn’t moved yet, may not be manned right now. I don’t think they have a clue we’re here sir, they seem real comfy with their new catch tonight.” Called D’Agostino. “Roger B squad, hold position, maintain visual” I replied. “C squad we’re going loud in a minute, advance down stream and cover the western road to the farm house, please inform of enemy presence prior to engaging if possible”. “Roger sir” crackled Halloran in my ear piece. “B squad wait until you have a solid shot and take out the rear guard, frags are authorized, once you have eliminated rear guard help us clear the front and hold. We go on your first shot.” I called. “Roger sir.” came the reply. This was the hard part, I had my targets out in the open but I knew that if we went on my commend the rear guard might be able to find cover and we needed to take out as many as possible in the first 10 seconds. I loaded my M203 and Cole switched his M4 to burst, no time to waste, we need one pull of the trigger per man. B squad had 3 men to be concerned with in the rear, but Cole and I were looking at 8 potentially if the road patrol was close enough to hear anything. To add insult to injury we has lost the sound barrier of the forest, only open farm fields to carry the gun shots as far as they wanted to. This had to go well. I ranged in my M203 and kept my finger on the trigger. The wait seemed like an eternity but was probably less than a minute when I heard 3 shots from the rear of the barn followed by the “crump” of an M203 and the explosion of it’s round. The front guard turned at once, crouched, and scuffled towards the barn. 4 out of 5 rebels were lifted of the ground as my M203 round detonated in the middle of the group, the 5th dropped his weapon as he was thrown against the barn but his fallen comrade body. Dansky’s shot from the fence line splattered his internals across the partially open barn door as he slumped to the ground. Cole began firing towards the road as the call came in from B squad “3 down in the rear plus one up front sir, all clear from our position.” Cole continued to let out steady 3 round bursts as he screamed “I got 2 but the third is behind a dam hay roll sir.” 2 shots rang out from the river bed as C squad reported “One down on south east corner of the field, all clear from here leader.” Cole confirmed the kill a second later. “Leader has tangos in the barn, hold position C squad, B squad advance to South east corner of the barn and hold”
  12. I awoke as the Huey dropped down to nap of the earth as I watched the tree line skim by just feet below the skids. I gave the signal to lock and load, while Dansky and Halloren woke up their partners. The red light came on inside the Huey and the door gunner slid aside. Every one grabbed their drop line and clipped into the helicopters frame. Suddenly but gracefully the Huey stopped, pulled it’s nose up momentarily and dropped to 30 feet. The red lighted turned green and the signal was given, time to get out. In pairs we tossed our lines and descended into the blackness below prepared for anything. Even the rebels had a few radars and listening posts good enough to warn of a chopper approaching, especially a hot spot like a F-18 crash site. I was one of the first out along with Kwon, as we hit the ground all was quite. Immediately we set up a perimeter as the last 4 men descended. Laying prone we watched for any movement until the noise of the chopper drifted off in the distance. We were in a small clearing at the north east corner of the farm, we had dropped just inside the fence line but behind a small rise and a line for trees. As I peered out into the darkness I was grateful for the lack of a moon, unlike my vacation, a little overcast was good for a mission night. Quietly I signaled to switch to night vision and hold. After a full minute of silence and observation I gave the signal to rise and wait for orders. Then I called everyone in together at the rear of the clearing. “Look guys, this operation is BS, I know we need to clear the plane and all of the data, but I am not gonna risk the lives of 2 USAF officers for it. My vote is to go after them first, get the plane later… what do you think?” Everyone nodded, orders be damned, these people gave their lives for our country and now we were gonna place precedence on a plane… 14 million dollars or not, human lives come first. “Alright boys silence from here on out, hand signals only, use the LASH system if your out of sight range ONLY IF YOU HAVE TO. Got it?” I asked quickly. Again nods all around. “Lets get a move on, we are on recon, you see a tango keep the in visual but do not go loud unless you have to, Cole and I have lead, Halloren, Kwon you guys pick up the rear… move out” Cole and I went into a crouch and began heading south along the fence line using the tree line and hill as cover. According to the map the crash was due west and the barn was due south. Within 50 yards we made first contact, Cole identified a patrol cresting the rise about 40 yards south west of us, immediately we went to the deck and flicked off the safeties. Looking back I saw that B squad had not sighted the patrol so I use hand signal - “2 tangos – hold your fire – advance to the tree gathering 20 yards back to my right” Quietly D’Agostino and Dansky move to the gathering and sighted the targets while C squad stayed back and covered the northern fence line. The patrol was 2 rebels with what appeared to be early model AK-47’s. Typically their aim was poor and the AK’s accuracy didn’t help but even one injured man could compromise a mission. Slowly the pair walked long the ridge line, paused and headed right at me and Cole, towards a clearing to our left side. I looked back at Cole and he nodded, we were gonna have to go loud weather we wanted to or not. Quietly I clicked off my safety and sighted the left man as Cole clicked of his safety as well. As I began to tighten my finger on the trigger Cole tapped my foot gently and pointed towards a third rebel cresting the hill as well. I gave him a nod and took aim at the farthest man, not wanting to give him any chance for taking cover behind the hill and calling in back up. The crack of my rifle dropped the newest member of the rebel patrol although I could not see where it hit him. Cole immediately dropped the nearest member as the remaining rebel ran for the cover of a nearby tree. Cole put a round in his leg and I tried to sight him as he limped for cover but a bush blocked my view making my three shots in vain. Patiently I waited, if he had any grenades we might be in trouble, he could hit us from here, and even if he didn’t do any damage, the noise would surely alert other patrols if they hadn’t heard anything already. The rebel peeked to the side of the tree and let out a burst on full auto in our direction but it was high and left of our position. “B Squad do you have a shot?” I called into the LASH microphone. “Negative sir.” Came the reply . Again he leaned his head out just enough to get a shot off. Quickly I pulled my hand from the LASH microphone and took sight on the rebel just as Cole’s round sent him spinning from behind the tree as it hit his shoulder, I added 2 more to be sure… he never moved again. “Leader we have 3 tangos approaching from our north west, they heard us, permission to engage sir.” came the call from B squad. “Engage when ready, no frags B squad. C squad do you have visual?” I replied. “C squad is blind sir, no visual” Halloran replied. 5 seconds passed, 10 seconds, four cracks of an M4 rang out… then a full auto burst from a pair of AK’s… 3 more cracks from B Squad and the call came in; “3 down leader all clear.” We held for another minute in silence to be sure then I moved out heading south along the tree line. B Squad stayed put as C squad crested the hill top and cleared the north end of the river visually, no more patrols and the forest had been dense enough to muffle our fire fight from surrounding patrols. I keyed my LASH microphone; “Nice work, we’re silent again boys, let’s move.”
  13. Cole returned about 30 minutes later looking a little confused and worried. “You ok man?” I asked him. He shrugged “I’ll make it, don’t have much choice do I?” he added with a small chuckle s he grabbed his gear from my bed side and placed the 2 absurdly small demo charges in his pack. “They really want you to blow the plane with those?” I asked in astonishment. Neither one looked bigger than a hockey puck, far smaller than the standard brick size charges I was used to seeing. “Apparently they don’t care about the fuselage, the plane was not armed, and there is no point in denying it I a USAF plane. Like lieutenant said we gotta keep noise to a minimum as well.” He shrugged. “So all I have to do is take out 4 boxes and the biggest one is only the size do a VCR, problem is they are all in behind fire and blast walls and the one is behind the seat, thank goodness the seat took care of itself when they ejected or I would be inside that plane longer than I want to be.” He replied. “We got your back, Halloran and D’Agostino both know how to lead a squad and you know Kwon has some kind of crazy 6th sense about him. You take as little or as much time as you need. I haven’t lost a man yet, and while no one would miss you I don’t plan on letting you tarnish my perfect record now” I joked grinning as Cole as he loaded his magazine. “Yeah but you let Cunningham get shot in the ass on his LAST MISSION, what kind crap is that. Are you going to wait till my last run to let me get my balls lopped off… is that your master plan?” he laughed as he landed a punch on my shoulder. “Lets get through tonight buddy, I need you’re a game so I can call out positions, your used to being a squad leader but you gotta step back into your old role for an evening, you’re the only one small enough to plant those charges but I need you covering my ass to, I don’t like the USAF but they DO provide us with the stellar accommodations so I guess we owe them some thing right?” “I got you covered bro, no worries.” he replied, it was time to head out on deck and final equipment check. On deck the night was hot and muggy, the only relief coming from the breeze a carrier cruising at 16 knots creates. The Huey was surrounded by crew men fueling and going through their final equipment checks. The pilots had their checklists and the door gunners were re assembling their mini guns for the flight should they need them. As I go to the Huey and climbed inside the last of 4 F-16’s catapulted off the flight deck to relieve the 4 patrols about to land. Amidst all of the noise and organized chaos there always seemed to be a sense of calm and purpose on a flight deck. I always clouded it out once I knew we had the green light, Since my equipment check was done and I had 10 minutes I pulled out m y map and intel and reviewed the one more time, included pictures of the USAF officers. I knew that the Georgian rebels had dressed hostages like militia even as far as making them hold weapons without firing pins so that no one, not even another supporting squad of rebels could a hostage form a militia man without being told. Finally the word came from the pilot, lift off in 3 minutes, load up. I climbed into the Huey and sat back against the hull. After everyone had climbed in and was secured the rotors began whining and the shudder of the Huey blocked out all the other noise. D’Agostino and Kwon had MP3 players and laid their heads back, I packed my maps and intel away and closed my eyes… 45 minutes of sleep might do some good…
  14. April 28th 2005 – Aircraft Carrier Carl Vinson (CVN 70) “Listen up boys” called the lieutenant, “Mission is a go for 0-200 hours, we will inset Via Huey approximately 3 miles north east of the operation zone.” We had gotten word during dinner that things had gone south somewhere in the South Ossetian Autonomous region near the Russian border with a spy plane. No one knew what exactly that meant… “gone south”… but we knew it mean business for us. Recently the rebel forces and been drumming up a lot of business for the ghosts, not much of it welcome. Immediately after dinner we had been told to gear up for a night operation, and quickly too. As per SOP, we then proceeded to wait…. Go figure. “One of our F-18’s took a hit over a farm just south of the border. Satellite intel shows the plane is largely intact, and recon reports that the pilot and weapons officers are being interrogated separately in a farm house and bard just south west of the crash site as of 2 hours ago. Now this is a touch subject with the Russians as is… we know they don’t want us here, and they certainly don’t like the idea of the US taking care of their problems so we need you to have you’re a game on tonight, nothing new here guys. We will depart a 0115, and insert a 0200. We will run 3 team of 2 tonight as follows; The lieutenant turned to me “Reynolds, Cole, you guys are A squad and will handle demo, Reynolds your running the show tonight.” I nodded in reply no matter how much seniority or how good I knew my crew was having their lives in my hands always heightened my senses. It was both a exciting and scary phrase to hear. “B Squad will be D’Agostino and Dansky, C squad is Halloran and Kwon. Due to the distances we will cover and open spaces, no small arms gentlemen, you need M4’s or better, MP5 will not get the job done but we cannot allow full fire support from a SAW or M60. As well with the need to assault and clear the barn and farm house I want each squad to have frags and a 203 under barrel with them, you can sort that out amongst your self. Cole you’re on Demo tonight, Reynolds will pack your equipment for you, you get a meeting with commander Mettlinger on the interior of the F-18 to ensure your charges hit what they need to, report to Mettlinger at the close of this meeting. You have 3 objectives, blow the plane, black box, radar computer, and recover the hard disk. Recover both USAF officers alive and extract them. I don’t want any casualties tonight gentlemen. Any questions?” Dansky raised his hand first “Sir am I to assume the pilots are the primary objective, and should be taken first?” “According to the administration the plane is the primary objective, the pilot and weapons op are assumed to be alive however, it is impossible to confirm that at this time.” The lieutenant took a deep breath obviously trying to hide his disapproval of the priority but unable to hide it completely. “Blowing the plane with raise a ruckus and may get the USAF boys killed, so we will use small charges tonight, hence Cole’s meeting to make sure he gets the most bang for the buck. Other questions?” After a long pause we were dismissed for weapon selection and cleaning, equipment check would be at the pad at 2445. The crew was quiet as we selected weapons. With such stringent restrictions tonight I picked up my standards M4 and grabbed a M203 to go along with it knowing without frags I would not be able to lead the assault on the bard or the house. I also picked up an M4 Acog for Cole, he used that same rifle for every run we made I swear, but he kept it clean enough you would never know by looking.
  15. Background.... I have read sotries in this forum, and people who try to turn a mission recap into a full on story with chericters and grit typically fail with grammer and poor syntax. Now I am notclaimin to be a literary genious BUT i think i can do better. With that being said I will present the first part of my story (which is more liek an ovel now) based upon a mission I ran. While i added alof of chericter building and conversation that obvisouly didn't take place, the events are told as they happened. The entire story if soem the view is Raynolds A squat leader and mission leader. Story starts in the post below! This is based off of mission 2 of the origional GR missions, played by me alone in Elite with stock weapons, no mods except General enemy realism mod. Let me knwo what you think, Be honest!
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