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  1. Sounds like you had a good time there mate. Bring on the photos That's not quite right, you go get yourself invited to your date's ball.... @ Ryan - here is a man that knows his stuff. What you do is pay to GET IN, then get your drinks for FREE.
  2. Rocky and I just completed a set of MP games on NFS, including this one very close one (to follow). Good races mate, I won the day though (we use 'stock' cars so that winning comes from driver skill, otherwise my full level 3 cars would eat Rocky's race 20odd tiburon.) PFOWAR PS. Has anyone else ever had a dead heat? I have had two in SP and both times I have been told i lost...
  3. Nickelback, Chilli Peppers, Evanescence, Santana, REM, Grinspoon, Bob Dylan, Lenord Cohen, Ministry of Sound compelations....
  4. From a previous IQ test... Err, yeah. (no complaints though)
  5. Congratulations, Tim! Your IQ score is 138 ROFLMMFAO at ZJJ
  6. Anyone here read japanese? A guy at school wrote something on my shirt on the last day - and its got me stumped. Looks like hirigana to me, but I'm no expert.... If anyone does read it, I'll scan it and post it here
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the HMAS Jervis Bay could carry em about pretty promptly - at least a few of em. It's one of those massive catamarans.
  8. Same old same old Just curious, did they show the V8 supercar race on Speed?
  9. Olympic Square - Best times????? I did a 47.57 yesterday, from first person view, one 'in lap' and full level 3 upgrades (incl nitros). That's faster than it quotes in the guide that Private B sent me. What times are you guys running? EDIT: Somebody gave me a guide - sorry to whoever it was Here are my wheels: My UG car... And my 'other' car....
  10. I'm 18 in, err, 28 days i think. April 3 - here we come
  11. ROFLMMFAO, a sub in an applause. For those that don't know what SN is driving..... (j/k mate)
  12. Yeah, because B and I have unlocked all the performance upgrades, we would run circles around Rocky (who is in the 20s IIRC maybe 30s of the 100 races). So we all use basic cars, all identical, to test the DRIVER, not the CAR. Of course, if its just B and I, its game on.
  13. I think you should bring Mrs Rocky along as co-driver. "Medium left into hard right....." I would also nudge you less
  14. Man, that's cool. Enjoy your stay in our country! Make sure you go to the footy while your here
  15. WB man. The moose is tied up out back, give us a yell when your ready.....
  16. If that's what passes for class there, then Australia must have a high arrest rate for public intoxication. Am I right? Unfortunately, at events, you are
  17. Good races yesterday Rocky. About the stuff you unlock, these are visual mods only, IE stickers/decals/paints etc. You can use them on single player mode. To unlock cars and performance upgrades, you need to win races in underground mode. How's the drifting going?
  18. Just thought I'd remind all you guys about the cricket last night
  19. We'll just steal Dekela's car and ship it over First drive's mine
  20. Flykick to the chin/chest, then right, left, right hooks as necessary.
  21. Very interesting. Thanks for the quick response. I just wanted to make sure that things like this didn't mean that you thought a US troop's life was any more or less valuable than the life of any other troop worldwide, friend or foe. So as I see it, we have conflicting opinions on who was right and who was wrong, but we are both of sound judgement. Lets agree to disagree.
  22. I have a hypothetical for those that believe shooting to scare was justified, and should not be punished. If the situation had been reversed: An American General was taken hostage by the Iraqi military, locked up, interrogated, and had rounds fired in his vicinity to give details as to when the next attack would be launched (so that the Iraqis could better prepare for it). As a result, the attack is a failure. Later, this Iraqi soldier is captured by the advancing Americans, and the story comes out. Would you write it off as "protecting the lives of his troops" or Would you have him tried - and possibly killed? or otherwise? This is an entirely open question; I am interested in the response. I am in no way suggesting what that response may be. Keep the language under control guys No flaming or personal attacks
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