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  1. What Dekela said. We all felt sorry for the perthies, I mean, they live in a shanty town in the middle of nowhere, even by Aussie standards.
  2. I bought a FUJIFILM S5000 two weeks ago. 10x Optical Zoom (2.2x digital) 3.2 MP
  3. I think Jack's daughter (her name escapes me) from 24 is in it...
  4. TV Show(s) - Top class - never missed an episode since like the 4th when I got into it (apart from the one time I was camping and mum forgot to tape it - grrr). Game - looked bad. Apparently it was. The fact that it started at $50 AU (and most start at $80 or $90) was a fair hint.
  5. That's insane. How do I join highway patrol again???
  6. I almost thought you meant ZJJ (only one HUGE problem with that theory).... ...I'll be quiet now. (joking)
  7. Keep it real man! Good luck
  8. I like the first one better - its ok to read.
  9. Kudos to whoever did the touch up.
  10. EVERYONE GO READ THIS PURPOSE OF THE FORUM This lies outside it, and as such is being closed.
  11. OI OI OI OI OI Everyone play nice, keep it to the point, and civilised. We're watching.
  12. Supporter is another name for Jockstrap. Har Har. Apparently this is really funny in America
  13. @ FNG I have replaced the majority of your original post. The problem was that when I read it last night, the truth of what you were trying to get across (which I now understand) was lost in a conveluted mess of angry remarks. In the future, please try to keep to the point, and to get it across without referring to foreigners as animals, or inlcuding remarks such as: Comeon man, "I have no idea what he was thinking." has the same effect, without getting an already ticked off staff member mad. Once again, post reenstated. And I aggree to aggree to disagree Schenk
  14. EVERYBODY BE VERY CAREFUL Keep this discussion on topic, IE, what the said soldier did. Congratulate him or say that you disagree with how he did it, but keep it civil. Keep the name calling out of it. At least one person in this thread has already been warned, and is skating on very thin ice. No politics. Fullstop.
  15. WELL DONE MATE That's a great achivement, you should be really proud. No wonder you were able to learn all that stuff, you can remember your flight in intricate detail in realtime while under stress. Once again, great work.
  16. Yeah SN, japanese one was pretty good. Apart from when that ******* book fell of the shelf. Believe me, I wasn't laughing (mummy - where are you)
  17. Well done mate I'm just glad your not in Melbourne.
  18. Very perceptive - this T_1 fella. Thanks everyone, I had a great day. "Now that your 18, and its legal, it wont be fun anymore." BAH
  19. err, 0.0.5 Seriously, I'm not sure, but I think most of us use 1.4 for multiplayer - if your in the process of patching you might as well get it from here or some other place. Schenk
  20. Very appropriate quote. Exactly the reason I'm so ticked off that our country is playing the 51st state.
  21. TAKE NOTE: As a judge, I concur. (hint hint)
  22. SN can be found in the top halfs of pics 12 and 14, with a rather good get IMHO.
  23. @SN You got owned man - we had $35 a head for the AP including DJ, bar staff, security, cloakroom staff, venue hire, and err, beverages. Lots and lots of beverages.
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