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  1. When you get to Australia, shoot me a PM
  2. Did somebody say two birds with... (joking snake - we love your stories, but no flame wars section, simple.)
  3. While we're talking 0-60mph (0-97km/h) times. The machine: Ford Escort RS200 0-60mph 3.07seconds
  4. in fact only, according to dictionary.com It turns out INFACT is an acronym though, stands for " Infant Formula Action Coalition" whatever that is. Sounds like the politicians dont like the taste of their breakfast milk again...
  5. Grow up SN. I ought to send them to the NSW police
  6. @ Nightmare, no quarrels there. Bit of a lostie though, someone should tell her mic cables are not edible
  7. I'm done. Had graphics today, cakewalk compared to advanced phys that was on wednesday. Now 6 weeks off. Tough life huh
  8. That's cool man, I used to do scouts, just got too much on my plate and dropped out.... Then I did cadets in a very bush (not so much drill) oriented unit - that was unreal.
  9. Please elaborate Rocky. Is this so we can breathe into it and don't pass out from hyperventilation, or so we have stuff to read until the site comes back up.
  10. DS, you get the award for saying what everyone else is thinking.
  11. Yeah yeah, you'll be back. TKOY mate.
  12. I know a guy that does it (surveys though, not marketing). So I just pick up and say 'is this Dougall'. No, ok, not interested thanks, bye.
  13. Did first semester uni maths exam monday - no calculator - but a walk in the park. Today (wednesday) (in 5 hours or so) is Programming in C - not my best or most interesting subject, but I'm competent enough, so we should be right. Next wednesday (bangs head - why did I do advanced) is advanced physics. The toughest to pass, the most interesting, but with the week inbetween to cram what I can, once again, we should be right. Next friday is Engineering Communications. Should really be called Year 11 graphics with a little bit more detail. No problems there. Talk to me in 10 days. Schenk out.
  14. My 2nd Uncle was captain of the Ceylon Rugby Team.
  15. @ SN. Schenk's Car 1.8L 93kW 156Nm SN's Car 1.6L 77kW 134Nm Oh, and then there's looks.... Schenk's car (except Schenk has white mags); SN's car; So don't go making fun of the EXA buddy
  16. LMAO. Hey, how come I havn't seen you round here before.....
  17. That must be one huge pumpkin.
  18. @SN Snowfella's right mate, unless you've got a LSD(limited slip differential), which you don't in an Applause, believe me on that one mate, all power is going to go to the wheel that rotates the easiest. It is probably always the same one because the car is tilting the other way. Either way, don't blame your suspension for the fact you're only wrecking one tyre, if your that worried about it, rotate your wheels now and then. BTW today I fixed the (hopefully) last of things for a RWC on the EXA, planning to get it regod within weeks.
  19. Yeah, better, less sleazy. More like a beetroot though... (j/k) mate.
  20. Good get mate, she's cute. Looks a bit like Britney Spears used to, but with dark hair (that's my first impression anyway). Oh, and you need to work on looking less sleazy. <lmao>
  21. LMMFAO <<<(for the record, this baby is my creation) Very, Very, Very true
  22. From what I understand, there aren't 'tracks' as such; you get to drive around the city freely, looking for races. As you win more races, more of the city is 'unlocked', but they've also made it so you don't have to win every single race to progress, it unlocks as you get enough points. I think. Sounds good
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