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  1. If it was bundie i would have been behind him quietly saying 'free stuff free stuff...."
  2. But I really did wrestle a croc on the way to uni today, he tried to take my seat on the train. Honest
  3. Congrats man! And dont feel bad about the length, I had to ring a friend of mums to find out if she'd had a baby or not (she wasn't at work or something). Anyway, i talked to the midwife, turned out she had. May i recommend any others in the same situation to ask if its a boy or girl - unlike an unnamed idiot, who was grumped at over said incident.
  4. I get $20 (AU) an hour (thats us 14-15 depending on what mood the market is in). The problem is that there's only one hour work a week, although i'm trying to branch out to 2 or 3. Its not out of my way, its relatively easy, its cash in hand, and just quietly, i think i'm worth it, because i get good results. Become a High School maths tutor!
  5. @SN AWWW, how touching - have you noticed yet What do i have to do exactly? PM me
  6. I know that, but if he only supports 2x or 4x AGP, isn't it waste getting a card that wont be run to its full potential?
  7. And if you do, what speed (ie 2x, 4x, 8x) is it? That card may well be more than your slot can handle. I think.
  8. ZJJ, don't tell him, he's asking me as well now, this is funny. I'm betting a loooong while
  9. Yeah, welcome on behalf of the Staff and regs. Make yourself at home.
  10. "Comeon, comeon, how ####### long does it take to deliver a pizza..."
  11. Looks like a Javelin to me (I used the simulator at an air show trade day - very cool missile).
  12. I am 56k and dont have a lag problem in JO demo. I do however have a framerate problem if the server is stacked with players (P4 1.5GHZ, 128mb DDR TI4200)
  13. I was talking about fuel burn and slipstream passing. Never mind.
  14. Pity your the one getting the rough end of the deal in that shot WK Very nice though!
  15. Actually WK, I was expecting you to say that. Americans have to be different don't they. Be real careful you dont torque the head off 7 and 8mm sockets. Even 10s. <dont ask>
  16. 10 12 14 and 17 mm sockets (with breaker bar, ratchet, UV joint and extenders), plus matching ring open enders, 2 sizes of phillips head drivers, and a wheel brace are probably the most used tools, in my experience anyway. Add to that 2 pairs pliers (one pointy, one not), end cutters, other drivers, other sockets, a rag, solvol, various hose clamps, twizzy ties, 10 amp wire, couple of pens plus paper, and 2 two litre sprite bottles (the strongest bottle there is) full of clean water, and your kit looks a whole lot better. Oh, and $20. For fuel/food, if you ever need it. But you already knew that.
  17. Orright!!!! Keep us posted on your progress!
  18. I think at the moment its Tour De McEwan (also Tour D McOz) I was implying that getting ridden over may have done it. Plus, your shoulder hits the ground a whole lot harder than your knees (talking from experience - dirt track, downhill, 45kmph, over the handle bars).
  19. You sure it wasn't the guy who fell and got ridden over yesterday? That could do it...
  20. Plus, the Jervis Bay is hardly tardy when it comes to moving stuff in bulk.
  21. Back on insurance - that seems like a lot - is that compre or 3rd party? And I'd double what SN said about finding somewhere quiet, off the beaten track so to speak (I wouldn't say parking lot, usually down here shops have cameras, think creatively, you'll come up with something. Just make sure there's no trees, and remember your insurance doesn't cover this. Floor it from a standing start, brake hard as if emergency stop, then do the same but swerve one car length either way as if avoiding an obstacle on the road. Then if you ever do need to brake hard, you'll hopefully not enter a skid, the last thing you want at a time like that. Never drive like a hoon, espescially not with others in the car - it's just not fair (not that i'd expect you to drive like a hoon). IIRC round-a-bouts aren't big worries in the US (IIRC you don't have many of them) but unless you can see well in either direction, make sure you slow right down. You won't believe the number of people with XX chromosones that don't indicate when turning right at roundabouts - trust nobody on the road. Sorry for sounding like this, I'd hate for you to get hurt, learn from the mistakes of others... ........... and lastly, watch out for Maroon Daihatsus, you expect them to be driven by grandmas, not morons
  22. Nice one! How are you doing insurance? My EXA (1.8 DOHC) is worth 6k Australian. Comprehensive insurance would have been 5k australian per year, so I just got 3rd party, fire, and theft, which is $467. That way, i'm covered apart from damage to MY car that is MY fault.
  23. Jesus, get well soon Shadow! Hope your friend is ok too
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