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  1. I hate to break it to ya man, but thats not funny
  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG Sounds like a cool mod, how doesn the MP5-10 handle?
  3. @ Slink - Notice the smiley - it wasn't an all out order as it appeared. But seriously, bag the belgians, dis the danish, make fun of the french, but no attacking the aussies, ok? And Mac is right, a cracker is like a big 'bon bon' lollie (they are 20 cm long), and when you pull the ends it breaks in two with a 'crack.' Inside there is usually a dodgy paper 'crown' hat, a bad joke, and a plastic toy.
  4. Schenkanator

    Flight Log

    Nice find!!! Typical
  5. I JUST WANNA MAKE SOMETHING CLEAR As long as there is an AUSSIE moderating this forum, nobody else takes digs at us, understood? But I think this one is right:
  6. Jeeze i hate it when people post but have nothing to say
  7. Seems ok so far, but one of them (Tali boy band) MAY be found offensive to some, namely buddhists. This is just a reminder that we have to keep it clean. They are funny though
  8. Nice work Ruin and Supersniper And at Tyovan I think you mean furniture polish (word order).
  9. /Looks down I think you mean three weeks ago And a few of my own 65) When you see a hot chick in the street you say 'target aquired' 66) When she turns you down you say 'target lost' 67) When her boyfriend rounds the corner you say 'enemy at 10 o'clock' 68) When he thumps you you say 'Under fire' 69) When your seeing stars you also see 'team member out of action'
  10. Thats a fair idea. We can tell the 'old timers' by their join dates.
  11. Is that a personal pic sybarite This one is really appropriate But I reakon this one is for Shadow R and Ruin when they, you know
  12. I have a TL-01 (Ni-Cad battery) Ford Focus WRC. Goes sick on dirt.
  13. Just had to say - it was 38 degrees celcius here yesterday /laughs at people in cold parts of the world.
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