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  1. I've got a few things to say to Snake. 1. Snake, you sent me the story. I dont care if the pope wrote the thing, its your entry. If you lose, lose graciously man. 2. Feel free to send Pyro your story, in fact, feel free to send it to anyone. Post it here if you want. It's still not your entry. 3. I'm not making this a weekly or monthly contest like the sig one, they're different in makeup and style, and so while there will be another story contest, you may have to wait a little to enter it. 4. I will probably open up the contest next time, but i'd like to keep it to known storytellers. Might make anyone who posted a story within the previouis 3 or 6 months eligible (just thinking out loud here, don't hold me to it). That's all Oh no, one think to say to SN; Behave yourself man. That's all Schenk
  2. Sounding better and better! And seeing as nobody else is posting here, I'll continue my 'OT' interjections. This "I would walk 1000 miles if I had to just to see Shell." Should be replaced by Rocky singing this: "And I would walk 5 hundred miles, And I would walk 5 hundred miles, Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles...."
  3. Anyone remember this episode of EL RAYMOND? Robert (40+) "But you said age is just a number..." Robert's GF (18) "Yeah, but that's a BIG number." LMAO Sounds like your doing well mate, keep it up!
  4. @SN. I said our intelligenCE people. I am our intelligenT person.
  5. Place your votes! Voting closes 1 week (read - 604800 seconds) from the time of this post. Good luck to both entrants. Please place feedback in the Operation Face Off thread. Schenk.
  6. Team setup: Red Team: SilentNight (SN) Dayanderer (Day) Gold Team: Hagbard (Hag) Saintachrist (Saint) Kits: SN: HK 36/GL, HK USP sidearm (silenced), Claymores Day: HK UMP .45 Silenced, Stun Rifle, Hand Grenades Hag: WA2000 Sniper rifle, silenced, HK USP sidearm (silenced) Saint: HK 36/GL, HK USP sidearm (silenced), SEMTEX satchel charges ......................................................................................................... The rain bore down on the two armoured vehicles as they lurched through the muddy fields surrounding Venta. They reached their destination, the hills surrounding a small bombed out village. As they parked in a small cluster of trees at the foot of a hill, four men leapt out, scanning the horizon with their gun sights. "Saint, get to it" the team leader said though his helmet microphone, and one of the black clad men turned and began to affix his large explosive satchels to the undersides of each vehicle, careful to cover them with mud and dirt, to camouflage them from any probing eyes. Safely tucking the remote detonator in his webbing, he gave a nod to the team leader, SN. "Right" SN said over the radio, "You know the plan, watch for snipers and the UAV's, OP is this way." With that the four men spread into a line, the two pairs covering each other, and advanced out into a field ridden with craters. As they passed a decrepit farmhouse, SN again spoke over the radio "Take note lads, that’s the emergency rally point." There was no reply from the others, none was needed. Each man carried his weapon high, ready to fight. "Boss"Saint hissed into his radio "UAV 7 o'clock" All the men dropped, and SN turned, looking back in the direction they came, at the 2 Stryker armoured vechiles.One of the enemy's unmanned helicopter drones was hovering low near the trees, but looking in the opposite direction. "Hag, there's the bait, take it down" SN instructed."Right" replied Hag as he crawled up to the lip of a shell crater, resting the barrel of his gun on the edge. The UAV was still hovering, surveying the land to the west. Hag lined up, and fired a single shot. The bullet clipped the UAV's body, the force pushing it sideways and onto its side in the air. Unable to right itself, the little helicopter ploughed into the ground. "Gold, go get that UAV, make sure its dead, Red will secure the OP." The four men split, Gold team heading to the UAV and Red towards the bombed out church, their OP. Saint was the first to reach the downed UAV, with Hag covering him from behind a tree stump. Saint could hear a wiring noise coming from the little chopper, the rotors were destroyed from the impact, but the little engine was still trying to gain lift. The bullet had hit the central computer, severely damaging it. Saint pulled out his USP sidearm, and fired two shots into the CPU. The noise stopped, and the UAV was now a useless lump of metal. Together, he and Hag carried it off towards the church. The church was well and truly ruined; Red team skirted the rubble, and then quickly entered what was left of the structure. Day entered through the doorway, and SN went feat first through a window. Inside they found a man and his son, huddled in the corner. "You can’t stay here" SN said, and he pulled an MER meal pack from his webbing and gave it to the man, who thanked him profusely before taking his son and running off into the rain. "Red, this is Gold, we have struck trouble. Enemy patrol of 6 men has moved between us and the church." "Hold position and wait until they move on" SN replied "No can do, they appear to be digging in, they are setting up a heavy machine gun, and two have broken off, heading to your position." "Right, this is what we're gunna do. Gold is to split, and try to out flank the main group. Red will take out the two approaching the OP, then move up and engage the main group from the rear." "ROE?" "Do not fire until I give the word, unless they see you first. Try to stick to silenced weapons, hopefully we can get this done without waking up the cavalry" Orders issued, Hag and saint split up, moving left and right. Red took up defensive positions inside the church, awaiting the two breakaways. Red were the first to engage, the two members of the patrol were looking for somewhere sheltered to start a fire, and didn’t even see the two black clad men who dropped from the rafters above them, silently slitting their throats with razor sharp bayonets. After hiding the bodies, SN and Day went out behind the church, SN held his pistol high, Day his UMP. They saw the patrol up ahead, only the tops of their bodies could be seen above the edge of the crater. Scanning the land to the left and right, SN saw Hag and Saint, moving slowly. When they were in position, the enemy would be encircled on three sides, the only side left open was where the heavy machine gun was pointing, so it was best left empty. "Hag in position" "Day in position" "OK, targets, Hag, take the machine gunner and the guy with hood. Saint, the one sitting down, he is drinking from his canteen right now. Day, get the two that are smoking, and I'll get the one wearing the cap. Clear?" All the men were ready, they silently advanced towards the enemy group. The silence was broken by the sudden crack of a gunshot. The enemies in the crater all snapped up, and saw the shadowy figures in the rain. One of them yelled, but was cut short by a bullet to the head. Day was up and running, spraying the enemy position with the violent fire from his HK USP submachine gun. Saint leapt forth, taking out two men with his pistol. But one of the remaining men inside the crater had grabbed the heavy machine gun, and was firing wildly. Saint was forced to dive backwards to dodge the fire. The enemy soldier abruptly leapt backwards, as Hag opened fire with his sniper rifle, getting off three shots into the man's chest. The remaining man in the crater leapt up, a grenade in his hand. He was yelling in his native tongue, but he had removed the pin from the grenade, and help down the spoon with his hand. Day and Saint froze; Hag held the man in the sights of his sniper rifle, frustrated that he couldn't take the shot and kill the man. The stand off seamed to last forever, until SN popped up behind the man, knife in hand. He crept silently up behind the man, then quickly reached out and grabbed his grenade hand, keeping his thumb over the spoon. He then thrust the knife up, through his ribs and into his lungs, stifling his cries. The man dropped, and SN quickly ran away with the grenade, before pelting it into the air. "Sniper took out my radio" SN said as he turned, pointing to the wrecked radio hooked onto the back of his webbing. "I got the sniper," said Hag "That’s why it took me a minute to get into it with you blokes." "Ok, we gotta get back on track,Gold go back and get the UAV, Day, you go back to the OP, and I'll wait here, and cover Gold" The men spit up again, and before long they were all crouched in the church. SN began to brief the men again. "Day, get the UAV out there, and get in position. I’ll set up the left claymore, saint you take the right. Hag, try to get into the church spier, when you see the tank, signal, ill be watching. And remember, don’t hit the general. Day will hit him with the stunner, and then get him out of the way. We'll then pull back. Saint, make sure you get a satchel charge on that tank, cover our escape." Within 5 minutes, all was ready. The UAV sat in the middle of the road, with claymores hidden on the roadside facing it. Hag was in the church spire, Saint below him in the church, Day across the road in a bombed out building, and SN in smashed building with a collapsed tree over it, next to the church. The tension was high as they waited for the target. They saw roving patrols off in the distance, and another UAV appeared to be investigating the grenade explosion. No one had gone near the crater where the patrol had been wiped out though. After about ten minutes, Hag spotted a tank in the distance. As it negotiated the heavily armed roadblock, he saw the white markings on the rear, this was their target. "Target coming in from the West" He said over the radio, and used hand signals to tell SN, who responded. Hag re-laid his message to the team "Read leader says stay sharp, and don’t move until he sets of the Claymores, remember, don’t harm the general, and get to the farm house if you get lost" The tank slowly approached, the ground rumbling. As planned, the tank commander spotted the UAV, and halted the tank. He and one of the crew members dismounted, and walked towards the UAV, both were holding pistols. SN watched on as they stood around the UAV, looking at the damage. He held the detonator for the claymore, ready to go, as another patrol came out of nowhere. They walked between his position and the church. There were six men in the patrol, and they greeted the tank crew, and gathered round the UAV. SN waited, and the patrol leader ordered two of his men to pick up the UAV, this meant that all his men were now inside the lethal range of the claymores. Two other men climbed from the tank, one sat on the turret, and lit a cigarette, an AK47-su on his lap, and the other hopped down, and walked towards the men at the UAV. He was the general. Now was the time, he had to blow the mines before the general was inside the arc of fire. He squeezed the trigger, and both mines blew. The men around the UAV were caught in the middle, torn to shreds by the steel ball bearings that shot through the air at supersonic speeds. The general was knocked of his feat by the blast. SN leapt out from his cover, and sprayed the tank with his G36. Hag hit the soldier sitting on the turret with a well-placed rifle shot. Day ran out and hit the dazed general with a blast from the stun gun, the two little darts got his arm, and the electrical current forced him to spasm, then slump to the ground. SN joined day, and they both dragged the over weight general to cover. "Blow the tracks on that tank" SN ordered day, who turned and ran back out to the tank, as the turret began to rotate. He jammed a hand grenade in the track, then took cover. The explosion blew the track, so when the driver began to reverse, he rolled straight off the track, making the tank immobile. Another crew member popped out of the turret, and tried to man the machine gun. Saint took him down with a burst from his G36, then ran out and stuck two satchel charges to the hull. "There’s another patrol comin in, I'm engaging" said Hag, as he began to lay down heavy fire on another 6-man patrol coming in from the fields. "Get the general towards the evac"SN told Day, who signalled to Saint to help. SN ran back across the road, and came into the church under Hag, who had the patrol pinned. "Hop down Hag, time to go" SN yelled up to the sniper. Hag dropped down next to him, and covered his back as he aimed his Grenade Launcher over the churches low wall. He launched one off, and the men leapt from the crater as it landed. Hag had killed two, and the grenade took out two more. SN then laid down more fire with his G36, wiping out the last two. "Let’s go call a man about a helicopter"SN said to Hag, smiling. "Viper Flight, This is Red leader, Red and Gold teams are ready for extraction at primary evac over"SN said over the hags radio to the waiting airmen. "Red Leader this is Viper Flight Leader, we are in bound to your position. pop smoke in 2 minutes, and stay clear of the village over" "Received Viper Flight, see you soon. Red Leader out" They both ran over the road, catching up with Day and Saint, who were dragging the general towards the evacuation point. "Light it up" said SN to Hag, who then ran ahead, and chucked a blue flare onto the ground. He ran to the rest of the team, who had taken cover under some trees. "Do you wanna do the honours?" said Saint to SN, as he held out the remote detonator for the satchel charges on the tank. "With pleasure" SN replied, as he took the remote, and hit the button. There was a huge fireball above the village, as the tank and surrounding buildings were blown sky high. They heard the thumping of the chopper rotors, as they swooped in low. The gunships engaged the roadblocks, and finished levelling the village. The lone Blackhawk dropped away, and the four commandoes plus one general climbed aboard as it touched down. The STRYKERS would be extracted later, the general was a bit battered and confused, and SN had some small splinters of plastic in his shoulder from the busted radio. Overall, the mission was a success. SGT SilentNight
  7. Note:this document conatins action that only top brass may see thank you. As The STRYKER vheicles moved into the area we were cleaning our weapons getting ready for the Op. My idea was to get as many Civillians as i could in a safe place before we had to exinfiltrate the General. My team was well armed i was using a M4 with a mounted M203 with 6 Smoke, 4 Frag, and 7 High Explosive along with a Desert Eagle .50 cal. Speciallist Day had experience in use of NLW (Non-Lethal Weapons) and was given a special Air Pistol that used needle like Flechetts that had sleeping medicines in it to put the enemy asleep. Specialist Hagbard had a nice set M82 "Light Fifty" sniper rifile and a DSC-1 on his back the DSC-1 was silent because a silencer was fabricated in the barrel. Specialist Sain as i like to call him was armed to the teeth for some reason he was using a M249 SAW along with 5 white Phosphorius and also a law enforcent Tazer Gun for Non-Lethal Incapacitation. Then the STRYKER vheicles got into the area we were instanly alert. We all had high demolition ratings ans we put 2 demo charges to both vheicles and went off. We also put a tiny camera over looking the vheicles when we saw then inveigating we would detonate the charges. We found the litle village after a small hike and 3 men later. Then we went and systematically checked the small buildings and nothing but we found a bomb shelter under 1.We now had top check the town hall and Hotel. We went totown hall first then the snipers found us i took my smoke and threw on the ground so it ignited then i told my men to put on their thermal imaging goggles. 3 Snipers were ahead of me i armed my M203 and put in a frag i fired and hit wiping out the 3 snipers there was 4 and my men got them clean as a whistle. Thn the patrol came back and saw our smoke cloud we hid and finished off the 5 remaning men in the patrol. We entred town hall finnaly to fuind hostages the light were very dim cause the fog and rain blocked the sun. We put on our NVG and proceeded and Specialist Day had a suggestion "Sir i got 25 tranquilzer flechetts and the Air PIstol is silent ill be fine here alone secure the Hotel and make a trap fort he tank and its escorts." I agreed to the plan and told him to have good luck and we backed out. It was night now you couldnt see a thing wihtout NV and it was starting to storm. I told Hagberd to get up on 1 of the 2 hills on the sides of the Main Road. We dug a mud trap where we dug a hole and let it fill up and then we filled it back up it was large and wide enough to stop the tank. As me and Sain went into the Hotel it was bright, lights were on and the enmy was having fun hitting hostages with a pillow or a gun or with their bare fists. Sain then took his Tazer gun and fired 1 cable into 1 terrorist and the other cable into then second one. All you could hear was ZAPPPPP. Then they fell over incapacitated unable to move. We then grabbed the 6 hostages in this room and moved them into a dark coroddor. After some questioning we found out there were 10 rooms to check. After 8 rooms we found nothing but amrmorys and terrorists. Then in room 9 the enitre room was crowded with Civillians. Also so was room 10 as Sain and I escorted then away i wondered how Day was holding out. We got the Hotel cleared but we then made a big mistake a Terrorist we shot survived and radioed a road block to come and take us out. It was the Security check roadblock and we had just got the Hotel hostages into the bomb shelter until Day radioed in. "............Sir im taking hea........fire need back up.................... They are starting to ki...............the Civillians................. ARRGH............... im hit bad!..................." I knew Day was out of commison the way he yelped and spoke his last words. We took out the Security check roadblock and the other heavy weapon squad roadblock found the STRYKER vheicles and were checking them out when they blew. Now that the road blocks were out and we were going to go help Day i knew the General would be here soon. We entred the town hall i saw very thin civillans dead. Then i saw a few enimiesa and shot them with my M4. Then we found Day, it was bad he was hit with 2 bullets and they hit each lung in the critical area. I knew he wouldnt make it and he tood us the the Town mayor is held hostage by the terrorist leader here and then he passed on ruby red blood coming out of him. "Hagbard, Dayanderer is down he is shot in both lungs." then i added "Hagbard start hiding all visible bodes that are by the road hide all bodies that would be visible to the tank we will help once we get the last of the civillians into safety" I found the room and told Sain o sneak behind the terrorist leader i then drew my Desert Eagle .50cal and aimed at him. He then cocked his Walther P38 and i cocked my Desert Eagle. HE then said "If you want hm alive you will surrender." Then Sain then nailed him with both lines and knocked him out. We then grabbed the rest of the survivors and marched out escorting them and i was thinking if i even thought about taking the OP. I knew i couldnt change the past i really wanted Day back but i knew that these sick ###### wanted to maul us for their so called "independence". Then i lost all emotion after seeing Dayanderer, a young man die in front of my eyes me cradiling him i was a old veteran and i wanted him to live his life and have a family. Then after the bomb shelter was filled with all the civillians we could find that were alive or wounded we helped Hagbard move the bodies and took position in curch. I looked at Day's air pistol which had his Emblem on the butt and a Camoflauge color covered it. Then the Target came over the hill "So far so good" i thought wondering what was gonna happen next. We were using new radar tecnoligy that was a hand held screen with enemy detection range up to 2 klicks. Then i deteced on mine a screen full of enemy contacts. The general came out of the tank when it hit the Mud Trap. I hit him and he exploded and i knew someone burned the mission. " Headquarters im not calling you guys your codename but we got a problem the mission is burned they knew we were gonna get him." "What are the enemys Snake we need to know so our gunship escort can take them out" asked Colnel Shenk. " I got a armored colum of 4 T-80Us and lots of infantry armed with flamethrowers, RPGs, GPMGs and AK 74 SUs." I said. I then told my men to start cutting them down i took my M4 and loaded my M203 with a High Explosive shell and fired taking out 5 enemys. Hagbard was cutting them down with his DSC-1. Sain was lighting them up as well and they found out where we were and fired their machine guns at us we ducked down and 1 of Hagbards DSC-1s caught a bullet and broke it so i rembred i had impact white Phosphorus grenades that i forgot to mention and we made a makeshift sling shot and used his broken rifile to fire them. Launching the makeshift sling shot was hard but we saw a huge flash of chemical fire and hundreds of screams it reminded me of the Gulf War when i was using a flamethrower. We saw the gunships and they started a rocket barrage at the tanks and destroyed them. The enemy had 15 RPG men and they fired a barrage the Apaches doged and fired another slavo at them they scattred and killed them except one who fired and hit one which badly damaged it so it had to break off. As the fight progressed we started to run low on ammuntion and i remebered a armory i saw in the curch. I told my men i would Be right back i checked and found it. It was enough to cut down the oppistion even heavy soviet moarters were here. Then a grenade blew open the roof of the church where we were stationed. I told the helicopters to fire on the infantry casue we couldnt hold out much longer without support they fired all of their rockets and there were about 100 infantry left after 10 hours of constant combat. I drug the moarter up there with a box of shells and started to fire. I was shooting madly when i heard russain gunships closing in. "What are those?" i asked the Apache squad leader. "Hind Ds i hate fighting then casue they have more firepower than us and they can take more damage than us but there are only 2 and 5 of us we'll get them." I was assured then i got more fighting spirit so i then grabbed a mounted machine gun i founded in the armory and started to fire and i was cuttign then down. After another 2 hours there were 50 enemy contacts on the ground left. Then Hagbard went on the roof to fire his other rifile and i heard his mistake a Hind saw him and fired its chain gun and i heard Hagbards wail and nothing but the drum beat of a 30 mm cannon ripping at the church roof. Then a Hind crashed into the enemys mobile HQ 1 more left. The other Hind hit the church and compromised the churches strucural integrety. We had to rappel down a HUGE church and then a grenade exploded and we were ready and it knocked us off the churches roof and i then went black and Sain did too. After a half hour i woke up and the enemy was wiped out i saw i had shrapnel in my right arm and in my stomach also in my head. I saw Sain was on the ground with a bad leg telling me to come down it echoed in my mind. I pressed the button on my rappel gadget and i hit the ground. It was painful to endure but i endured. Our radios were out so i put a red flare at one end of the village Sain put the blue flare at the other end. The copter came and we were treated i then Grabbed Day's body and Sain with 2 men from Delta Force grabbed Hagbards remains. Then the copter lifted off..... That is my report on the mission sir it was hell. Signed, Sgt. Snake
  8. Maybe she thought it was too late or she didn't want to talk to you with "bloke - possibly brother?" about.
  9. Entries must first be scrutinized for sensetive information by our intelligence people. Will be made public ASAP (Should be within 24 hours)
  10. If i'm not mistaken, the deadline is close. Mightly close. Get your final entries in!
  11. If we had 'create ZJJ a sig', the judges could get together and pick the most embarrassing one. *****GRNET JUDGING TECHNIQUES ARE ENTIRELY INDEPENDENT AND FAIR***** *****MAYBE*****
  12. I'm still playing the "Text message at 3 in the morning saying 'how you doin?" game. LMAO, you turn your phone off so they can't respond angrily and wake up back up.
  13. Holy sheet. Get away from me gordo.
  14. Didn't you know, George Lucas hired the army as security for the new film... And I agree, this is going to humour
  15. If the paint code isn't on the door (as mine wasn't), you'll probably find it without a problem on the net.
  16. @ Bob - read the 5th last line of text. @ Snake & SN, you are welcome to continually resubmit updated or new reports, the final submission made before the deadline passes will be your entry. This is gonner be good!
  17. Why not borrow $500 from your folks, buy another one, paint it for your school thing, and then sell it, maybe for a profit.
  18. Schenkanator


    There's a Happy Birthday thread in General Off Topic Posts. Please use it Oh, and Happy B'day KRP 56 <locked>
  19. Not that theres anything wrong with that. I'll just put it into my WiLLard PDA, and sit back chomping on Kenny's chicken (from the place with the big red sign) and Twix bars. Pick the Seinfield Fan (but I don't shave my chest).
  20. All specialists are former regulars at GR.net Daywanderer GRS_Hagbard Xian Saint
  21. ********** CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ********** Operation FACE OFF Location: Small village between two mountains in Venta, Lithuania. Recon reports village heavily damaged by previous artillery attacks. To the north east and south west there are large hills, and the only way for heavy vehicles to enter and leave the area is along the main road, which runs east-west right through the centre of the village. Just to the south west of the village is a farmhouse, which we will be using as an emergency RV point. Be warned, civillian casualties are not an option, so watch your fire if you get in the area. Ground Situation: The enemy have set up heavily defended roadblocks a few kilometers away on either side of the village, and are believed to have tank crews patrolling the road periodically. Our radars picked up small signals yesterday morning, which we believe to be remotely operated helicopters - be warned, they are lightly armed but extremely fast, and have very sensetive detection equipment. Stay out of their line of sight. We expect enemy patrols of 5-8 men to be circling the village, and the high ground may be occupied by snipers. We belive the village itself however to be relatively lightly held, due to the presence of a transient population, mainly made up of women and children. The weather conditions are extremely poor, with heavy fog and rain cutting visibility down to around 80 metres. Lighting storms are predicted. Mission: Your mission is to exfiltrate an enemy general, who has agreed to provide us with sensetive information in return for political asylum. We must not let the enemy know we have him however, so one member of your team will carry a stun rifle. Nobody else is to shoot the general, and nobody may retrieve him until all other enemy units are either down or out of the area. We must make them think he is dead - understood? Exectution: Today's mission launch code is "RATTLE". You will insert tomorrow at 0230 hours from the south, we are testing two of a new varient of the STRYKER vehicle for the folks on the hill. This is faster and quieter, but has a limited range. Your 4 man team will insert using the vehicles, and then rig them with demo charges before proceeding to the objectives. You are to take up an observation position in the old church, and await the arrival of a tank with a white stripe at the rear, the general will be inside, how you stop it and access the general will be up to you. We expect the roving patrols to be under constant radio communication, so any attack could unleash hell. Deal with it as you see fit. Once you have the general and extraction is safe, call in our airmen. The extraction code is "HOLY NIGHT". Extraction will be provided by Blackhawk with a large gunship escort. Be sure they know where you are, we don't want any friendly fire gentlemen. Standard procedure is to be used if friendly casualties are taken. You have the full support of the Armoury, so feel free to contrive your kits from what's on offer. Team leader, I'll leave balancing your group up to you. If comms are lost, a RED FLARE is to be lit at the east of the village, and a BLUE FLARE at the west to signal intent to extract. Do not attempt to engage the roadblocks. Command Structure: 1. Team Leader 2. Specialist Dayanderer 3. Specialist Hagbard 4. Specialist Saintachrist HQ Call sign is XRAY ALPHA Primary Frequency is 67.45Mhz Alternate Frequency is 44.70 Mhz These are my orders. I will take questions in 2 minutes. (Just post em here ) Your mission report must be on my desk (IN MY PM BOX) within 10 days exactly, that is, 240 hours from now. The report must be paragraphed, and at least partially captalised. This may be forwarded to the boss, and we don't want him thinking our leaders are illiterate. Go do your jobs. Colonel Schenk
  22. Gentlemen, I will see you in the briefing room....
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