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  1. Thats why (down here at least) if you change your ECU (not chip it, fully replace it) you KEEP THE ORIGINAL. Same thing goes for exhausts, etc. Put the original back on before you go for the test. Odds are nobody will notice.
  2. For the benefit of those that don't program occasionally. = sets something as being equal to (ie a=b sets the value of A to be B) == checks if something is equal to something else (ie a==b returns 1 if A and B are identical, or 0 if they are not). != checks to see if two things are different (ie a!=b returns 0 if a and b are identical, and 1 otherwise). So basically, what XO said is right. He just should have explained himself better
  3. As I just said to SN. "that's (expletive) disgusting what happened, and I GENUINELY dont think that the russian soldiers could have done any better ***** the way i understand it, the (expletive) hit the fan, and nobody could do a thing about it ***** whether thats for better or worse is irrelevent ***** kids should not be targeted. full stop." That's pretty much it. (shakes head) (expletive) disgusting.
  4. Just make sure you do all your jobs, and you'll be fine. We called this stage 'probationers.' I wasn't one, just got made into a prefect out of the blue without an interview later on or anything.
  5. Oh, and this has gone off topic too far. Locked.
  6. Schenkanator

    '04 Olympics

    its sucked, i watched the match with the brazilians vs brazilians, unfortunatly the finer lookin team lost Anyone else see the irony in SN's post.
  7. But i'm sure you could find out at ww.wgoog.le.c0m couldn't resist.
  8. @ Magnum kp - very funny!!! @ Rocky, ok, I wont tell you. I'd managed to catch a number of things in their tracks as they were trying to come in, i was on dialup, and I thought I was on top of things, I was wrong. I'm pretty sure its sorted now though, Spybot got rid of it I think, an while its been 8 boots since the signin last changed, even if it does again, a wipe and reinstall will fix that (and I need to do that anyway, got too much junk and my degfrag app. died a long time ago. Thanks for all the help. Schenk
  9. Schenkanator

    '04 Olympics

    ###### kinda ranking is that? Based on total medals? Why? Shouldn't it be based on tot # gold, then tot # silv, then tot # bronze?
  10. As long as you keep it civil I think this can stay open. Been busy, going to close the voting thread now. Its not like me leaving it open an extra day and a half changed the result anyway.
  11. I'd vouch for the 180sx and 200sx. I've got the NA version of the engine from the 180 in my car (EXA powered by a CA18DE), and it goes nice. Would stay away from the 300zx though, they look sweet, but I've heard horror stories about reliability. Keep looking at Toyotas is my advice....
  12. I doubt that would work. I'm pretty sure its not the connection that's corrupt, but more a piece of code (exe file) somewhere, that when triggered (not sure what does it, i'm upto like 6 boots like it since happened though) changes WHATEVER the dialup info is to 'its one'. Therefore, deleting and resetting up wouldn't help.
  13. Man, dont be so damn funny. You just cracked me up in the middle of a Uni computer lab. Now everyone is looking at me, and my face is like a beetroot. Thanks for nuttin.
  14. One of my best mates drives a NA Supra (for non mechhies, that means it has no turbo), the same as the one you described (log pop up lights model, around 1990). He loves it. The only rust was around the windscreen, and was very minor (cost in the order of $150 US to fix). Rest of the car is perfect condition. Goes beautifully even without the turbo (140kw, 170 with one IIRC). I think it'd be a good car, at the right price (I'd buy this one off my mate if he sold it soon, only thing I'd change is remove the slush box and put in the factory 6 speed). Like WK said though, there's not much of an opening at the front for cooling air, hence overheating MAY be an issue. Your geographic location would suit it a lot more than mine though . Could put a GT-4 hood scoop on it I guess. At the end of the day its your car though...
  15. OK, this looks to be getting under control. First off, i'm really not worried about bank stuff anymore, as I dont even think my address is in the registry. Definately no bank details/credit details/social security/maybe not even date of birth. Schenk = glad he doesn't do internet banking (I've even disabled it on my account so anyone that steals my details can't do it. ATM and teller transactions only). Hence, the 'stolen identity', well, they can do what my name what they wish. Go have a look in a phone book if you want names. I ran ADAWARE and SPYBOT and detected (and got rid of) a bunch of spyware programs that were running, so I think that's sorted. Got rid of all the pr0n ads. Only thing i'm not sure if I got rid of (permanently) is the international dialin number. It changed back ONCE after i got rid of it, but since then (4 boots) its stayed how it is supposed to be. I'll keep an eye on it, i've got an idea it only goes back to the 'bad one' when i restart, as opposed to reboot. A full format and reinstall of windows (which is long overdue anyway) these hols will sort that. If I continue recieveing spam emails telling me that my identity (read - name) was stolen, I'll ask my ISP to change my username slightly (to change my email addy). That'll be easy. Pretty sure I beat this one . Finally, I want to give a HUGE THANKYOU to DANNIK - your a pro mate. He guided me through using Spybot and installing a firewall, and also helped me with some other general stuff. Top work mate - much appreciated. PS. I thought I was 'too good' for this. I hadn't got a virus for 2 years and had stopped a number in their tracks. I was a victim of 'this won't happen to me' syndrome - after all, who cares about the info of aussies on dialup. People do. Please don't let this happen to you. Get spybot (and let its teatimer stuff run always), get a firewall, and be just as careful as you were before. It doesn't cost a cent, but will save you the hours I lost getting rid of the damn thing. Thanks to everyone else for your advice, and Chems for putting me onto DANNIK (a real pro this dude). Schenk PPS. Until I do my reinstall, I'll try to do all my midweek netting from UNI. Home PC for weekends only sounds good.
  16. Oh, I forgot, this morning I got another email saying 'your Identity has been stolen.....' Deleted it, stupidly clicked on website link inside it (I know, i know), but i'm pretty sure I closed it before it opened.
  17. PS. I pay for my dial up over the phone, so none of that information is on the PC. Only the login stuff (usename, passphrase).
  18. Last night weird stuff stared happening to my PC, link appearing, and an email coming in telling me that I had had my ID stolen. I got rid of the links, (permanently), deleted every file made within 2 minutes of it starting that may have possibly been related. It also changed my dialup number and name to some weird international one, but i managed to change that back, and it seems to have stayed the way it 'should be'. Adaware tells me there are 2 spyware programs hidden somewhere in my PC (Alexa and Log), but they don't really worry me, as I don't do any internet banking/etc. Anyway, as far as I can tell, apart from my name and possibly address in the PC (you know how it says 'would you like to register this software to and automatically has your name), I can't think of any info that would be of any use to anyone, and that stuff is in the phone book anyway. I dont do social security work, so that's not on here, I dont bank, I dont have paypal, and about the most secure things I log onto are Hotmail and GRnet. So as far as I can tell, they may have my Name, address, and dial up connection information (which is fixed yearly cost anyway, so feel free to use it guys) Please dont. Anyone got any ideas? I can't do a total reinstall for 4 weeks (uni midsemester break), should I change my dial in password or something. This is really giving me the *****, the last virus I got was an MSN worm, and that was probably 2+ years ago. Thanks Schenk
  19. ROFLMMFAO Oh, and I wouldn't read into the 'bye luv' comment too much. I say that to most girls I know. I guess it depends what your used to saying.
  20. What Para said, once again, is wise. Go the hug if you can. Buy the first set of drinks at least, and if anyone (female) says there going for one, the "mee too, whatll you have" is also handy. Sit where it makes sense to sit. For cripes sake dont make a scene of it though. Play it cool and you'll have a great time...
  21. Good luck to all HS graduates, I'm sure all your hard work has paid off.
  22. Dont hold your breath man, chicks are professionals at this. EG. Last Friday, Schenk sends message, i dunno, maybe 4pm. Reply comes 11.55pm. How long does it take to write a 160 character message
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