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  1. Some stores are selling the game today (tuesday).
  2. In the end, we'll all buy the game anyways and prove once and for all how much bandwidth posts like these waste. You're arguing about marketting and the lack of info about a game that's months away. Lame. Just wait.
  3. omg the screenshots have AI standing in the open while getting shot at omfg this game suxx0rz not buying it boycott it now start a petition xbox suxx teh nutz *shakes head* gimme a break guys.
  4. The xbox one is a litte freakish. But just because EB games has the box on their website doesn't mean it's final. There are many boxes that go to (or are developed by) retail stores just because they need art.
  5. Granted I didnt play JO, but man, that game just reeks of shoddiness. A real hokey, half-assed game in terms of graphics and animation.
  6. The word, "scripted," can mean many different things. Sure, it can infer that everything is on a linear path like call of duty and wont offer much in terms of replay value. But then again, it's very unlikely that the gameplay in GR2 will be like that simply because it is a "sequel." The original had "scripted" moments like a jeep always driving to a specific location, enemies guarding a certain point of interest, and that guy at the end of island thunder you have to capture always being on that same walking path. No matter how you play that mission, those moments will always happen. But because they're pretty much insignificant, it doesn't affect replay value. Those are the "scripted" things that I think we'll see in GR2, not the extremely linear call of duty sequences.
  7. PC Titles: GR PC, Desert Siege, Island Thunder, GR Gold pack, GR Platinum Pack. Total number of sales combined: ~500,000 units over the course of 3(?) years. Xbox titles: GR Xbox, Island thunder: Total number of sales combined: 1.2 million units over the course of 1.5 years. You can imagine the numbers for PS2.. I would say that there has been PLENTY of attention given to the PC. But in the end, gaming is a business. People need to eat and live and business decisions need to be made to better the company. If the success of your company was determined by choosing between satisfying your small, niche market or selling to a market you know will definitely keep you afloat, which would you choose? If you went with the former, you'd make people happy, but you'd go out of business because you fail to turn a profit and would be forgotten in time. If you go with the latter, you'd survive long enough to make both the niche market AND the bigger market happy. This makes perfect business sense. If it doesn't to you, then it's probably best that you play the games instead of making them.
  8. I think the medic would be great in multiplayer. You'd have to risk your own life to save a teammate. Sounds like it could present a really tense situation.
  9. ActionTrip is notorious for their seemingly cynical view on games. I wouldn't place any weight on what they say. Go with a website that's credible.
  10. You're worried that the game will turn out to be more like...."counter strike?" What a horrible thing to say. Why would a game developer make a successful game with a successful formula into something totally different? What's that? You don't have an answer? RSE and Ubisoft know that if you want to play an "action oriented" game, you can by all means go and play bf1942, bf:vietnam, CoD, joint operations, etc etc. They're not going to carbon-copy.
  11. Player-driven vehicles in a game like Ghost Recon is a truly rediculous idea. In a market of war games that already have this vehicular combat ability, what could GR possibly have to gain? You would totally break the concept of the game itself which is basically ground infantry combat. Plus, the element of danger is totally thrown out the window if you're in a vehicle. The game plays very different if you're confined to running, and in my opinion would be more enoyable.
  12. Stalker does look good, as a game. When you look at screenshots of a game, you're just marvelling at the artwork, not necessarily at the engine itself. In these shots all I can really see, engine-wise, is the great lighting. Any engine can have great textures
  13. This old news. You mean you all haven't signed up yet? No wonder the servers are empty.
  14. Negligence?! Explain how you feel "neglected." Ghost Recon on PC has two official expansion packs, mod ability, and many user-created mods. Ghost Recon: Island Thunder has the most downloadable content on xbox Live! Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm was just released for the ps2. As for any new games, you'll just have to continue feeling "neglected."
  15. After years of supporting the products RSE puts out and all of the loyalty (yea, that's right), you're going to say something like that? If that were true, the game would downright suck because "they would just be in it for the $ching$"
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