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  1. Thanks GiWeda! Now why didn't I think of that? I've been too long making stuff....... PrimusPilus
  2. Hey all, I'm making up some new decorations and I wanted to test them in game to make sure they look allright and are working properly. Is there a cheat to give a soldier all the decorations at once or some other way I can view the decorations without having to play through and get a soldier all the decorations? PrimusPilus
  3. Hey hobbes! I appreciate the offer, check your PM PrimusPilus
  4. Hey there, Sounds like an awesome idea! If you need a hand with some .rsb work, compiling work (putting together .kit files and such), testing, I can give you a hand. Any chance of seeing some New Zealanders in this creation ? PrimusPilus
  5. Hey thanks all! Dannik, appreciate the link. PrimusPilus
  6. Hey all, I couldn't find this anywhere. How do you get the GR font available and working in photoshop? I'm making some splash screens and have seen others do it in Mods, I just don't know how. Thanks, PrimusPilus Reason for edit: Merged with existing thread
  7. Any release sounds awesome Nat! Is there anything basic or any testing that I can help you with? As for the pics, I'm not too sure how big you would like them but: SVU-A : http://ois.org.ua/club/guns/texts/svu.htm http://www.volny.cz/ak-47/svd_dragunov/svu.htm http://altnet.ru/~military/?guns/sniper/svua001.htm Also Nat, have a look here, the svd-a is on page 15 http://www.planetrainbowsix.com/modvault/m...rces/index.html AW-50: http://www.snipingoperationsexecutive.org/PhotoGallery.html - and others:) http://home.swipnet.se/longrange/ACCURACY%...%20.50%20AW.htm AS50: http://world.guns.ru/sniper/sn67-e.htm http://www.mts.net/~phipwell/AInews.html EDM Arms Windrunner: http://www.50bmgstore.com/edm50bmg.htm Armalite AR50: http://www.cfiarms.com/vn/armalite/01:AR50...%7Curl.token%7C Cobb model FA50(T): http://www.50bmgstore.com/cobb50bmg.htm http://cobb50.com/ L.A.R. GRIZZLY: http://www.jimsgunsupply.com/DuraCoat/dc/D...ly_preditor.jpg http://www.armusa.com/LarGrizzlyPicPage.htm Hope this helps a bit Nat, PrimusPilus
  8. Hello all! Just would like to chime in here and say that I am waiting as well. With myself, I have never purchased a game new, ever, not once, nor will I. I believe as a consumer that when I pay for something, it should be complete. I have been checking these and other boards quite a bit to see issues and to see if those issues are going to be fixed. There seems to be some co-op flaws which I would like to see fixed, there appears to be some engine optimizations that need to be fixed, also there is no confirmed report of modding tools yet. These are three issues that would need to be addressed before I and my co-op friends decide to purchase this product. I believe in not shelling(sp?) out my money for a game until a product is done, until I have read reviews, until I have researched the feedback on the boards and until I have tried the demo. I have played the demo and it's tough to decide. How shall I put it? It doesn't seem to have the GR feel. No other way to describe it. I'm just not sure yet if it is for me. One thing I do not do, and you will never see me do, is buy a game on release and then come and whine about it, God I hate that lol! My answer to people like that is always the same: "You bought the game, you did not do your research, tough, suck it up or take it back and learn from this mistake," but people never seem to . Oh well, such is life. PrimusPilus
  9. Hey Nat, Great news, thank you! BTW, that wasn't meant as some sort of subtle hint, I know how much time it takes to mod and I hate bothering modders. My post was just a query, but it's great to know that it'll be in the mod. PrimusPilus
  10. Hello all, At least that's what I remember the title to be. It was made by Herman the German though, of that I am 100% sure. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it will be most appreciated. PrimusPilus
  11. Hey Nat, Looking like an amazing weapons mod when you're all said and done, congratulations. Just one question, does the HK-53 you modelled come in a silenced variant? PrimusPilus
  12. Hey Jay, Just wanted to let you know that even though I don't post all that much (I just don't have the time), I do make time to check this thread almost everyday for updates. I have 4 friends I co-op with who are in the same boat as me. I know it might not sound like much, but you are guaranteed at least 5 downloads when this baby is complete . I also don't like bothering modders to much. I always figure that when you haev an update, you'll post. Believe you me, it doesn't mean there isn't any interest. PrimusPilus
  13. Hello all, Thank you all for your input. I know this doesn't make any sense. It doesn't to me either. One wouldn't think that when a trial version ended that the previously created .rsb's would have any issue. I've begun checking every file in the Mod so far to look for any errors, not just the .rsb's but the other files as well. If only the ike.log would tell me something. Oh well, you know, it's probably something stupid like a spelling mistake or something. PrimusPilus
  14. Yes I was. If I didn't, then the Mod wouldn't of loaded when the trial period was active, no? And already tried the paste over, no go PrimusPilus
  15. Hello all! I'm hoping you guys can help me out a bit. I'm very frustrated at the moment so please forgive me if this turns into a bit of a rant. I don't have Photoshop so I decided to download PS 7.0.1 trial version and try my hand at a few .rsb's. I created some nice menu screens, kit Icons, load screens, arrows, pda_lcds, the whole shebang, and I'm thinking, OK, when I finish this mission pack, I just may release this. It looks more professional now etc. etc. The 30 day trial period ended today and now, the Mod will NOT load with any of my created .rsb files! (GR won't even load to the menu screen, I had to load C02 to make sure it wasn;t a GR error) If I take the .rsb files out of the Mod, it loads fine. There is nothing in the ike.log and nothing in the ike crash.log to indicate why this is happening. Has anyone else run into this situation or does anyone have any solutions to this very, very frustrating issue. It's a lot of work I did, and I don't want to see it wasted. Oh yeah, the kicker, I can still load the .rsb's in photoshop and look at them. To say I am extremely ticked off would be putting it mildly. Hope you folks can help PrimusPilus
  16. Hey WytchDokta! First off congrats! This is shaping up to be one of my most anticipated mods! A question, does the Jaegerkorpset use the Panzerfaust 3 as their standard AT weapon? If so, this may be an option to explore for the AT secondary. Just a thought PrimusPilus
  17. LMAO, well.....ummmm......I guess that was a faux pas! Oh well, I usually just shorten down a person's alias as I am a lazy typer . Check your PM's if your still interested in some testing. I love the Clancy books, I have them all in hardcover, read them so many times, they're starting to fall apart Anywhoo, let me know if this worked out for you. Talk to you soon, PrimusPilus
  18. Hey John, how's it going? I take it you have a bunch of missions that you would like to put into a campaign format, correct? The good news is that it is pretty simple. To answer the first question, in order for your mod to "show up" as an option when you load GR, you need a .txt file called "mods cont." You can get that file from the desert seige expansion, the Island Thunder expansion or any other Mod you have downloaded for that matter. Just take a look in your ghost recon\mods folder, double click a mod and look for the .txt file called "modscont." In that file you will see something that looks like this: // Mods Contents NAME "Team Prime" AUTHOR "PrimusPilus" SUPPORT "www.ghostrecon.net/forums" VERSION "1.00" You will need to change the "NAME" field and the "AUTHOR" field. The name is for what you are calling your mod. This is the name that will display when you go to the activation screen to activate your mod. Save the file after your changes. Ok, to package your missions into a mod: First you will need a folder, let's call it "JohnsMod" for this example. Inside that folder you will need another folder called "mission" (without the quotes, of course). Inside the "mission" folder is where you need to put the .mis files that you have created your campaign. You will also need another file called "campaign.xml" which we will have to manipulate. You can find this file in your ghostrecon\mods\origmis\mission folder. Find it and copy it into the "JohnsMod\mission" folder. Ok, open the campaign.xml file(By right clicking on it and clicking "edit"). It will look something like this: (This example is from a campaign I am currently working on): <Campaign> <ExtraStatPoints>4</ExtraStatPoints> <Mission> <Filename>TP_mission_1.mis</Filename> <Hero>will_jacobs.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>TP_mission_2.mis</Filename> <Hero>nigel_tunney.atr</Hero> </Mission> <Mission> <Filename>TP_mission_3.mis</Filename> <Hero>henry_ramirez.atr</Hero> <Mission> Ok, the first line is used for if you want to give the ghosts extra stat points at the beginning of your campaign. The "Filename" is the name of your mission, and the "Hero" line is used if you are unlocking any heroes after each mission. This tells gr which heroes to unlock. Replace the necessary lines with the names of your mission(s) and hero(es) if any. Save the file and put it into your "mission" folder. Ok, that's it! When you are done, you should have a folder called "JohnsMod," inside that folder should be another folder called "mission" and a .txt file called "modscont," inside the mission folder should be your .mis files and the campaign.xml file. Drop the whole shebang into your GR\mods folder and you are good to go! Of course, if you have other things like breifing screens, custom maps, weapons, characters, skins etc. you will need more folders. Anywhoo, hope this helped! As an aside, If you need a beta tester, I'm available, and I'd like to try your missions when you are done! PrimusPilus
  19. I appreciate it, thanks Rocky PrimusPilus
  20. Thank you very much form Canada, Duke Take care, eh? PrimusPilus
  21. Hello all, Hey, thanks Duke! It was Urban warrior that I was looking for, however, I forgot about Urban Ghost by shot. If you could please upload that one, USMC Camo Skins by Ricky Recon and Sixpence's USMC Urban camo, that would be fantastic. Thank you again, PrimusPilus
  22. Hello all! I just wanted to reply and thank you all for your assistance. I'm not a tech guy and with technologies changing every six months, this crap can get confusing to a guy like me. Anyway, all your input is apprecited.....hmmmm.....one last little thing, do you folks know of any good links to some failrly priced PC hardware stores? Thanks again, PrimusPilus
  23. Hello all! As it says in the topic, I'm looking for a Skin pack created by Viper. Here's the GR topic link http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...topic=3958&st=0 Does anyone know where I can get my hands on this sucker? PrimusPilus
  24. Hello all, Seems to me waaayyyy back when, there was an urban camo MOD released but for the life of me I can't think of the name or where to get it. Does anyone have any info on this or any other Urban Camo MOD? PrimusPilus P.S. Sorry, I know it's not much info, but I guess that's why I can't find it
  25. Hello all! Well, the time has come again to upgrade my PC. Let me start by saying that I do not understand all the terminologies involved in PC hardware. I think I know what i should be loking for i.e. SLI, dual core processors, dual graphics cards etc., however, the timing of the upgrade has me perplexed. My current system specs are as follows: AMD Athlon 3000xp ASUS A78NX2.0 motherboard ATI 9800pro 1 gig RAM Windows XP DVD ROM drive Some advice on the following would be appreciated (keeping in mind that even though money is not a huge obstacle, I would still like to get the most bang for my buck): 1. Should I wait for VISTA before I even think about upgrading? 2. Should I wiat for the directx10 compliant video cards before I even think about upgrading? 3. Should I just upgrade to current technologies because prices wil drop when the above two happen? 4. Are dual core processors and/or dual video cards even worth it with today's games i.e., do today's games take advantage of this hardware enough to justify the extra expenditure? 5. What about a motherboard? Any opinions on what you consider to be the most efficient and stable? 6. How large of a power supply should I be looking at in my tower in order to allow some upgrades and still not push it beyond it's limits? I have read and done some research online, but, not only do I not have the time, but I also feel overwhelmed by the "tech speak." So, I'm asking for a little assisatnce. I appreciate any help you fine folks can offer, Kinda confused, PrimusPilus
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