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  1. Perhaps there'd have been no Fuhrer or WWII but Germany would have been a thorn in Europe's side for a long time. They felt the Treaty of Versailes was unfair, communism was on the rise too and there was huge enemployment along with rocketing inflation. All these factors would still have applied whether Adolf was alive or not. Would the Jews have been used as a national scapegoat though, to unite the masses and give them something to blame? If the state of Israel had been created after WWI and those less tolerant European nations finally had an excuse to get rid of them by sending them there, then that country would have made a great ally during WWII. What would have happened if Patton hadn't have died in a car accident after the war?
  2. Excuse me but isn't this a thread about American stereotypes, and not about bad mouthing and dishing out insults? It started off well in here, but there's always one isn't there. To be fair, in my experience of this website, this thread was a potential tinder box. It's nice to someone else losing his way for a change I notice the British and Aussie stereotype thread isn't as popular or as volotile!. Hmmmmmmm I wonder why
  3. Weren't they in the 70's Kung Fu films with Bruce Lee?
  4. And there's me thinking that it was because they had no rhythm, so consequently they couldn't dance. That, and they didn't have a sense of humoUr
  5. Arnie......The Governatorrrrrr.........Kalifornia Uber Alles
  6. OICeeeeee.......he jumped before he was pushed
  7. I knew such things could get you into trouble, but I didn't know they could get you kicked off a website
  8. So...where did you go Jester and errrrrrrr.......why? Busy doing what?
  9. Valid points there PB. You've obviously done your research. Is it true he commited suicide because he got the gas bill?
  10. This thread has upset me a little......well a lot really. You see it reminds me of my dog Furry. Someone had "Unleashed Furry".........and he ran away Groooooan
  11. Hmmmm.........TCA; Tennessee Chearleaders Association? Team Cheats Activated Put me down for some of that Tactical training, it sounds good.
  12. I don't have a chance then ######...that really counts me out
  13. @Rocky...and errrrr..........everyone else. Anyone that's read the Asher book will perhaps agree that he's passionate about the middle east, the 'mystery' of the desert and all of the regions history. With this in mind, I don't feel that his opinions are too biased. The 'poor man's' Lawrence of Arabia has gone about it the right way. I'm surprised that the Iraqis let him do the research to be honest! I just wished the book had colour photos and maps so that the reader could visualise the author's descriptions. Also, where's the DVD
  14. I can't remember how and how long these secrecy rules apply, but from what I remember a few years ago, when the British Government released 'some' official documentation on Rudolph Hess, it was nothing that wasn't already known, and it will be years before the 'official' truth will be fully released. Perhaps when everyone involved is most certainly dead. But then again, in years to come, who'll give a fk. anyway. Will the public still care........or even remember?
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