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  1. Please let me know where from and when can I start downloading patches 1.3 and 1.4. Thanks, Amix1
  2. Yes I do delete it all tha way! Thanks, for asking. Amix1 "
  3. I have attempted to download the above patches 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4. I have experienced the following new problems:. 1.) Download just stopped about half way and froze my PC. I had to abruptly shut down the computer and start all over again. 2.) If and when patches did download completely, than when atempting to open (or activate) the file received the following message: "THE CONTENT OF THIS FILE CANNOT BE UNPACKED. THE EXECUTABLE YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO RUN HAS BEEN CORRUPTED. TRY DOWNLOADING IT AGAIN. Well, I have spent a whole day going at it! Frustrated as one can be. I sure would appreciate some good suggestions. Thanks in advance, Amix1.
  4. Thank you for the good news. I am looking forward to the release of these modified versions. By the way, how will I be able to identify these rewamped patches? Also, I have been searching for Patch 1.2 but no luck finding it yet. ( Thank you much. Best regards , Amix1
  5. Again, thanks for your quick kind help. I will follow your suggestion. Regards, Amix1
  6. Again, thanks for your quick response and kind help. . I 'll will follow your suggestion step by step. Thanks, Amix1
  7. Answers to questions: Q. Did you're GR come bundled with an MSI video card ? No. Q. Are you using any kind of modified exe (IE: a [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] version) ? No. Q. When you start GR on the main menu screen, what does the number in the bottom right corner say ? v1.3.0 9/13/2002 14:39 Q. Have you moved any of the GR folders to a different location since it was originally installed ? No. Q. Did you install in this order: GR, DS, Patch 1.3, Patch 1.4 ? I only own GR and installed Patch 1.3. I do not have DS or IT. Question: Why can't I play on line with only having the 1.3 Patch? Thanks for your response. Regards, Amix1
  8. Next I have downloaded Patch 1.4 a zilion times tried to install it with no succes! ( I do not have "Island Thunder" it is my understanding it is not necessary to have as long as Patch 1.3 is added to the game. I would gratly appreciate any help to resove this issue. As, i have also tried to play the game on line, but could not do it without having patch 1.4. Thanks for all suggestions.
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