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  1. Well, from what I understand they are considered black because technically they don't exist. The US gov has never admitted that Delta (SFOD-D) or DEVGRU exist.
  2. That's because they don't want to release their identities.
  3. Earl, are you planning on releasing that new Ramirez?
  4. How many people have been here before: http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/American_F..._In_Afghanistan These are really cool pics of operation enduring freedom. Oh and I learned today that Delta (SFOD-D) is also refferred to as CAG (Combat Applications Group). Like they say you learn something new everyday.
  5. Where can i get a list of what all the attachments in DS and IT are? Like what does each head attachment 11 do and so forth?
  6. Earl, did you ever get around to exporting that new ramirez that you made with that baseball cap and beard?
  7. You can only use the m4sopmod desert in DS Campaign mode using Ramirez specialist or in multiplayer.
  8. BajaBravo you are the skinning God! Too bad you don't also have an American Ops in the works If you were doing an American Ops Mod you could make some of the stuff i saw at: http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/American_F..._In_Afghanistan Do you have an evil twin who is an American who would make an American Ops mod. Anyways, keep up the superb work! We should use the USAF slogan "NO ONE COMES CLOSE" to describe you.
  9. Earl can I contact you about a mod I'm working on?
  10. You can only use it in SP when in the DS campaign mode.
  11. Has anyone ever made a face texture that has a gruffy looking white guy with a beard? Oh and what about a baseball cap as a head attachment?
  12. Yeah it only happens the first time u use that weapon, it will work after that. The only other minor problem was an incorrect hand placement on the m16/m203. Other than that insignificant thing this mod is basically flawless.
  13. EARL: I would just like to thank you for making such an excellent weapon mod. Usually I'll play a weapon mod for only so long but I can gaurantee this will be permantly on my active mods along with DS and IT. MP is a plast especially in coop. I knew I was hooked when I saw the writing on the silencer of the m9sd. I was like omfg I can even read the fine print! Once again thanks for all your hard work, it's really paid off.
  14. Im having trouble getting into the fileplanet download site. What's up with fileplanet? -EDIT: THERE WE GO IT JUST LET ME ON>>>>PHEW!!!!!!!
  15. @JTF-2: Where'd you get an m40a3? I've been looking for one in weapon mods but have yet to find one.
  16. I don't know how much longer I can stand the wait. I really wanna get my hands on those amazing weapons.
  17. OMG that is really cool elpatricio.
  18. OMG, I think you should be shot immediately, that is just terrible, and if anyone here has done what he's suggesting I am never returning to these forums again for fear that such a disease is communicable.
  19. I havent seen any pics of the sr-47. do you have any eyecandy of that baby to show us?
  20. I'm in love with the m24. It's just so damn accurate. Sometimes I can even be a little off with my aim and it will score a kill.
  21. Those are the best weapon models ever! Move over RSE, Earl has come to take his crown! I think my fav is the m4sopmod in desert camo. That's just so cool. Plus I like that sr-47 idea. That would be cool. Keep up the great work!
  22. The quickest way to end war is to lose it. -- George Orwell
  23. In no particular order: Tommy Boy Black Hawk Down Top Gun
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