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  1. Wow argyll I think you should stop teasing us with these pics and start pleasing us with a big download! On another note if you're looking for more chr's to model for operation iraqi freedom you should go to www.militaryphotos.net and then click on their gallery for Gulf War 2. I think you could do an excellent job on some of the uniforms shown there.
  2. Just imagine if everyone had to pay $1. Too bad they can't charge anything for it then it would give them even more incentive to do another one like Frostbite.
  3. Rather than a pre-emtpive nuclear first strike, I would think a conventional first strike on their nuclear capabilities would be a better idea at this point. Also, as a backup I would send as many patriot batteries over to south korea and japan as possible. Also, I wonder how far along in development is that 747 with the laser in the front that shoots down ballistic missiles. The cool thing about that 747 laser system is that it shoots down the ballistic missile over the territory it was launched from so that person gets a taste of his own medicine.
  4. Argyll is really good with new character mopels. Let's give the model to him.
  5. He was planning on redoing him. Look below.
  6. Perhaps some American soldiers may be a little cautious when approaching Iraqi's because some of their comrades have been victims of suicide (homicide) bombings. Can you blame them? For all they know one of those people might be one of those outside arabs who had crossed over the border and has been causing trouble in Iraq.
  7. Hopefully it's not too big to create a command map for it!
  8. Earl, I just wanted to know if you ever got around to completing that new Ramirez character with the baseball cap and beard?
  9. OMG, Argyll you are so cool. It feels like that saying "Ask and you shall recieve". At some point Argyll you should really consider releasing these for download. At the speed your working if you wait 2 more weeks the download could be enormous because of all the characters you've created.
  10. @Argyll: Could you make a US SOF Western Iraq like your Aus SASR Western Iraq with that awesome head towel. LOOKS SO COOL. I want Americans that look like that! YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS STUFF. When can we expect to play with your work?
  11. These chr's are amazing my favorite model is the USMC regular for Op Iraqi Freedom. I love the biege interceptor vest with the little pockets. When can I get my hands on that?
  12. For clarification a "k-pot" is what soldiers call the current kevlar helmet used in both the US Army and USMC.
  13. Wow I think this mod is gonna be great. I love the desert camo on the weapons. Only thing I would add is that Marines are not allowed to use their patrol caps during combat operations. They're supposed to use their k-pots.
  14. How about this one: "Now this is what you call a target rich environment."
  15. I would just like to add that you are missing the little indentation on the barrel of the m4 that allows for the m203 to be attached. Other than that this weapon looks awesome, keep up the great work.
  16. I think if the Amecan people hear that their son's and daughter's are being attacked they won't have a problem with it.
  17. God, those NoKo's are pretty damn stupid. I mean, what if one of their 'highly' trained ace's got a little trigger happy and 'accidentally' shot at and downed the defenseless recon plane. THAT MEANS WAR. If you kill one American servicemen, you will pay!
  18. Actually that's CVN-68 WK, the USS Nimitz.
  19. Ha, we both started one in different forums. That's pretty funny.
  20. Did anyone else see the new ABC show "Profiles from the front line" tonight. It's just a camerman who follows US servicemen in action in Operation Enduring Freedom. Wow was it really cool and inspirational. God bless America's fighting men and women. If you missed it tonight, there will be a new one each week on Thursday.
  21. Well, it basically defeats the whole purpose of calling the mod CIA SAD if I don't have the skins. It would just end up as an SF mission mod.
  22. That's something a 70 year old woman would say to her 4 year old grandson who asked how old she was.
  23. I am tired of students at my school who make comments about world events when they don't understand what the hell they're talking about. I mean I don't mind if you have an opinion just make sure you have something to back it up.
  24. Anyone who has left college is old because from what I can see life only goes downhill after college.
  25. Just wanted to alert you all to the fact that I've been working on a new mod called Central Intelligence Agency: Special Activities Division (CIA SAD). I've got the whole campaign planned out and am almost done scripting all of the missions, but I continue to have problems skinning my operatives, probably because I'm only experienced in mission scripting. Yes, I have looked at the tutorials, but to be honest I'm concentrating on the campaign and have had little time for the skinning aspect. Also, I'll add some sp kits with the AKMS as the CIA SAD operatives are using in Afghanistan. Oh and to the GR dev team I'd just like to let out a big groan at you because you made helo scripting so ###### complicated. I can do it but it takes up a whole load of time.
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