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  1. Ahhh well, no one ever thinks to include Air Force Special Tactics........the first in so that others may live......
  2. I'm not so sure about this thing. It sounds great, but I know of guys who couldn't even think to operate the selector switch on the M-16, ( one guy even kept dropping and slamming in fresh clips even though he wasn't firing) in the heat of a firefight much less decide from 5 options on what to do with the grenade launcher. My point on this is it needs to be as brain-dead operable as possible under combat conditions otherwise its just wasted weight and equipment, and could actually get someone killed while they are distracted with their weapon. Your highest vulnerablility is when reloading, clearing a jam, or otherwise not paying attention to your surroundings.
  3. thought I'd write something profound----but words can't express the gratitude I feel for you guys "in the ######", or to the ones lost. Keep your heads down, boys.
  4. dittos on what Marine Sniper said, if your recruiter promises you anything, get it in writing! Also Air Force has a spec ops group, forward air control, para-rescue and the like...you may want to check into that as well. I wish you luck in obtaining your goals and desires and remember that if you do this you will be pressed beyond anything you could imagine right now. Mental toughness and and uncompromising will power will be one of your greatest assets, (not to mention having a screw loose in choosing this path lol).
  5. I vote for the entire casts of: Band of Brothers; Saving Private Ryan; Sam Elliot- We Were Soldiers, and Lee Marvin - The Big Red One and Cross of Iron
  6. World Famous......USAF Thunderbirds, and USN Blue Angels, awesome teams both.
  7. I saw the news about this too. The retired admiral making the accusations has no new facts to back his claim and is going on his belief there was a cover-up. Mistakes are made in war, and it was a terrible tragedy, but I think nothing more than that. (The USS Stark on the other hand.......)
  8. @ Warhawk Well done on your historical arguments and perceptions on WWII. I think you hit it right on the head for most of the causes of that war and why the US didn't get involved right away. Good show.
  9. Crimson, it's not that I feel I am superior (just ask anyone I play with how bad I suck at this game, lol), it's just that spawn raping ruins the game imo. If you think it takes great skill or is fun, well then, we disagree.
  10. oops, sorry soto. lol. I read too many posts that day.
  11. anyone who fought, resisted, or opposed the Axis powers no matter how small, made a significant contribution. the resistance movements in all the countries who were conquered provided vital information and support for the bigger armies.
  12. The reason we play the game is to have fun, spawn campers take that away by making the game unplayable and frustrating. Some people might consider that great skill, but I feel it doesn't take much skill to kill a stationary, defenseless target. I'm not saying I'm perfect and have never spawn-killed, but I really do try to avoid it. I guess it's one of the reasons I play co-op most of the time.
  13. Aaarrrggghhhh! All I ever see anyone use anymore in multi-play is either the SA-80(which in real life I think is a piece of crap because it can only be fired right-handed due to the ejector port being at your cheek, and it's not that accurate), or the oicw. I knew the SA-80 in its first incarnation as the L-85A1 and we gave it the nick "Reggea Rifle" because it was always jammin'. As for the oicw, I can't see how the game gives it the accuracy it does because of the shortness of the barrel and the shortness of the sighting plane. I always play with either the m-4 or m-4 socom, or sopmod if it's available. I just like to see people using something different.
  14. I'm with Recon Snake on this one, the karate stuff should be left in Hollywood. I don't think it has a place in a tac-sim.
  15. lol,,,,"Kissin' don't last, but cookin' do"
  16. In WWII it was common practice to mark the body of a soldier like that w/ rifle, helmet, and dog tags to aid in collection and identification. Collection sounds so impersonal.......for someone who grew to be closer than family. My salute and may God rest the souls of all who have fallen. And also, never forget those who continue to struggle to recover from wounds and maiming. For them the battle continues as they go in and out of VA hospitals for treatment and therapy. Wish them well.
  17. hehe, maybe the wind is blowing really hard the direction they are running. This looks like a way cool mod. The springfield was a vast improvement over the musket, and that's one of the reasons the casualties in any given battle in the Civil War were so high. the fighting was done with smooth-bore musket tactics which required massed firepower to produce significant casualties. Also in the heat of battle, it was discovered soldiers had a tendency to shoot high, so they were instructed to "aim for the knees"(just an interesting aside). As far as using the Spenser repeaters... they were issued with regularity to special skirmishing units for the Union as early as 1863. One was even presented to President Lincoln as a gift. As far as snipers go, they were involved as well with those same skirmishing units who job it was to harass the enemy any way possible. The casualties produced by the hundreds of these small engagements throughout the war rivaled those produced by the biggest battles. I guess the point of this post(lol), is to say I'm really looking forward to seeing this mod
  18. Ahh, the cheating spectre raised again. If I ever find one, I will vaporize him/her immediately with a 550 mega-watt remotely activated orbiting satellite laser. You are warned!
  19. I thought it wouldn't hurt either, lol. thanks sotomac!
  20. I saw a post earlier about someone wishing to know about the academies. I can give you a little of my experience in USAFA. Normally, you need to have extremely high GPA's to even entertain the thought of getting an appointment and playing sports in high school is a definite plus. If you are good enough to be actively recruited by colleges for any sport, you have a big advantage. I was actively recruited for football, but my GPA suffered because of both laziness and cocky-ness. The Air Force Academy Liason I worked with actually helped me study for my SAT and ACT's to get them into the realm of acceptability. I received an appointment, but it wasn't an appointment the actual Academy, it was to the Prep School (Go Huskies!). So if you can't get an appointment to the Academy proper, this may be another avenue to pursue as it was for me. You go through basic just like everyone else and begin academics straight away. The bonus to this is alot of the "preppies" are from the enlisted ranks and will do everything they can to help, from teaching you to spit shine your boots to avoiding the unwanted attention from the TI's, ( I wasn't very successful at that). The good thing about the prep school is almost everyone who completes the academic year and completes "hell week" moves on to the Academy. The year I spent in the prep school matured me enough to deal with "beast" or basic cadet training and the rigors of my doolie year.
  21. I've got to throw my two cents in....Love the mod, it's hard, you get to see more weapons than oicw and sa-80 , and it's downright fun and challenging to play. I know of two or three guys in our clan who would play it if we could find a game online. In fact, if we get enough interest, we will start a WOI faction w/in the clan. My favorite moment in WOI? The first night mission w/out nv equipment.
  22. Boy are we dissappointed @ FNG we were too late to sign up ! We just finished an intra-clan co-op tourney and thought this would be great fun. Good Luck to all who are paticipating and we'll be looking forward to see the results.
  23. lmao, typical Brit pluck and humor, gotta love it
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