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  1. Wow, I'd buy this, it looks just like that Ghost Recon game that I used to play. Its aweome to see that you guys are still kicking ass!
  2. Winter Mountain Valley is CBA_Bludawg's map. Great guy.
  3. When GR first came out my brother and I used to play vs. mode against each other using the AI backups. I don't think i've ever seen another game that allowed you to do that. You basically get to play with the "soul jumping" aspect the same as in single player but against a human player who's doing the same. I've always wished that more people were into playing GR that way. It's fun setting up ambushes with your teams. The command map fully works just as in single player but you're playing MP, it's fun as hell. I definitley recommend it to anyone who has a close friend that they like to play vs. with. I really need to find someone to play that style with again.
  4. Ok, we have 4 games total. There's no GR3 so why the talk of GR4? I don't get it. Of course I can't figure out why there was never a real GR2 made either. Oh well, back into my cave. [Merged with the explaining thread]
  5. Hey Rebar, thanks for all of your work too, I didn't mean to say that Oso made all of the missions, he was just the one who had to put up with my b.s. for awhile. Hey Blake, nice to hear that things are still working out with your career. I know you've put a lot of hard work into it, it's a lot more than what I had put into my short military career, that's for sure. I've got no real bad feelings for anyone. (A certain person abusing his moderator privilages and hijacking someones intellectual property is another story). I think that some of the friendships fell apart more because the game fell apart than because of the mod. GR was on the downslope already. I really am meaning to fire this mod back up again soon. I remember having a lot of fun playing it. I think in making it I wanted to recreate the excitment I had playing Frostbite for the first time and even some of the WOI stuff. It was awesome making something this big. I do wonder, looking back, how the hell we even finished it.
  6. You know, it's been so long that I can't even remember the missions in YOTM. It's cool to see you guys still playing it and enjoying it. I'm going to have to play it again sometime. I think a major amount of debt is owed to Oso for those missions. I think that there were a few times when he was ready to drive from Chicago to California(and Washington when I was there) to kick my ass. I know I spent a lot of time dogging him out when I should have just let him do his work. So, not only did he create some awesome missions he took a lot of negative ###### from me while doing so. I'm still waiting for the real GR2.
  7. I'd be interested in getting in on some coop action once this mod is released. Feel free to contact me if anyone would like an extra teammate, i'll do what I can to make some time available.
  8. Wow, this is awesome. I was never aware that all these little maps had been made. They are obviously aimed for MP gameplay but many could easily suit simple missions as well. Great work by the mapper(s), sweet, simple maps. These kind of maps were more of what the Ghost Recon community (there's only been one GR as far as i've seen) needed. There were too many big projects that were never completed and too much emphasis by modders to showcase their abilities and not enough on creating playable environments for everyone to enjoy. I hope the Mac guys got a lot of use out of these maps because I know I would have if I would have been an MP type player. It's mods like this that make me miss the good old days when GR was GR and there was no other game that i'd rather be playing.
  9. Rotating it 360 degrees will be the same as it is now at 0 degrees. The easiest way to rotate it less than 360 degrees, as mentioned, is to either remake it in 3dsmax or find a skybox with a sun where you want it, copy it, use textures from a skybox that you like, rename them, use Mike Schell's Skinner utility to reassign the textures to the skybox and put it in your game as a mod.
  10. There's no problem in retexturing the entire game other than file sizes and/or if you have an older system(which probably isn't the case). You don't need to alter the maps at all just retexture using larger higher res textures. As with any retexturing you have to do it right though.
  11. Keep in mind how many times your river/water texture is tiled. If it is tiled more the river will appear to flow slower, if it is tiled less it will appear to flow faster. Or maybe it's the other way around.
  12. Ok I think this is an easy one. The w_groundcolordmm06_castle.rsb needs to be retagged. I cant' imagine how it got tagged wrong but it did. Use the rsb editor and uncheck the gunshot and grenade transparency boxes and save the rsb. Also just to be safe delete the .sht file for the map and let the game generate a new one. You may want to check some of the other maps for this same problem with the textures. This map looks great I just wish he would have kept more of the "lighting" in.
  13. Fantastic. Damn good attitude, something i've seldom seen from beginning map makers for this game. Too bad you are in Iraq, be safe and come home soon.
  14. sleeper


    Go for it. Just be mindful of clipping and fog settings.
  15. I would reccommend not using that tutorial. It was created by a guy who didn't even know how to make a map at the time and I doubt has completed a working one since. Mike Schells tutorial and the level builder.pdf are really all that you need.
  16. I'm not sure but I know that I would shut down GR as fast as possible and delete your mod.
  17. sleeper


    Animated, scrolling, doesn't matter- it doesn't work.
  18. sleeper


    I've tried to animate a skybox, tried to add dynamic objects and/or effects other than sun and solar flare to one as well, it doesn't work. You are more than welcome to try. The only real issue with creating a day/night cycle is the lighting, you can fake it with fog settings but it doesn't quite cut the mustard in my opinion. Good luck, it would be fun to see something new done.
  19. Any luck? The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is that if you have more than 1 door, make sure that the LOD model names differ.
  20. Just make sure that the dark mapped box is not checked in the Map Editor/General tab in Max.
  21. Doors should be tagged to use dynamic lighting not darkmaps.
  22. Check your email, see if that works. **You are going to have to have someone set it up properly with a complete mission file. I didn't do anything to it yet other than checking to see that you can run around it and there were a few baddies standing around in Firefight mode. Unfortunately it's going to take a couple minutes in IGOR to get it working 100%.
  23. Athlete's Village was from Rainbow Six before Rogue Spear I believe. Athlete Training was from SOAF. I was never really a fan of the Athlete's Village map so unfortunately I do not have a copy. If i'm not mistaken, Low Profile did a conversion of Athlete's Village to work with SOAF. This may be what you have. You will just have to set it up yourself as a map for GR which shouldn't be too much hassle, if that is what you have.
  24. Frostbite Check this site for all Frostbite info.
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