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  1. Hello fellow gamers! I would like to take a moment to ask you the following questions; Do you already have or are thinking about picking up the game Armed Assault? Do you enjoy organized large scale player vs player battles? Are you looking for a friendly group of players, comprised partly of currently enlisted and ex-military members who will not only help you improve your in-game soldier skills, but provide a kind of bond that makes this community like second family? And finally, are you sick of playing on open public servers full of cheaters and team-killers? If you answered YES to any of t
  2. The term "Ubi-Soft" is now simply the punch line to a morbidly bad joke. Thank goodness for Battlefield 2, or id have still been obsessing over GRAW these past few months. Im now just waiting on my copy of TOCA Race Driver 3 which has already been shipped. Thank you Codemasters for showing game developers how it should be done. Shipping an "A" list title on-time and only charging $35 USD for it.
  3. Well your system isn't too bad off. I would rank your upgrade needs in this order: 1. More RAM. Up it to at least 1GB. 2. Hard drive upgrade. Get at least a 7200rpm drive. Chain your current drive on as a slave drive for extra back up/storage space. 3. You didnt specify if your Vid card is 128mb or 256mb? If you can afford it, drop in the same model, but with 256MB on board mem. Make sure its an 8X AGP bus. 4X is a huge bottleneck for todays games. 4. Check your MoBo info to see if it supports a faster chip. You might be able to drop in a 3GHZ for an affordable pri
  4. Whew! I got back into town, tried to hit the forums and found nothing! AAHH!! We're gone!! lol Good to know Brain. Thanks for the update.
  5. D, great work man. Just totally amazing, what you can do. Im keeping GR installed on my pc for one reason, to try out this mod when its released. Good work matey.
  6. If anyone is interested, me and some buddies do some weekly Toca 2 race action. We normally race DTM's, GT Lights, Formula Fords, and F1. Lag is kept to a minimum, as our host is running the new Verizon FIOS service. He's getting 15MB down/ 5MB up. If you want more details on times, TS info and race rules, shoot an email to thorpe322@gmail.com See you on the track!
  7. Visit www.red-sector.com and learn all about us. Once at our site, you can get our server and teamspeak IP and password, learn about our members, see who's playing on the server and have a great time. We currently have USA based server and will soon have a Europe based server going.
  8. AA and GR are two different worlds. There are also too many differences to list in one post. Both have goods and bads but in the end, I always return to GR for a true (video game) combat experience. Conisdering AA came out almost 2 years after GR, they had the chance to use modern gaming techniques and software. I do hope GR2 (if and when it comes out) takes advantage of a few of the small realism's of AA. Such as gun jams, rail sights on the guns and being injured from rocks and wood that come off of bullet strikes on the ground and walls. Cool details. But overall, GR is a hands down
  9. Its looking like it will be a fun but very challenging tourny! In the words of Referee Mills Lane, "Lets get it on!!"
  10. AH HA!!! Thats what i was starting to think. Great! I'll tell my bud he's set to go. Thanks!
  11. Ok strange one here. My friend buys the GR Gold Pack and wants my assistance setting it up since ive played GR for quite some time. We install GR, then Desert Seige and then Island Thunder. I find and download the 1.4 Patch, because I assumed I.T. included the 1.3 patch. I launch the installer for 1.4 and it says, "Patch 1.3 must be installed first." HUH? So just to see what would happen, I download 1.3 and run the install. Then we get the message, "There is a newer version of the game already installed". And the patch stops running install. So it says he does'nt have the 1.3 patch b
  12. Yes, that poor kid has been put thru a lot. The video's have been going around for about 6 months at least now. One of the biggest sites dedicated to him is www.jedimaster.net . CNN.com even did an article recently on who he is and his story. Apparently he is embarassed by all this and doesnt want any part of it. There's even a petition to get him in the next Star Wars movie. That kid needs to wise up and ride this pony for all its worth!!
  13. My only complaint with the originaly GR series is the kit restrictions. For as much gear as those guys are wearing in thier packs, you should be able to select more than a weapon and a secondary weapon. For example, a nice kit to take into battle would be a main weapon, a side arm (pistol) and frag grenades. Those, coupled with the binoculars and night vision you already have would make for a full kit. Maybe even include a dehydration/fatigue factor where using a canteen in your kit will bring the health level up a notch. The only changes in the game should be to enhance realism. Not re-
  14. Using a 19in monitor. But i never run a game at less than 1024 X 768.
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