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  1. that's retarded. packing an x-box and a tv to a friend's house is more trouble than packing a computer. The whole point of networking x-box is that its easier than lanning computers 'cause you don't have to set up a system per person. Link play is absolutely worthless with only one player per screen. As far as I'm concerned, this part of the game is broken. This is a critical flaw, and the game should never have gone gold until they fixed it.
  2. hey thankls so much. you're the best.
  3. I've already got it on my pc, but it might be fun to have the 4 player split screen. What do you think? Is it worth the purchase?
  4. I love what's been done with the ai, but I have some issues with what's been done with some of the guns. I understand that the zooming has been toned down to be more realistic, but I think that alot of the zooming in the game is not so much to be realistic, but to make up for the detail that you can't see on a computer monitor. I only play in 1024x768 resolution, and so changing the zoom levels makes it unrealisticly hard to see enemies sometimes. I love the mod, and it's pretty much become my standard for ghost recon, but I wonder if there's a way to make the weapons zoom like they did
  5. I love ghost recon, and most of the time its okay, but every once in awhile... I'll be sneaking around behind an enemy, and they'll notice me, instantly flip around and make an impossible distance shot and kill me. Now, I'm not saying I want the ai easier or anything, but it seems like the enemy ai should have the same limitations as the player. A player can't instantly snipe a distant enemy. It takes a few seconds to aim and zero in on them. So it seems like a distant enemy should have to hear you, flip around, look around a bit to see you ('players are pretty well camoflauged), and
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