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  1. Retextured Vilnius map "M10 Dakovica". Air strike sounds are very effective, so play this video with big sound.
  2. I made 2 retextured maps for the campain mission. D03 Train Depot and D05 Aurora woodland day and night.
  3. I completely forgot to make enemies. So I'm making them now.
  4. I've started making again yesterday. Now I am making campaign missions and gametype "Assassin". Campain will include training missions and combat missions. Gametype "Assassin" is almost same as "Recon" but you have to eliminate an enemy leader. (It may change.)
  5. I am making a new mod. It's about a movie "The Hunted". You will fight against guns with your knife. I made a knife and two characters. I plan to make one gametype and some missions. Aaron Hallam L.T. Bonham
  6. I wrote my short review about R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse. It has 8 buttons, 2 wheels and 5 variable parts. Click feeling is very light. Mouse moves very smoothly. It has a red button on thumb side. The cursor moves slowly while pushing this button. So I can aim precisely. I replaced the little finger side panel with the finger rest. It looks like stealth fighter. I have never used such a convenient mouse. I am deeply grateful to Apex and Rocky. I will make more mods using this mouse.
  7. I've received a mouse today! Thank you, Apex! Thank you all! It is a very cool mouse! I will write a review about it soon.
  8. Thank you Rocky! Thank you Tinker! I often make mods including the bug when try to get over the limit of GR. Such mods are junk but there are interesting ideas within them. I hope that my mod inspires some ideas with other modders. I made a 27 men coop mod in 2002. I think I am a first man who made 27 men coop mod. But it had many bugs at that time. I gave this script to Ken the Judge and he made "Defend Ultra Mod" which is enhanced defend gametype for 27 men coop. It was perfect mod. I was very happy. Now Defend Ultra disapeared and I can't find it anywhere. But it was almost same as "Defend HX".
  9. Thank you Apex! I often challenge to get over the limit of GR. In past, I made TvT gametype "Hostage Rescue". One of the team member is teleported to enemy team base with no weapon when startup 7secs after. Each team try to rescue their team mates and prevent enemy rescue. Hostage players try to escape to their base. If hostage escaped (over 10m from the base I think), enemy can kill him. "Hostage Rescue" is very fun in MP. But it doesn't work well in some maps. Hostage player stucks in the ground sometimes. I couldn't fix it and removed download link. Finally, I want to say is... nothing! I am a modder. I make mods. If you want to fix it, please fix it, Tinker.
  10. Why removed? Do you dislike rambo? I'm poor at english so it's difficult to explain about bug. Spawn enemies and teleport enemies to the base or central zone randam, that's all. I don't know why enemies try to spread out. I know that bug comes from teleport command. But GR's teleport command has bug. I can't fix it. Or I change all .mis files to set all enemy spawn zone to outside of the room. But it's not simple. I like simple. I set the extraction zone. If invincible enemy appeared, go to extraction zone and game will end.
  11. Let me introduce "MOB" "MOB" is gametype for singleplayer and coop. Game rule is same as firefight. Enemies crowd somewhere in map and they spread out. This gametype is included in "Rambo Mod" http://youtu.be/tFHezYyzSdE http://youtu.be/fa9N1WLY4hM http://youtu.be/rHUpyOdDvSQ This gametype has a bug. When you selected the indoor map or the map including enterable building, invincible enemy may appear. So I recommend the large field maps. GRPA map mod is good for this gametype.
  12. Thank you very much! I am very happy. I wanted the mouse because my mouse is almost broken.
  13. "Grass Camo Attachments" Hana_JP http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1399
  14. Now I'm gonna ask them to stand up. All soldiers. Will you stand up, please?
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