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  1. Ah, I fully understand what you are saying, and a month ago I would have agreed with you fully. Perhaps I am a jaded little consumer but until I see any NEW info about GR2 PC, the most I will expect from Ubi is a port.
  2. I totally agree. We have all been patient, but their continued silence is frustrating. Now, I'm no game developer or anything, but it seems like its taking quite some time to release a port.
  3. So progress is not allowed for this mod?
  4. Because that will be the 2 year anniversary of this thread.
  5. The MARPAT looks awsome. Best I've seen yet, tho now it might be a tad too dark. I'll have to try it in game. The boots look a little bright to me as well. I'd take a picture of mine, but my digital camera is 7000 miles away. But once again, Great work!
  6. Gee, I sure hope this isn't vaporware...
  7. Can't access that topic. I guess admins blocked it. I wonder what happened.
  8. Well, you did give us quite a few "It will be done in a few weeks"...
  9. Ugh... I would never in a million years paint the actual metal sights of the weapon... they need to be left alone or you won't be able to aim well. the rest of the weapon however, is fair game.
  10. Hey Chems, check this out : Its a German games site with screenshots for an upcomming Starship Troopers FPS I found a Press release from the company that is publishing it; Empire Interactive Also, there is a bit more info that isn't in German. Check out This Site for a few more screenshots and stuff... Maybe the screenshots will give you some ideas for last minute changes. Or, maybe not Edit: Oh, and they are hiring in the UK
  11. I am just joking around with ya. I guess I am just looking forward to this a lot. I was being sarcastic with the June 1st date. You said a "couple weeks" on may 18th. To me couple means 2, hence June first
  12. June 1st is comming pretty quick
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