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  1. Reminds me of that movie K19: Widowmaker, not sure if there is any resemblance...
  2. STU_Snake


    remind me of the site maddox.xmission.com
  3. hate to break it, but its "steam", an anyone else thinking a GR.NET CS: Source team ?
  4. HL2 is rather good, been playing it almost non-stop for the last few days. One problem though, whenever I go to adjust my video settings, the game crashes to desktop... there is a message that appears, but I can't remeber the details of it... and btw, if anyone wants to look me up on steam( ) the names OneBadRasta
  5. 6 992, c'mon, its so tense :punk:
  6. This game has been Xbox-ified, and seeings how I haven't played a console game in forever that had a command map, I think there might not be one.......
  7. thanks for the help gents, all cleaned up
  8. STU_Snake

    '04 Olympics

    or a point system, casue a team coud have 60 bronze and nothing else, then the second place team could have 59 gold, seems like the second place team had to work harder.....
  9. great work, music was "different"
  10. 8/10 didn't think anyone knew about trigun....
  11. He could have made this thread more pointless than it already is.....
  12. STU_Snake

    '04 Olympics

    Canada was tied with Malaysia or something before......
  13. everytime I start up windows, it takes for ever, and I keep getting the message "sdkek32.exe" has encountered a problem.... it kepps doing that for a while,. then it sometimes starts up
  14. lets hope this isn't anytihng like SOCOM II with its 100000000000000000's of glitches
  15. Lots of frag/explosion diversions? I have no idea never played the mission.....
  16. I can't really remember what I have, its always on and travels at 100.0Mbps
  17. STU_Snake

    My first joke

    A man walks into a bar with a giraffe, they both get loaded, the giraffe passes out, the man goins to leave and the bartender says "Oi, you can't leave that lyin' there" the man says "its not a lion, its a giraffe"
  18. STU_Snake

    '04 Olympics

    Bah, makes you think how they got so good at sprinting
  19. STU_Snake

    '04 Olympics

    Didn't some Greek sprinters get into a motorcycle accident?
  20. "Don't mind me, just looking for whoever is giving out those dandy FREE cupholders"
  21. Half life civilization 3 and quake II all scored 96%, the highest score ever in PCGamer (Although many editors argue half-life deserved a 97)
  22. UT2004, battlefield vietnam (although it still won't work most times)
  23. depending on what else your running, it could be your processor not being able to kepp up with all the junk your run while playing GR
  24. I dunno, you could try teamspeak, I remember NYR recorded one of his classes way back when
  25. whaow, thats gonna make some fun on the bus to ottawa.....
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