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  1. I'm terribly sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but I'm having trouble getting the latest version of this mod going when trying to play the campaign (assuming its even compatible with it?) I have all the files in their correct places and use the .bat file to run the game, but when trying to start a new campaign I get the following error message: If anyone has any ideas as to what is wrong and have some solutions that may allow me to use the latest version of the mod I would be greatly appreciative. I tried also using a older version of your mod aswell, but I'm guessing there might be some incompatibility with the 1.05 patch for GRAW 2. (I think its the first version you introduced the "new look ghosts" using the mexican sf model I think.)
  2. Thank you very much Brettzies, greatly greatly appreciated. Also, awesome work on your pack. I'm absolutely loving all the new guns espiecally the M4A1. Cheers.
  3. I'm not sure if the problem is solely to do with this weapon pack (using 1.41) but it seems that whenever I select a grenade launcher mod for any weapon I only ever get one 40mm grenade without exception. I can't understand why this would be, and I can't see anything in the weapon_data.xml that could solve this problem as the "ammopack_40mm" shows the ammo value being at "4" but obviously I don't get that many as its 1/0 in-game. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Thank you very very much TRC, greatly appreciate the assistance .
  5. Does this mod work properly in the SP Campaign at all? as it seems I'm having major issues. Whenever I go to select pretty much any weapon at the briefing screen (first mission, the one from the SP demo.) A good number of the selectable guns show that most of the attachments are missing (also I notice that the new weapons aren't present), and further-more I notice that all of the pistols have forward grip attachments which immediately crash the game upon selection (a forward grip on a pistol?) Would it be advisable to try a older version of this mod as to be honest I have absolutely no intention of playing with this mod online (or online at all for that matter) I solely wanted to play SP campaign, but it seems I can't do that with this mod. I am using the latest patch (1.05, downloaded from fileplanet), and have put all of the files into their correct directories (overwrote the default context.xml from the one within the archive.) If needed I can take a few screenshots showing the issue.
  6. I hope at the very least, that the fighter shown in that trailer isn't the only one available. Wouldn't (theoretically speaking) the F-22 and F/A 35 JSF still be around in that timeframe? You'd hope that these would be choices of airframes from which to use in any given mission. Hopefully it also allows for full customisation of loadout, similar to Over G Fighters (not sure if AC6 has customisable loadouts?) I'd hazard to guess this would be a straight fighter/bomber game aswell, which is a shame as it would be nice to have the option to pilot, or in some cases be the gunner of a AH-64D Apache Longbow. Edit: Hadn't seen any mention of multiple aircraft in the trailer, probably should've looked for a press release before jumping to conclusions about aircraft choice.
  7. What with me being a huge fan of OFP from day one, I can definitely say I'm seriously enthusiastic about ArmAs, not only because of the multi-gunner pos's (though that has something to do with it ) but because it will also likely build greatly upon what was possible in regards to custom content (addons), which in my opinion can only be a good thing. As when push comes to shove, and for me at least the addons is what kept me playing OFP, espiecally those which were based around Special Operation units (mostly US, I rarely bothered with unit addons from other countries.) And I used to quite often spend a good amount of time trying to work on Special Operation-themed missions, though rarely were they completed. So in that regard I hope ArmAs greatly enhances the ability to create missions with ease. Definitely a must-get, just hope they do release a demo at some stage (they certainly had planned to.) This all said, I'll still be playing [GR] for a long long while yet, so many mods I'm looking forward to, and I have a good few installed that I use a bit, though almost never online. Unless I host a game myself for a mate or two to join in on. And I doubt there'd be many servers that use the "exact" mods I'm "keen on", though I could be wrong (too lazy to find out, heh.)
  8. Personally I'd say brown, or a sandy-tan'ish colour that would blend in well with the Desert MARPAT.
  9. Awesome man, and I agree the Marines take priority and OH BOY am I waiting impatiently for the next update In the meanwhile I'm playing with your current FR dudes in that Turkmenistan campaign, tis frikken good methinks, and espiecally makes sense considering you often (or at least form what I can tell) see "regular" Marines getting in the thick of it too. Of course, still a downer about the MP5 equipped Demo dudes, but I just use Prozac's M4 mod at the same time and give 'em M4's anyway (though never with the Mk.23 SOCOM pistol, not that I dislike it, but its more of a SEAL handgun.) Cheers mate!
  10. So you no longer have any plans to do Rangers at all I take it? pity really, seriously would've been keen on seeing some ultra modern rangers in 3 colour desert/woodland and the newer ACU pattern camo. Espiecally considering the overwhelmingly awesome effort you've done with your Force Recon guys, I would've suspected your Rangers would've easily met that level of quality (if not exceeded.) Of course the question and/or problem is what would you do for "Specialists"?, other than what would seemingly be obvious in having specially armed and kitted out Rangers with M82's or those M110/SR-25/M4-SPR or whatever, perhaps Rangers with Blackhawk/Eagle gear (if allowed? not sure if Rangers are allowed to use "Gucci" kit.) Though I suppose you could just have Army SF or CAG/Delta as the "Specialists".... which would be a pain given that it would require even more work to realistically portrey those units. ======== Either way, seriously looking forward to your updated Force Recon pack, though I wonder if you plan to extend the Demolition experts' arsenal beyond the MP5 series of SMG's (perhaps some M4 + various optics plus Javelin/SMAW or C4 combos.)
  11. Indeed, its a grand shame Eskwaad left, was looking forward to a great number of his stuff that was in the works, SEALs etc.
  12. Excellent work CC, those Force Recon guys look absolutely awesome. A semi-unrelated question for you though, these Rangers you plan to do at a later stage, are they going to be based on current generation camo pattern, or earlier? (Woodland BDUs and 3 colour desert DCUs versus the new ACU pattern.) Or do you plan to have all three patterns? I for one would like this, always nice to have a bit of choice.
  13. Cool, no worries then. Off-topic a little. But for me anyway I'm definitely pro-DCU, not that I dislike ACU per se, but I still think that DCU should still be used in Desert environments rather than ACU (at least for SOF), though I'm sure there'd be a number who disagree. I guess it really begs the question why was 3 colour DCU considered inferior? or wasn't it a case of that at all? (but rather the pentigon wanting to outfit the Army with a new uniform regardless.) Just something that bugs me a little I guess.
  14. I don't know, many people in the Operation Flashpoint community said the same thing, but now they've all been proven wrong as the ACU soldier addons frikken rock in OFP (espiecally the ones from the Operation FacePlant 1 teaser pack.) Sure they are both different games, but if OFP can do it I can't see why GR couldn't. My guess is thats its all up to the skills of the texture artist in question, and whatever reference material he has to base his textures off.
  15. My theory is Lucas tried to rip off South Park The Movie and Anakin farted and set himself on fire (much like Kenny, albeit Anakan doesn't go to hell.... technically), albeit the fact no one ever heard that happening, probably someone in the sound department messed up. On a serious note, looking forward to the release of CentCom, even if it may take a while longer to finish and polish up. Though one thing that I'm wondering, what with Centcom being based on Army SF in Afghanistan and Iraq (espiecally the Iraq part) will there ever be a patch at a later stage introducing ACU camo gear for the SF guys? or are you setting this all prior to the introduction of ACU? No biggy if it never gets included as I prefer tri-colour DCU's anyway.
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