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  1. We are pmc's using high tech weapons systems to combat high tech enemies on Aurora. Roleplay with medium milsim. Story missions only. You create your own character and background story. Any questions or concerns please respond to this post. Settings: No HUD Extreme Spartan MOD : We will teach you how to do this if you're not familiar with mods. Other Details: No uniform requirements No ranks No time requirements No basic training to complete before playing All perks, gadgets, classes and special abilities allowed. We will be using Discord or game chat to communicate. Please note there is no Discord server for this. I am keeping this small/private. Must use push to talk if you have lots of background noise where you game. Mature gamers 27+ preferred. Steam: 1307594610 Discord: Tactical Cyberpunk#1294 UbiConnect: TactcalCybrpunk
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