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  1. I'll give the extra RAM a go, a good reason to be sure! What's kind of funny, is that my video card is not listed on GRAW's "supported" list. They list the GeForce 6200, 6600, 6800, and 7800. Sadly, I purchased a card better than those (7900) and I'm getting problems! Doh! Anyhow, thanks for the replies. I'll try the RAM and post a follow-up. I'm hoping it's that simple, but I'm not 100% certain it will.
  2. First off, thanks for any help you guys may have. Incredibly enough the support from Ubi has been less than thrilling. Anyhow, GRAW always crashes (and I do mean always) in Coup d'Etat (the second mission). After blowing the tanker I proceed to the car port. The crash occurs when I get direct line-of-sight to the carport. I have even tried approaching from multiple angles, although I haven't tried backing into the carport (yet). There are no error messages, just a straight CTD with a messed-up graphics mode that forces me to reboot. System Specs: OS: Windows XP AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800 GPU: XFX GeForce 7900 with 256MB RAM: 1GB GRAW Version: Retail (4 cds) Resolution: 1440x900 (19" LCD widescreen - love it) Audio: Realtek AC'97 (Onboard Audio) Thanks again for any ideas.
  3. I have my normal PC speakers running and wear a headset mic. It took a bit of fiddling, but the sound from the speakers does not normally come across on the mic (or at least nobody has told me that it does).
  4. speakin of conspiracy... don't you find it odd that people haven't been back to the moon after it was proven there is no cheese on it?
  5. I've setup a BattleCom server for peeps who are interested in testing it out... You can download the BattleCom client here.
  6. the bandwidth depends on the compression level set by the server. The higher quality the sound, the more bandwidth it takes up. I normally set the compression level to "echo" which is a nice low latency for peeps on broadband (DSL or cable). The sound quality is excellent. If there are a few peeps on 56k, I'll set the server to "delta" which has lower latency for the modem peeps. The sound quality, while not as good as echo, is still perfectly acceptable. (better than Roger Wilco for sure, and I think it's better than TeamSpeak).
  7. here's some URL's to BattleCom: Client for Win32 Server for Win32 I'll setup my server soon and post the IP
  8. i've installed it and it looks good so far... just need to connect sometime to hear the quality...
  9. wow... a definate advertisement for TS... i'll be sure to grab a new version and test it out... the previous versions we've played with had horrid sound quality... worse than RW... we've stuck with BattleCom for three reasons: 1- $ (free) 2- Sound quality at Echo compression is excellent 3- Multiple channels on a single server as for RW... always said it's like talking through toilets... and no channel support...
  10. I'm just curious how many other peeps use voice comms and what programs you've used. Personally, I love voice comms... so much more effective and efficient than typin. Been an avid battlecom user for years now.
  11. sweet linkij.. only real men play with no threat indicator
  12. Aack


    greetz all... i've been hangin around gr.net for a couple weeks and thought i should pitch in with some englightening conversation... well... maybe not enlightening... but thought i should pitch in anyhow..
  13. i think yodasplat is a terribly unique handle... anyhow... for those who remember bloom county/outland... aack should be pretty easy to guess...
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