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  1. I’m pretty sure it was but it was only for co-op we couldn’t host with that modification - he was good with that stuff back then it’s funny now that’s my career I am in IT
  2. A funny edit to one of the files in R6. My buddy put our heads soldiers haha i'm the one on the left. This was taken 20+ years ago. I can't even believe that. Feels like last week. I have a folder called RS_UO_RS with all the patches, add-ons, mods. I can't delete it or part with it lol Weird I know. One of my favorite mods if you will was having that Blue Reticle instead of the default Red. Whoever made that was 👍
  3. Great times! I still have a piestactics t-shirt I kid you not lol. I was Googling some stuff. Me and my partner in crime used to play faithfully Rainbow 6 / Urban Operations and Rogue Spear on M-player in the 90's. lol and we would host game's all weekend. We killed it. Pointblank and Tactics baby! haha Made advanced strategy and playing guides on 3dretreat and piestactics Good times! 😁
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