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  1. GR community DEDI server.... 4 online as i type....
  2. Found this lying around on an old burnt disk.... POSTER
  3. Rumors and speculation! I went to telecommunications tech school with Rufus. He is a very compitant and skilled technician. This is just another example of K9 profiling! The meme creator obviously photo shopped out his tool belt.
  4. And yet it's still there? I have CS4 on my work laptop. But personally I have been migrating PS7 from PC to PC over the last 12 years.
  5. I give permission for use of all original content within "Nk's Ghosts". You will have to contact the weapon contributors and Jack57 for the rest (though I am sure they will oblige), see mods.txt for info. I also give permission for use of my "Genius Skins" (if you can find them anymore). I like anything that keeps pure tactical Co-op alive.
  6. To avoiding hijacking the dedi info post.... I'll be posting in the games room anytime I am getting on.... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?s=e3f700b476550a20f4160ae02491ed9a&showforum=8
  7. I eat my gummy bears feet first so I can hear them scream...
  8. Yeah, there's way too much topic in this off topic thread.... BTW....if nothing sticks to Teflon, then how does Teflon stick to the pan?!?
  9. is the topic, "off topic"? if so, wouldn't i have to be "on topic" to be "off topic" the topic of being "off topic"? and if so, what is the topic i would be on, in order to be "off topic"? or was i?
  10. yep....understood...thanks for the reply...I was more or less wondering if anyone else had tried them (IPB buddy or the official IPB app)...or if any one outside the states could access the official IPB app. I saw the Tapatalk thread...and may try it once I know it's supported.
  11. IPB (the makers of these forums) makes an app. But the latest version has been pulled from iTunes due to bugs (I have done some research since my initial post). I am using a third party app called "IPB Buddy". Since both GR.net and AGR-S work with the app, I can only assume no action is required on back end. In fact as I type, from the app, there is banner on top of the page telling me my app is outdated, and is instructing me to click the link to update. But as I stated before, that only gets me to iTunes, where I am informed the latest app is not available in the US store. I am aware of Tapatalk, but I opted to try IPB Buddy first since it was free. Dannik.....you must of been editing while I was replying.....
  12. Well I'm trying out IPB buddy. I found it on iTunes after clicking the link on the bottom of the BlackFoot mobile site. There was a link on there telling me to try the iPhone app. But I was then informed by a pop up that the app isn't available in the US store?!? Is there anyone outside of the US using the official app? Anyway, if you are looking for a way to consolidate GR.net and her sister sites, it's worth a look. It's a free app.
  13. my name came from how i felt playing R6 in the old days...the missions were very slow and quite....i always liked the sneaking around to clear the area strategy.....the special character and odd spelling came from the fact that there were quite a few "incognito" players out there....so i wanted to standout from them....
  14. Sup ledaneck, it's good to get back on. Kids have grown some and wife's back in school. Thinking its time I got back on The forums and into some games. Even been batting around an idea for a new GR mod....
  15. Thanks! Hope to see you in the games soon! Thanks John!
  16. Just reloaded orig GR/IT/DS 1.4 on my PC....was looking for my mods to install....i thought i had them on disk somewhere....but so far no luck.....NK's ghosts is listed on the downloads page....but the link is a gonner....and no luck so far getting Genius Skins either....if any old schooler has them on their drive i would be much apprecitive.....
  17. this place seems familiar...

  18. downloading now for future sessions...on the farm...i saw your post about issues in the other thread...do i download both and install them to resolve...or do i just need the one from the other thread?
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