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  1. The gameplay has changed soooo much since launch day. there was more camping, and a slow pace. now all it is now is running and gunning. you turn a corner your dead. you spawn your dead, you hide someplace your dead. and none of them are using the hbs to do it. the only clean games I played have been on private games..BTW talking about private games. anyone who whats to be added to my freinds list for steam PM me..
  2. yes it does, there is also on in a bath tub I forget what mission. there is also a ragdoll teddy bear in the afgan mp map
  3. Brettzies, that sounds fine. And makes perfect sense. I find it ironic we ended up in the same place.
  4. Brettzies I think its kind of silly having 2 of the same mods. Do you think It would be a good Idea to combined our efforts?
  5. sorry for the delay on getting back to you folks, Real life stuff . Brettzies I think we have the same thing. It was your mod that unlocked the idea of how to get the heads to show.So your clipping issue was the key. and I too have the c4 issues. The cam code is based off the codes from Graw 1. I will upload it tonite or sometime tomm, so you folks can try it. As I said before this is a community mods, may people have contributed in some fashion. So I hope people will tweek it and make it better. Gotta get back to work. btw any ideas on what would be a good hosting site for the file??
  6. Yes Warcloud it does work in single player. That screen shot was taken in the training mission. It runs well online too. just you have to be in a server using the mod. davros, I will tell you this engine was a pain to deal with . It was Brettzies Mod that helped me see the light. So what I found out will also help him correct his issues. and makes patching in for 3rd player view easy. or remove that nasty clipping bug. What would be the best way of sending this out would be. bundle? open file using the English folder? or both? I built a nice Installer for it. The sooner I get it out, and get folks to playaround with it the better. I am not much of a coder. I am more a 3d modeler. So this will let people fool around with it and inprove on what has been done so far.
  7. I will have to gather up my notes, and post my finding. In essence this would be considered a community mod, I learned a little from every person who had attempted it in the past. and anyone who wrote a tut on XML for Graw. So Credits go all over. There are rets, just not showing up in the screenshot. Those still need to be tweeked. I believe there will be some issues with other mods. like Brettzies. but its a easy fix. Just trying to come up with the best way to package it all up. and if patchs are needed for other mods, I need their creators permission to do so.
  8. Let me tell ya this was no easy task. But the results are stunning. Its like a whole new game all over again. Its still shaky in some spots, needs more tweeking here and there. I would like to do a beta test. get some servers up running this.What do you guys think? What do you guys think. Grab it here ghostrecon.net Mirror
  9. ohh yes same here PM on its way
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