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  1. Does anyone know why the 64-bit camera exe's like FirstandThirdmerged64 2017.EXE and TPWV_64bit.exe don't work for me? Is there anything special I need to do to get 64-bit to work, do I need to patch the exe somehow? I'm running the latest version of the game version 1.4 and the 32-bit camera exe's work. I would prefer to use 64-bit if possible.
  2. Hi, There appears to be a limit to how many custom maps I can access in the drop down in GRAW1, less than 40 even though I have over 50 custom levels and there's no way to scroll through them: Does anyone know how I can increase this limit, if it's a config option somewhere, or if there's a mod somewhere for doing this? Thanks.
  3. Yeah I don't really understand this. If they make a good game it will literally print money, even if they make a good game and add all kinds of MTX to it, it would still sell well and fans would likely still be happy and it would make them big money. I don't see their plan here, it seems very misguided.
  4. I always watch my own replays rather than share them, so having the mods shouldn't be a problem. Out of curiosity, I copy pasted my existing replays until I had over 1200 and it looks like I can view them all in-game so that's pretty cool. There's a high limit for replays if there is one.
  5. I noticed that there's exactly 300 missions available to play in Heroes Unleashed. I have a couple questions: 1) Is there 300 missions because there is a hard limit of 300 missions in Ghost Recon 2001? 2) Is there a limit to how many replays you can save? I like to save replays every single mission success which adds up quickly when playing this game, so I hope I don't hit the maximum number of replays one day.
  6. Honestly agreed completely. At least Wildlands wasn't always-online only, and then at least Breakpoint was still remotely decent but... going the route of making it another battle royale is such a horrible mistake. It's sad to see what this series has become. The best of Ghost Recon is definitely behind us.
  7. I think I found a bug, maybe? Is it just me, or does suppressed fire sound quite loud? Go to 9 seconds and then 22 seconds here: https://streamable.com/4ni5yd I know suppressors aren't supposed to make weapons completely silent but, it still sounds like maybe too loud to me. Anyone else agree or am I mistaken?
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