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    GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6mb
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  1. Such words coming from an admin look like an ultimatum. Users who feel threatened are less likely to engage. The only way for people to understand one another and the larger world around them is to engage. If a person is honestly mistaken, it is better to inform them, as Zee did, than to bully them. People blocking and threatening one another doesn't make a community, it destroys it.
  2. Looks like older versions of heroes unleashed, skins, ai mods, etc.
  3. Hey Eisen, I turned it back on and I assume you're the one downloading now from DE. I couldn't upload to anyone else for several days for some unknown reason, which is why I eventually left it off. I'll leave it going and hopefully others can get it as well.
  4. Here is a torrent file for the complete mod collection. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zszpzdd2q3f2kpi/GHOST_RECON_MODS.torrent/file I recommend using qBittorrent application for download. I've been having difficulty finding working download links, notifying about broken links, and trying to share working ones. I remember that the OFP / ARMA community was hard hit when OFP.info , ArmedAssault.info, and Armaholic went down, but mirrors like repositories and torrents alleviated the issue. Hopefully this can satisfy some. Edit I may have done something wrong. I'm force seeding and I see peers, but no upload speed. Does anyone know why that is? I used the default trackers from qbittorrent and bittorrent.
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